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December 1, 2023 - 6:36 p.m.

Have I mentioned of late how much I love NOT working a full time 9-5 job?

Today a family member had a doctor appointment and surprise, surprise, this family wanted my company as was nervous.

I was happy to be able to oblige; as working at a task for a client- but ultimately as working for my own company where I get to decide where, when and how to get the task done ( as long as the requirements the client set are met!)

I also have my own requirements. Like I can't draft a contract for any sale of any "thing" without clarity of what is being sold.

It's not a hard concept. The thing being sold is typically drafted in a statement of work or a bill of services; or a bill of sale that lists the products.

What is surprising to me however is how often I get a contract request to for drafting lacking clarity in WHAT is being bought or sold!
I tighten that language up.

BUT I can't IMAGINE exactly what is being done.

Can't GUESS.

And that is most often where the hold up in a task of the deliverable getting done from me is.

I don't get all the info. needed and the chasing it down is sometimes hard (slow). It used to be quick back in the day when everyone actually invested in full time employees and all were in person in the same office. Any requests lacking detail could be honored quickly as I just would go find the person- pay a visit. It was so much more efficient! That act of walking and talking and quickly getting questions answered distinguished me from others who were only reliant on email for responses to inquiry for more, and essential details. Now that we are all on line I have not the distinction I had before when working in person where I chased info down. I am less efficient doing this via email. Perhaps too patient. I need to pick up the phone and call and text more than I do I am sure, to get slow responders to give me the details I really need.


It should not be that hard, but it is at times, in part as I get a request from someone when that is the person who doesn't necessarily KNOW the details.

Sometimes it is time zone differences that present issues...and I just need to get on a call at a funky hour.
Sometimes it is finding out who is actually delivering the THING
whatever it is
be it a widget
or servicing the widget, adding the grease "HA HA"... etc,

you get the idea.

BUT ultimately that is the digging in the weeds part that I try REALLY HARD to not have the person who typically hired me... ahem.. often a CEO or CFO... even SEE the nitty gritty background of cleaning up a mess to see with clarity what is trying to be planted.

I get seeds.

YEAH that is a good analogy.

I will be given a seed to draft with but it might be missing soil and the sun.

OR I am given the idea of the darn FRUIT to be delivered but it has to first grow and I need to know who the heck is providing the LAND and is there light? or do we need grow lamps?

Is there climate that works or do we need a green house?


that was supposed to be analogy...

But yeah I could draft contracts for agriculture industry...

Come to think of it, I have a friend who connected me to someone that did not follow up that needed a business partnership agreement reviewed. She likely found a lawyer which is great. She did not follow up and I should have been more proactive, assertive, that is-
in my outreach.
Instead I think I did some research and found some stock for some company I KNOW little about in the medical marijuana space and bought it...
some company not at all related to the possible investment of the partnership from my friend's friend...

and it tanked.

I was just thinking of the industry and thought "That sounds like it should take off"

Well something took off, but not that stock pick of mine. I haven't checked it in a while, and will eventually. That and the vax stock and the printer that can make lungs ( really- a company is trying to get there. To be able to use a printer to make organs that can be used for transplant! Some biomedical sciency thing....)

just might be the penny stocks I bought (OK who am I deceiving, I did not do research' and bought at least one on the whim likely just after it hit market and was way overvalued as the early investors bought and SOLD- artificially inflating to make a mad gain. I swear it is a racket. )

One at least, was bought way to high. It will take years to get high again...

there is a pun in there somewhere, since that is the...

oh forget it.

I have my business development hat on, can you tell?

YEAH this is what I enjoy doing on a Friday night if not tired. I call friends sometimes. I owe a couple a phone call. BUT I would prefer not to be on the phone while at work TOO MUCH. It is ok on a quiet Friday night when few are coming into the building or calling in, but there is a camera (of course!! The computer flickers on periodically so I feel like it is used to monitor the area!! Lights up, flickers on, then off- I figure kinda screen capture periodically... and people used to think this kinda talk was crazy paranoia. HA HA
I think that funny,
and sad.

I still think of the gal fired, who I think just needed a bit of time off with a counselor , likely to deal with PTSD and a REAL... NO NOT PTSD CURRENT freaking trauma of an abuser , stalker. I really actually BELIEVED her when everyone else just thought she was losing her mind...

and she lost her security clearance quickly
then the job that was a requirement to have to be able to hold.

It pretty much broke my heart that day.


I advocated "Can we get her some help from the EAP" in the management meeting and who would be heartless enough to not at least pretend they were going to do that?
They just didn't follow through.

Anyway, I am having a really nice day. I feel great, and it is largely in part as I followed the formula that works for my health:

I got up at 5:30AM, took a 30 min ( or so, maybe a bit longer actually ) Walk
then at 6:45 ( I intended to walk til 6:30) arrived back at the pool and then swam.

I love early AM exercise.
I love watching the early coloring of the sky as the orange and yellow and blue hues appear then evolve taking over the darkness, spreading light out. It was pre-sunrise with streaks of color arising in the sky like a paintbrush stroke was determining where to set them.

I am happy my partner is feeling better. He has been fighting a cold for a week now. I am joyful for him that he finally is feeling much better than he has been. Even yesterday he had a hacking cough that was productive and did not seem good at all. But today he is feeling well enough to go out a bit. I think he really needs that after just being home for the better part of a week. He did see family Thanksgiving along with me and my youngest and it was really lovely. And then he did see his bestie and his family a few days later, on Sunday afternoon. So he was out- but other than those few hours he has been resting trying to get over the cold he had.
He took three COVID tests and they all came back negative.
I am suspicious however, as they were the rapid test, and his bestie he visited Sunday tested positive for Covid just after he visited.

I am happy I feel good!
I do miss actually having time with him to the extent usually do! This too shall pass however. He is the sweetest,and has been driving me to/from anyway- even when not feeling well, masking.

I feel really , really lucky and really. really blessed just now.

I am so grateful to him for all the kindness and wonderful things he does for me, for the love.
He genuinely is thoughtful and considerate and caring.

I just put in time off requests at the part time jobs for some upcoming travel.

I don't like to mention travel here until AFTER it is completed.

We have had some wonderful adventures, and this is really early in the relationship I think to have had traveled as much as we have. What a very pleasant surprise in my life!

We have had some lovely day trips; saw a marvelous show in DC Hadestown, saw Regina Spektor who is one of my favorite singers at Wolftrap;
went on an evening cruise around the Potomac;
went on a weekend trip to NYC to catch a couple shows ( one my friend was in, a solo show!), and visited with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin, as well as drove around the neighborhood I grew up in ;
Went on a camping trip with my youngest to Assateague Island where we saw the wild horses; and
took a trip up to Pittsburg to visit with my oldest who lives there.

The one thing that I think WOULD be better, and could be better is if we spend time in MY home as well as his.

That is really important to me. That in a relationship the guy is willing to come into my world, not just integrate me into his.

I think that needs to be physically, literally, as well as emotionally.

Emotionally he is all in.
Physically he has been avoidant of time in my space; and I get it, I really do-
because truth is I had a child, adult child, who was acting abusively towards me. No other way to frame it, - Autism/PDA is not an excuse for abuse.

He was afraid he was not prepared to handle that gracefully; so avoided that interaction once the kid was ugly toward him. Reasonable.

that kid is out of my home.
The one left is being decent ( although had moments. Just was acting influenced by the other one frankly for a time. )

lets' not forget my boyfriend HIMSELF is on that neurodivergent spectrum!! YES He is also focused on his comfort. SO... putting himself out of his comfort zone is something he avoids.

thus a reason for being single his whole life.

Truth is I LIKE being in his space. I LIKE the cave he has created! HA HA It really is like the man cave for a grown up boy.
I mean it is full of tech toys.
and comfort; and decorated like what you could decorage a college dorm with if you had money! HA HA Eclectic,,, colorful, fun, total college chill vibe..
kinda hippy...
kinda like me ... I mean really to be honest, the me before I took jobs in corporate America and traded out my beautiful purple tyedyed dress for black suit.

OK the purple dress did remind me of a maternity dress.. it was not intended as one, but I did wear it when pregant so at some point I WANTED to get rid of it.

still... I got rid of all my FUN clothes. All the clothes I PICKED OUT, and I had bought! ALL the ME clothes.
which interestingly reallty kinda fit the decor of my boyfriend's home. LOL

Its just such a cozy space. I mean he even has a tapestry of an African village in his living room, which some friend gave him when he got married and it did not meet the cut of what the new wife wanted in her suburban living room.

I am just chilling tonight while at work. I don't feel like working on the contract I was working on but stopped drafting of when went with family to the medical appointment. I then ate lunch and tried to replace the broken tuning peg on my guitar ( the one thing that won't just repair itself in time which got hurt when I was hit by a car. My fractured rib is healing nicely as evidenced by the fact it did not hurt when swimming this AM!)

I kinda have what I need to draft the contract to completion ( cause I chased the info down).... but it should have been provided by a program manager. Whatever... I can do that Monday. It is reasonable to wait since no one actually sent me all that I need when requested it of them! I am still waiting on a constraint before I should be able to draft! ( But will draft this one anyway to get it done! Then when send to the PM they can review and CORRECT If my assumptions are wrong because non one gave me the info I asked for.)

YEAH I am not going to think about work til Monday. I follow that rule strictly ( that is my legal work. This other "work" honestly does not feel like work to me at all. I mean I get to hang out, write, be friendly in greeting people and answering phones, then read something or watch a show... or call my friends. I mean it is really just so RELAXING but oh yeah, sometimes work... so also PRODUCTIVE "ME" Time! I suppose when have a large family going to work in a public role can feel like "me" time! HA HA

I just enjoy it.
Reception roles are so chill. Some would say they are so "boring". But I think they are jobs that most could enjoy. I think one does not have to be a people person to like this job- as I know a couple introverts who liked the role. (The writer being one! Seriously, the evening gal at the one place has written four or five novels... which come to think of it I intend to order as Christmas gifts so best get on it.)

Oh yeah, and there is that too.. the (very occasionally for me) shopping. DARN that reminds me, I shopped on line at Home Depot and was supposed to pick up an order today and totally forgot about it! Lightbulbs and comet and something else we needed... oh yeah dish soap.

My on line shopping is not very exciting.

It turns out I ordered the wrong tuning pegs for my guitar's current holes.
I am going to try again. Look again and see if I can find the RIGHT ones. I might have to drop it off at a music store to get it repaired if I can't figure this out.

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