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2023-11-08 - 6:52 p.m.

LAMDA London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
oldest conservatory in London

and of the 1300 plus graduates on Linked IN ( Why are they on Linked IN??? Actors are not using Linked IN-- for real...)


OK this is also the UK

SAGAFTRA is US only based...

but still.. WHY Are there so many grads from that acting and music conservatory on Linked In?

I find it concerning. Every Single Time I see someone hired into a professional role that went to a very elite conservatory who gets hired in the business world to do OTHER THINGS
in order to live.
Because they can't make a living.

This is the CREAM of the crop of artists people.

LAMBDA graduated 22 people.

That is high actually for a conservatory.

17 were in my son's graduating class from his prestigious U.S. Conservatory, and that was the highest number in a class from his school ever. My friend who worked design in NYC from that school graduated with seven who made it through! SEVEN out of 12 initially I think he said!

The grads of my son's class are working actors ( mostly). Of the graduating class of my friend only two went on to really make it as actor ( oops one was a drop out- forgot that).When they had to venture out to do other things it was/is things like : Podcasts; shooting headshots; music; other artistic pursuits
Perhaps other part time pick up low wage jobs like waiter, bartender or barista along the way

BUT PART TIME to allow for dedication and commitment to their craft.

And they become WRITERs, SCREEN WRITERs, DIRECTORS, get captial and become FILMMAKERS
and when kinda sell out it is to take a full time paid job as a PRODUCER or writer in a writer room for TV show, showrunner...
maybe copywriter.. for money

But it is not a total sell out of giving up on a life in the creative arts. MARKETING perhaps the #1 sell out
Creating ads
Writing Jingles

It just concerns me when I see large numbers of conservatory grads in jobs like Project Manager, Hospitality industry managing hotels , spas, etc...

I mean, it just breaks my heart to be honest,

that as a society we don't have ability in our consumer culture where there is STUFF made and sold at profit after movies and character creation, from big studios,
wheather a show or movie, in house or on a streaming service-
the big owners ARE making money.

so it is heartbreaking to hear these ridiculous stories which I feel like are BS propoganda on NPR the last couple days of how it is SO HARD to make money on streaming shows... OH woe is me.... HBO and Netflix had to cancel shows for lack of profit.

I just don't buy it.
They had the audacity to report it was because of the high cost of royalties to the actors. That is a laughable lie. That is the exact issue SAFAFTRA is negotiating as the royalty payment are crap.
Yet the NPR story interviewed some studio exec who boldly was lying and it sounded like propoganda BS
yet,NO MENTION Of the strike of course,
just an interview then with some professor who was introduced as the "only" Expert in media... some such BS, who validated the studio sob story of how cost of royalties are ruining tv
come on now.
The interview content so clearly was nonsense to try to garnish an emotional support of listeners for the big studios' position in the current negotiations. Poppycock! I feel like NPR should do better.

All this in my head captured here as I sit here working, but needed to take a break to vent this, as I want to create a very clear PURPOSE/BACKGROUND for a contract which happens to be sorta like a personal services contract in that it is dependant on the incredible rep of a PERSON- so I went to Linked in to see the PERSON'S BIO and set the stage for this Agreement with CONTEXT/ BACKGROUND
and bio
( as I draft a bio for the person providing services) and I , in my ADHD brain had to see who we know in common...
and had to follow that thread...
"LOOK There is that very cool female exec I used to support".... "OH they went to the same college" and
"LOOK , Big Exec is in her retirement from big 10 corporate monalith, she is now the proud owner of a SPA in the carribean"

and "LOOK " at the beautiful SPA site...
oh and
"LOOK at her new hire..."

who ...WAIT...
is a proud grad of LAMDA ???

WHAT??? Ok maybe it is a great complimentary day job for an actor. MAYBE she really lives in a flat in London? BUT I feel like very likely to manage a spa you have to be there. So it made my heart ache. Of course I should not be sad for some young gal who gets to live in a beautiful spa on a georgous island... BUT Still! IT STILL makes my heart ache if she is spending time there and NOT working as an actor. I mean do that when OLDER AFTER the run of work on the London or NYC stages! Come on now. What happened to emracing bohemia in the early years and doing time roughing it? ( Sure that could be overrated) But, I mean how can this gal be auditioning for work on the London stages if she is running the spa in the Carribean?
Breaks my heart. When even those who come from families who have parents who are execs feel the NEED to work
and can't just be content to do the work of an artist. COME ON NOW
Rich girl with degree from conservatory super hard to get into, so hard who you know matters ZILCH... come on now... you are the ones who are SUPPOSSED to be able to make it cause you have rich parents who can put you up in a flat so you can just AUDITION
come on now, if even the RICH are not supporting the artists...
what hope is there? WHERE are the arts going to be generated from??

IF EVEN those with well off parents who can afford to let the kids focus on the grind of making it in the arts are for some reason compelled to do other things??

IT concerns me.
It grieves me.

SURE those not rich envy those rich offspring who have that advantage. But heck at the same time we grieve if there are not decent artistic works around. I mean I would.

OK enough ADHD rant and wandering of thought.

And yeah there is enough art. I don't have much time and money to get to the theater anyway...
I only grieved when I went to a community performance of Godspell that was,, well.... Not as good as some high school performances I have seen. But then again the high school was a high school of performing arts...
I mean I was disappointed.
It was almost embarassing truth be told, as I brought a friend- but tried to make the best of it, and she was kind- but did not see what I saw in that show.

Local theater is ok... I mean it is just ok...
I can't be a snob and be critical. I mean it is being put on by those who HAD to do other things. Learned to be project managers, and sales folks and execs for companies by day
and good for them-they are CREATING ART, CREATING THEATER- even if just OK
and its better than I can do while drafting contracts most days and working evenings and weekends in service cause that kinda feeds my soul to HELP people in simple ways.

This ranting is the closest to my creative work, and it is clearly not refined art either so who am I to be critical?


WE NEED the professionals. As we NEED to be able to once in a while go to a show that is just SUBLIME
that just blows us away
and go to hear live music that just MOVES.

BLUE Door was that for me last year.

SO yeah, I watch the strike and not only because my son is SAGAFTRA on strike but because I want for us all to be able to go see works like that once in a while.

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