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2014-03-06 - 3:57 p.m.

Pocohontas has been a doll to loan me her car so I was really happy to be able to drive out to my doctor today. I was especially pleased as navigated public transportation between Loudoun and Fairfax just yesterday as I had an appt with the narcoleptic doc (doesn't that sound amusing? I imagine the cartoonish Dr. dozing off...) I managed to hop on the wrong bus en route back and ended up at Tyson's Corner. I then caught a commuter bus back,but it turns out they no longer stop close to my home, but on the other side of town which is a treck. Kind lady gave me a ride thankfully as I was tired after walking all over the place all day. There is NOT another specialist with my doctor's skills anywhere as he ALSO happens to be an asthma specialist so going to him rocks as I handle both issues in one appt.

Have to say the Obamacare Health plan I have is not too bad. I am not pleased with the $50 co-pay for each specialist, but AM happy with the $8 co pay for prescriptions.

Today was the appt with my psychiatrist who is very pleased with how well Wellbutrin is working for me. She agrees I appear very even keel and stable and was happy to hear it really did help ADHD symptoms so I could study.

I was happy she agrees I need not take Lithium unless I have a recurrance of any weird paranoia episodes. She also agrees that if there are SMALL moments of thoughts that I can just talk myself rationally into not indulging then I don't need the lithium.

So all is well on the mental health front.

I am happy with the work of the guys completing my basement bathroom rennovation but it is a SLOW job due to weather setbacks , slow shipping of the tiles initially- and then I decided to just re-tile the whole bathroom wall in addition to the floor and we ran out of tiles. I ordered more the night I got the message they ran out (while I was still in Norfolk) and we are waiting on those.

It looks really nice so far!
I am pleased, and as the contractor indicated he has the Home Depot receipt and said he would double check it as well I am not going to nit pick over that if it looks OK. He agreed if any of his tools "Accidentally" ended up on that he will account for them.

They are not charging an unreasonable amount and I think less than most in this area for labor per hour so I am not going to nit pick over the few incongruencys as frankly it is NOT worth it and I really want them to do a NICE JOB!

(Easier to swallow since there also is that fact each dollar into this is going to be a tax write off and I will likely OWE some tax this year otherwise!)

I am studying now for the Ethic exam for lawyers- The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam, as I take that test in a few more weeks. It is considered the easy part of this Bar Examination process by many (if not most who take a Bar Exam). I mean lets HOPE those wanting to be lawyers really do have a common understanding of ethics!

I am just taking this break as I enjoy a cup of coffee before going to return Pocohontas' car as then I have to walk back from her place and needed a break firt. Perhaps a nap too...

Yeah , the coffee doesn't really work. Think nap will do it however as I did not take Nuvigil today.

My narc doc did give me a bunch of sample blister packs as the other issue with my Obamacare plan is that they DENIED that medication! So he has to send them more info justifying why it is needed.

He actually found that kinda amusing, along the lines of the same inquiry as the BAR Examiners. His comment on this was "They will approve the medicine for countless alcoholics to improve their liver, but deny this?"


I suppose not only lawyers, but also doctors in general are more familiar and understand the disease of alcoholism more than they understand narcolepsy.

And ADHD was called the "invented illness" in the 80s, right?

Nap time, and then a nice walk.

I was thinking of what I should give up for lent. Perhaps nothing as I first thought it is a really good healthy practice so I like the idea of making a point of self improvement. I thought "I will just give up all sugar", but then I came home and was on the phone with Pocohontas who asked if I have girls tomorrow or want to go join a group of her friends dancing and I said

"I don't know. I can't even remember just now as the weekends blur."

She said "Take a nap before driving my car back"

I said "NO not that bad... I just need to eat and just grabbed a peanut butter cookie which should help."

OH YEAH that was SUGAR and yeah sugar tends to make me sleepy... I forgot about the notion of giving it up THAT Quickly, and forgot something sweet is NOT the way for me to get an energy boost! (But those cookies were the first thing I SAW when I opened up the fridge!)

The short term memory thing is so annoying.

What the heck did I do this past weekend? OH YEAH I SLEPT!

I did not have girls and spend the time just crashing after having traveled for the exam. It was a day of a train ride back after visiting the Armed Servicemen and Women Memorial in Norfolk and the Naval Museum. Now I recall... as I was home and just a little disappointed to NOT have made plans to go out with friends immediately to have celebrated having made it through the exam. It seemed weird to NOT do anything afterwards as that really was a HUGE milestone for me I believe I just met. I mean I actually FINISHED 96% of the test. (In the past there were at least 20 questions with the row of C as no time to read them. This time there were only 5 of those!)

SO yes, no dancing tomorrow as I do have my kids. Took me a while to recall!

Off to nap...
Can study tomorrow as this weekend will be a busy one with the girls.

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