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2023-11-22 - 11:30 a.m.

Reading about Santa Barbara
As a friend lives there

Just had a quick chat.
She chose one of the places where housing is most expensive.

BUT I think she also chose it because for her the market of folks to work for is good. She can find work paying what she wants to make per hour there (ostensibly. That is the idea anyway)
AND can do things like pet sitting; elder care; child care and other domestic work that requires IN HOME CARE
so looks for work that also provides places to live

Although it has ended up being transitory. She has couch surfed more often than not.

Not stable employment.

Health issues kicked in and make it that much harder. Ah she DID have a job, a decent , regular full time role and it working out and was on track for doing alright

BUT Then COVID hit

She unfortuntatly moved there RIGHT BEFORE COVID HIT and had hustled and landed that job.

Its been very unstable since. She lived out of her car; and camped and found shelter in ...well...
actual shelters when the weather and her health demanded it.

Santa Barabara may be one of the most expensive destinations, but honestly I think for her it was not a bad choice for homeless destination-
where she could seek and find supports needed , to fill the gap of her needs being met through her own hard work and hustle.

That is the thing I belive not many understand. Just how HARD WORKING many who are homeless or housing insecure or working poor just a paycheck away from homeless are.

There are so many who work super hard consistently

BUT who do not have an education
so they get paid LESS than those with a college degree

for the same job.
The SAME labor.

And sometimes even do the job BETTER than counterparts who are paid substantially more over their lives ( even after accoutning for cost of education- THAT IS WITH THE CAVEAT They did not get that education at the expense of a predatory student loan).

AH But then there are also the working who REMAIN poor as they are paying of ridiculous unconciouable predatory lenders. They may have the decent job with what would be a decent rate of pay if they did not have to spend 1/3 of their pay on a student loan payment for 20 years.

Its ludicrous.
How indentured servitude really exists but under the name of capitalism.

A faceless, lender who will have right of ownership if you do not pay the faceless, actual "PERSON" under the law of a band , lender, broker etc..
really is the master one reports to, is subjecated by and to- yet because it was seemingly , and so called "Chosen" And "WILLFULL" under this capitalist system that makes it OK to be indebted for years.

I have no answers; or thoughts on how to function better as society

Just observations.

My kid in Japan reported no one seems to have ovens. unless it is a big restaraunt or they need it for commercial cooking. Where they live there are only stovetop burners and microwaves and all low wattage cooking devices. They do not even hold the power of our cooking appliances as there are regulations on the amount of energy that may be pulled/used. I suppose ( can only guess) to control the energy usage of a large population and to provide safety as there are less risks of fire with lower wattage.

BUT is it worth for a large percentage of the population to have the freedom to have a high powered microwave and a gas stove (despite health issues with that ) for a significant part of the population to end up indebted beyond any freedom?

I just don't know.

Oh even here we can outlaw gas stoves as is happening. But the truth is the approval of them was driven by money for the few invested in them existing. They squelched knowledge of their harm for years. So how free is our capital market when the drivers of both policy ( and sometimes protest) are the few yielding power?

I don't claim to understand Egypt but listened to the report that the Egyptian leadership encouraged their countrymen/women to protest the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza. First heard of a govt encouraging protest. .I found that fascinating and want to her more.

BUT... back to work.

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