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2023-11-10 - 5:34 p.m.

I love pivoting between completely different kind of work.

So fun to be helping old folks;
then get to review a contract

to be honest the bad agreement are a hella lot more fun than the good ones! HA HA

They require careful attention to detail, notes in margins explaining positions and when something is not recommended why
with clarity of the judgement call being on the signer for the company as to assumption of risks.

I do have to call out risks.
That is my job.

It is kinda fun.

Then I get to pivot back and hang in a place seeing all the families who are visiting their loved ones in the skilled nursing facility , a few nights a week.

The funny part is that folks who live in the Assisted Living come to the skilled nursing for therapies after adverse health events, such as a stroke, bad illness causing dysautonomia ( long term covid, or plain ole POTS after any viral illness), the very occassional (thankfully)falls, etc.

So I pic up the phone or greet visitors who feel like old friends. HA HA Its so funny-
I know their family stories intimately.

It is a comfort to know someone here KNOWS their loved one. The familiarity brings comfort.
AND truth is there are some that come I actually can say I care for, That happens in care provider and human services roles! One does not remain completely emotionally detatched and I think the world a better place for that fact.

If everyone was so distant and emotionally indifferent , I do think it would impact qualiity of care. We all would want someone who REALLY Cares, providing our care, right?

So back to work. I will have worked 7:30 AM to 9pm today, with one 1/2 hr break at 12:30.

Yet it will have been a really lovely day!

I truly am HAPPY when working and doing good work.

Hope the same for you all, that your work itself takes you to flow state. I did lose complete track of time in my concentration and hit that flow state this afternoon ( once got through the first hour of it being just exausting! I was TIRED after the first review of a doc that had so many HIDDEN changes. Someone did that NO NO of sending a file without redlines visible. Hidden changes are just not cool. The erode trust. The person did it very intentionally.

I know a test when I see one.

I get very chill and figure

Hell either I pass it or I don't

I can't freaking worry or stress about it.

Either someone likes my work, and me, and is confident in my ability and putting their life's work in my hands

OR they are not.

For a CEO their company is very personal thing. I get it.

And sometimes if someone the CEO trusts, perhaps even LOVES is close to them working on business decisions, I get it that it comes down soemtimes to maintianing relationships.
That make sbusines smooth.

So relationships trump what is "the best" intellectional decion I get that. I won't even argue it is wrong to do that.

Beacuse what is good for a company is its thriing longevisty.

So a CEO does what they have to do.

And sometimes decisions preserve long term interests which in the short term do not seem the wisest

and vice versa

SO I try to look at big picture and advise accordingly. I TRY To read the room.

I try not to be the unyilding perfectioniat and try to have flexibilty but also sound decisinong when I make a judgement call.

AND then I throw the deison back to the leader when it is not mine to make.

And wait.

I follow the lead of the leader.
UNLESS there is some real ethical disageement, in which case I would walk away.

And look for a new partenr to assist on their path toward excellence.

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