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2023-11-27 - 9:53 p.m.

My bestie is amazing.
Ok I have a couple besties.

One who owns a business. I did a bit of work for her abd fid not intend to receive payment. I did not bill abd was happy to help her.

It was simply a Buffalo snowplow contract!

I just received a package which had a plaque thst Friends are Angels
And Theodore Mugler Angel perfume
and $50 cash

She's the angel to so many 😇

I know at Christmas she is very generous in her gift giving

To her clients

And she works at a Buffalo hospital as a mental health counselor in the out patient clinic.

If you followed the news story of the Buffalo Tops mass shooting you may have some sense of that East side of Buffalo neighborhood where she runs her support groups and sees clients.

She also has a private practice the past few years. I am proud of her growth!

We both were likely later in ur careers starting our businesses than we should have been, but both did it !

That's all for now as tired and need to sleep 😴!

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