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2004-06-03 - 12:43 a.m.

I received a lovely e-mail from my Dad thanking us for the nice visit of he and my Mom over Memorial Day Weekend. My parents are the coolest! They Always get a local hotel and NEVER expect to stay AT our house! That alone is a fantastic and courteous move on their part since we have such a large family and the house is currently still not in order. We haven't the space for visitors just now. But even when we Do have space- I think it so considerate that then my parents ALSO get a hotel! It just makes it more comfortable for EVERYONE! They then get to sleep as needed and be rested so they have the energy for the trip which is a LONG drive from FL for them! They always stop on the way in South Carolina to visit my youngest bro there. He's an ad executive with a big TV station and I am so proud that he bought his first place about a year ago. A condo fit for a young bachelor! (Or even a young couple! It looks fantastic!) He's doing well for himself at age 26! (I think that's his age.... Hmmm He's seven years younger than me. I have this odd problem of FORGETTING MY AGE! REALLY! I have to do the math... Sept 1969... I AM ...


AHH!! Not my forte... and time for bed!

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