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2023-11-20 - 3:01 p.m.

I have told the CEO I support that Monday is my day off.

Today I am honoring that.

I made doctor appointments ( two) - one to get the flu shot which weirdly had to be a different appointment when scheduling on line.
So, then I scheduled a 2nd to consult my primary care provider about the increase in leg pain after being sedentary or when falling asleep.

It's been weird. When I try to get up after sitting for a couple hrs my left leg seems locked up. So sore and its like the muscle won't engage to move. At night it hurts like heck sometimes, and the right calf at times too. Now that I think of it , on occasion my knees will hurt too in what I resume is arthritic joint pain.

It is what my mom, and her mom before her experienced.

My mom apparently has no cartilage cushioning left by her old age and had years of arthritis pain.

I wonder now if that were really hEDS in her ( which my kids are diagnosed with).

The dysautonomia symptoms they have seem consistent with her years of pain.

Thankfully, mine is only presenting now.

I am lucky I think.

But I also think the hurting last few weeks correlate with me not exercising. I had to take it easy to heal the fractured rib, which is healing nicely.

So the 3rd appointment made was the covid booster at my local phramacy in the grocery store. I went in this morning and they told me they were taking walk ins from 1 to 4pm, so I decided to go back after the 1pm Dr. appt. Times up- have to go now!

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