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2023-11-24 - 7:10 p.m.

OH no!! I just bought a Christmas gift with my business account.

I really did not mean to.

It is an old ZINE handmade in Buffalo, NY it appears, found on Ebay, with a photo of a band playing and a crowd-reminiscint of my youth
early 20s that is;
when dated the musician.

I can't recognize the band or anyone in the crowd from the black and white photo and the hand drawn text on the cover gives no indication I know this band in pic or interviewed ;
but there are some interviews;
a comic strip;
and obvious music and art as topics

of a hand made zine that says on cover BUFFALO 1990.

Could be another Buffalo reference?
BUT it has the competely Buffalo NY 90s Allen St vibe.

So it just seemed like a fun Christmas gift,
cause what else to get for Christmas for my loved ones?

So I logged into Ebay and purchased it. And used PAY PAL not realizing the pay pal on the laptop was the WORK pay pal.
Which I used once for some work thing. (An Actual Work thing)


I can transfer from my personal account the cost back into my work account; to keep myself honest ( or rather keep MY COMPANY- the alter ego, sepearate actual "PERSON" the corp is under the law- [perhaps one of the stupider legal realities- which could be considered a "legal fiction"? perhaps by some, in our country; this construct which requires actual suspension of disbelief in the literal way- the wink, wink.... "sure you did not do that, your COMPANY , which is a separate person did it and it was LEGAL under such condition...." rational of things which if done by a person would be a no go, but when done by a company even if seemingly questionable turn out to be, against reason or common sense- JUST FINE as in LEGAL. yeah... I wouldn't want to not be kosher with my business... especially considering how almost ridiculously beneficial it is to actually FOLLOW all the rules in a strict manner and STILL have nonsensical financial advantages JUST BY OWNING A BUSINESS and following the darn rules letter of law.

Everyone needs to learn how to start a business.

Whatever your hobbies are- set up a bank account, incorporate, sell some product or service you can produce in practicing said hobby, and start segregating expenses for that thing and revenue from the sale into the one business account and keep it separate from other personal finances; but then use a scheudle C to balance the books and report earned income
and you will understand what I mean.

Its just not that hard.
Or so I tell myself....
II suppose it is actual work. Should no t minimize it. I ADMIRE folks who can make a thing they love their business.

Those Etsy shop owners;
or youtubers;
or folks on Twich, playing games and raising money from commentary. There is a whole economy based on entertainment of paying others to do things one loves by those who no longer have time to do the thing they too loved cause they have homes to maintain, other work to do (or chose to do for whatever reason... kids, a spouse, or just a mortage at times...)

Some of us are not very good at our hobby. So at first the product might not be great , or in fact even good- at all. BUT Create it ANYWAY if doing so brings you joy! KEEP creating your own joy and your own stuff- whatever it is , and eventually you might create something good! BUT Even if you don't- you will be HAPPY doing this thing you love along the way, and trust me- someone out there will LIKE what you do besides you! Sure it might only be your mother,,,, ah... but truly not likely, as odds are there will be SOMEONE ELSE out there somewhere with similar sensibiltities as you.

You just have not met them yet.

And how will you if you don't put yourself out there authentically?

Its the only way to reach another, which I really think does make people happier in life.

The thing is, if you keep at it, you eventually may then actually ALSO get good at your craft!
It happens!
But only if you keep at it.

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