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2023-11-01 - 7:28 p.m.

I feel badly for kids who's parents can't hear good news and just offer "Congratulations".

Heard from a Dad who said "I feel badly for my kid"

" He got this job offer, for the dream job he really wants
but it is ZERO pay.
The kid would have to work all weekend.
I mean its from Thu through Mon, all weekend evenings
and pays nothing"

I was literally thinking "Internship"

and my brain is thinking "It might still be worth it." if he loves what he is doing.

I did not love what I was doing enough to be paid little. I gave up working in radio to make some money. YES for real. Working as teacher assistant for disabled kids paid MORE- SUBSTANTIALLY MORE , and that was also a low wage job.

Heck I had a summer stint as an intern, yes without pay to learn skills, at a L.I. Radio Station. KJOY in Garden city! HA HA I worked with a gal named Kathy Cunningham if I recall correctly, who had been at WBAB for a bit as well... heck wonder if she is still around.

oh bummer... found this...

AH RADIO GEEKS.. there is this...

I remember being appalled at what a starting actual salary would be for a part time DJ of a Jazz radio show in Fairfax Ct. I did not know anyone in Fairfax , CT ( I knew one friend from my HS years who went to college in that area but who was three years older than me, would have graduated and moved on for sure... that I had lost touch with. I thought of looking him up but was shy! TRUTH )
It just seemed to crazy of an idea to go take a job as a DJ in a strange city at next to nothing without knowing anyone, when I could go back up to live with my Buffalo friends in a job I loved that paid more while freelance writing. I had a job as a journalist for print media- a paper called "Western NY Health Magazine" and was writing the Research Breakthrough regular article, interviewing scientists and covering new technological breakthroughs. That was cooler than jazz DJ, even at age 21 I suppose for my geeky brain.

So I sat there listening to this DAD lament the shitty job offer, and then he said
"They are offering $18.00 per hour"

and I was thinking "Damn that is actually not bad."
For entry level radio.

I gently let him know.
Radio pays shit.
They get alot of applicants for each position-
highly competetive for low wage entry level.

And as he said "I mean he is young! He is 22! At 22 you want your weekends free. He has his whole life to start working at the career he wants"

I was thinking...

hmmm.... at 21, 22.... you take any shitty job you can get and work your way up. AND you work 2nd shift and weekends...
very perplexed by what world he was from where teenagers could choose to NOT work weekends...
I mean in my world weekends is prime time for earning income when young.

I do this now as well as it is ALSO the shift for the older... almost retired...
retired but still hold a small job.. OR MOM's trying to encouage socially anxious kids to go into a familiar envirorment where they know consider working...

Me hanging onto jobs in hopes of introducing the kids of my fam to the jobs
is likely as sad and misguided as that Dad who said
"I told my kid not to take it"

I just said,
"If he thinks he can do better and is really not set on it- tell him to ask for $30 an hour. He can negotiate the salary. Tell him to confiently ask for more. NBC? Weekend sports? YEAH Ask for $30 an hour, and a one year contract instead of two , with an option. He can then job hunt for better in a year if he wants BUT can stay if they like him and he likes it."

The job is in WV.

I kinda felt bad as honestly think the kid should be celebrating. His Dad should be celebrating and proud of him.

I looked it up-
and the AVG pay showed . for weekend sports reporter

$11 on one site
$15 on another...

yeah... eeek

So $18 is already above national avg. For a starting part time sports reporter.

If the kid loves doing the work, he should take it. Have a hella lot of fun and find friends to live with. He applied for the job in the town his girlfriend lives in. Sounds great to me.
For 22.

I think the Dad understood when I told him that I had some experience, studied communication and a bit of radio experience and know that in that industry they hire young and cheap and it is HARD to break in and that the offer actually sounded pretty good for the industry, especially in the boonies. I told him the cost of living is cheap there. He may just enjoy it and get the experience and be able to pivot to a better market. He might also love it!
I think his perspective of having told the kid NOT to take it may have shifted.

I just think he was not realistic.
And hope that kid does not listen to him and give up an opportunity in hopes of something better coming along. (Well maybe something better will come along)
BUT I just have gut feeling this kid should behappy for the offer and celebrating!

He went to school and studied communication
wants an achor job
and just LANDED one!

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