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2024-02-06 - 6:44 a.m.


AH this test was passed!

YES even if the computer is shut OFF

The cashed history should have the draft page saved on my machine


Where the hell is it?

I mean all I did on Friday night was write.

And then EDIT

Thing is, I rarely edit.

BUT because of some stream of consious thoughts that interruped the primary thought ( yes there are some circular thinkers out there. We think in tangents and squiggles and circles BUT THEN Do circle back to the main point, and the connections actually really make sense if you follow them

SHOUT Out to my first corporate director boss!

In the sky, heaven for sure,
as I fondly think of you.

I got hired cause I followed your conversation and could hone back in on the question to answer it after the fun tangental comments.

He was so very NY.... too...
we clicked.
The dry sense of humor thing...

but then a hearty laugh.

I have to leave soon to go help a friend this AM.

OOPS I have a scheduled send email written last night I should also log in to edit-

meaning I have to work a bit. Did not intend to.

So this is the last test ( TEST 3) wrote more but did not save it

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