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2023-11-24 - 8:16 p.m.

This is a cute pop song
came across while at work allowing time to go by.

The DC guy I dated was like this: hot then cold mixed signals
It was really frustrating

I was so HAPPY To be out of that relationship

The song made me think of him.

It was just not healthy to date someone like that at all.

It was far worse than the long distance relationship, which was just not going anywhere due to a number of reasons, but one was not lack of clarity about how my Buffalo guy felt about me or how I felt about him. We were both very authentic and there was no game playing .Sure there was avoidance of commitment on his part; but that is different from complete emotional avoidance.

Anyway, I don't write too much about the amazing man I have been so lucky to have come into my life this past year

It feels longer than five months in some ways. I mean we have done so many wonderful things.

He prioritizes date night.

With exceptions when somone is sick and not up to it! OR if we just came back from travel, which we have done a fair bit of!

We have traveled to see my family on a couple occassions. Its been really nice to be in relationship with a man with such love of each other that we both carve out time to prioritzie time to enter the others' world.

The one challenge has been that with three adult children living with me, all summer we did not spend time at my home. I am still struggling to find time to declutter and organize MY ROOM.
I have donated SO MUCH STUFF to the local thrift store but STILL have a pile in the middle of my room I am slowly working through to get rid of more, or store some.

I packed up one bin of summer clothers a few days ago. I had a bin full but dumped it and started over-
to reconsider and see if I could let go of MORE items; and then added different things to it that I do want to keep.

I did have a small bag of items to be donated, which is great as those were things I was going to store perhaps a month ago ( when last filled that bin).

One challenge for me is that I had just emptied my WHOLE closet and dresser, or rather ALL my closets, having pulled out all the storage bins stuffed in the hall closets as well that were filled with my clothes, and dumped them ALL , then sorted through to discard many of them, and hang up what I wanted to keep, folding sweaters and putting them on the top shelf in the closet-
the closet shelf which also held the bar for hanging clothing


It pulled right out of the wall. likely from the maipulation of it, and pulling on it somewhow when going up and down to put things in the closet.
kinda enjoying this poppy music from the UK now as writing here at work, at the reception desk at the skilled nursing home where no one is calling or visiting tonight.
VERY QUIET on a Friday night.

AH YES , this is the night I often call friends. I call one Buffalo friend most often, but I alreayd gave her a call last night to say Happy Thanksgiving and I am honestly just too tired to talk to anyone right now.

So I have been instead just chilling
watching pop culture stuff
and shopping on line for one gift ordered.

I found something for my oldest I like but am thinking about it.Not sure if they will like it as much as me and I am trying to shot for THEM. I THINK it is something they will like.
I hope.
I try to find a gift I think the recipient will like.

I hope this is a good one.
I bought something for my oldest son last year for Christmas which I did not send him, and truthfully it was because I thought his girlfriend would not like it and I thought he would value her input and want to please her. It was a silly PJ bottom of Simpsoms which I thought would be funny to give him, and would bring him joy-
until I re-thought it.
She is a bit fancy....
and he is a bit fancy...

It was gratifying that when I visited my oldest I could give it to her boyfriend and know somehow it would land.

He liked it,
and he and my oldest, both of whom know and love my oldest son-
agreed it would not have landed if I sent that to him for his Christmas gift.

I just thought it would be nostalgic and funny.

But realized it would not have hit...

OH well.
No idea what to get him for this year, but will try to think of something both he and his girlfriend will like.

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