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2023-11-22 - 7:08 p.m.

I apprechiate the respect of a man whom I turned down the advance of ...maybe a year ago?

Or was after the holidays perhaps?

Maybe last winter

When a man flirted with me , only to then have a conversation to find he is married.

No go

He was looking for an extramarital affair. Perhaps with consent of his wife.

I declined, respectfully.

His mother lives at the Assisted Living place.

She is now in Rehab and he called yo inquire about purchasing meal tickers for family who will join her on Thanksgiving for lunch. He asked if I was going to be here if he came by tonight to purchase the tickets.

He gave me a bottle of wine wrapped in a pink bag with a bow. The bottle he wanted to share with me that he said he bought for me and just wants me to have and enjoy. I told him I do like red wine once in a while.

He said he thinks I will enjoy it.

It looks like a good bottle.

I think he was gracious in the manner in which he accepted the no, waited a good while but then offered the gift

In thanks, in part for the care given his mother.

When he asked me to go out for dinner it was after he observed me at work a. Umber of times and he mentioned a time I had made popcorn for the residents when I put on a movie for them.

As it is now Thanksgiving it seems more appropriate to accept the gift. No gifts are allowable from any residents or family at the one facility. Here they also frown up in it I am sure, yet it seemed the right thing to accept this gift this time.

I thanked him and said I haven't a bottle of wine at home and would enjoy it with my family at our meal.

My boyfriend had gotten a bottle to share with me and months went by and we never thought of it. Just didn't. We brought it to my Aunt and Uncle's when we visited them.

So this is the bottle gifted me

I am sure I will enjoy this treat and hope to have a lovely meal to pair it eith along with good chocolate. A chocolate moose 🫎 would be the best.

I have been wanting that since My birthday actually when the restaurant did not have it on the menu!

Maybe I will make some !

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