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2003-04-08 - 1:23 a.m.

I just wrote a long entry on my family home page. This update wil be brief as its getting late...Here in Monroe County NY where we were just hit with the worst ice storm since 1991. Beautiful really...


Mother Nature

pruned the trees today

with her wrath

and fury

branches flailed about

after being hit by her

weighed down

by the burden

she had carried

and relentlessly

released upon all in her path

with icy, frozen


the thickest of ice

Like the angry parent

who has had enough

of the disorder and chaos

of her many children

And furiously announces

without warning

"Anything in my path

will be thrown out"

then cleans the house

seemingly without regard

for the children

who loved that toy

relished the ripped book

and drew that wrinkled picture

that lay strewn on the floor

Or the one who loses control

and causes devestation

in the quickness

of anger

of passion

in a moment


will melt

the ice

The trees

like the children

will bounce back

and Sping

will rejuvinate

their spirits

as buds

once again

will bloom

as Mother

shines forth

her warmth


and healing

And as they grow, the

branches that are fed

will be all the stronger

and more fruitful

without the disraction

of the weaker

that competed

for attention

then fell.

Copyrite 2003

Maureen Blake

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