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2024-02-28 - 3:28 p.m.

My kid had a Dr. Appointment , whcih was actually truly in walking distance, but she begged me to drive her so I did.
While there I was able to very efficiently move picture off my phone, upload them to the google drive, then upload some to the site they need to be at for marketing purposes.

It was so much easier than when try at home!
Confirming just how crappy my Verizon old school DSL service is.

The thing is,
I pay $126 a month for my internet and phone line.

Every time I run the numbers, considering I do work at other places with far better internet AND
the internet works FINE for streaming content-

Really, for the gaming, or watching netflix...etc..

My tenants have no complaints. ( I have two tenants now- the one in basement and the lovely young gal in my college kid's former bedroom).

AND EVERY TIME I read one of those "great" offers, I read the small print. The good rates last a year. they include hardware rental or purchase fees, they include early termination fees, they can raise rates after one year.. not locked in and they are notorious for raising them.

I just know some complained as their bills are high.

So I am chicken. I run the numbers and don't think it is worth the upgrade. "If it isnt' broken don't fix it thinking" and since it works
I mean really, I have not had any issues with work connectivity , zoom or teams of late and it easily is connecting to my VPN BUT when there were some issues months ago I just went to a coffee shop, or the library where my VPN provides security and it worked.

BUT it was really nice to get the upload of photos moved along. Not done. The site not yet updates with all the one's I want to put there. BUT it does have a re-fresh of some new content and I deleted some older pictures.

I spent today cleaning. The disappointing thing is I did not really get farther than cleaning my desk and filing paperwork and shredding old paperwork.

My taxes are all done but for entering ONE FORM that I SWEAR I saw arrive in the mail and can't locate. It is driving me mad.
So I have been cleaning all the PAPERWORK and hoping to come across it.

I have had my tax return almost done for a while now... incremental progress.

So close! Frustrating did not find that and get it done.

But at least now all the OTHER end of year tax docs are in one folder.

The missing one will turn up soon enough. I KNOW I saw it arrive.

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There is always that ONE missing intregal piece of paperwork. - 2024-02-28


There is always that ONE missing intregal piece of paperwork. - 2024-02-28


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