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2023-11-27 - My generous friend
2023-11-24 - Christmas gift giving can be a challenge.
2023-11-24 - I am trying to keep at it. I ordered new tuning pegs for my guitar ( one snapped- after the car hit me and the guitar took a spill too).
2023-11-22 - Thanksgiving gift received
2023-11-22 - Want to read more news reports ( which are credible???) but have work to do, and a pie to make today.
2023-11-20 - Took care of health today. Got my covid booster too.
2023-11-18 - Best to the kid on West Coast. HOPE the kid REALLY DOES have job ( said they did but refused to give details- but not communicating is their norm with me.)
2023-11-16 - Long day. Needed this break before continuing work. Its highly detailed and I have to get this deliverable out in AM.
2023-11-10 - A fun fulfilling day of work. Time flys when having fun. ( I like work- thus one reason a workaholic!)
2023-11-09 - Up later than hoped. But my best friend called and I picked the phone up. She can be stressful sometimes, but such is life...and we have to love friends and sometimes just put up with their difficult parts of personality.
2023-11-08 - Working tonight- time flys when having fun, and yes I am having fun.
2023-11-08 - ON trust and doing business
2023-11-08 - Garlic triggered me
2023-11-06 - I really did forget. And it is wonderful, to remember the forgetting for a brief moment.
2023-11-06 - Glad had today off! Was home to plan some upcoming travel and finished planting Fall bulbs.
2023-11-04 - Guitar soothed me tonight.
2023-11-01 - Why do some parents have a hard time just CELEBRATING kids' successes?
2023-10-28 - Money appears when need it.
2023-10-27 - Well, used to not be able to cry. Tonight can.
2023-10-26 - OH SNAP DID It again. Oh and did I mention my income close to the SNAP threshold? Adjusted to
2023-10-25 - Today's TO DO: THREE THINGS (and work. Finish work project that has been lingering ALMOST done)
2023-10-24 - Yeah- found perfect spot for remote work! Close to the other two jobs : )
2023-10-18 - I have patience in spades. Maybe to a fault?
2023-10-12 - LOL Know this prospective tenant.
2023-10-12 - Heat Pump installed The fellas just have to get it to work now. Troubleshooting
2023-10-12 - Movie night TIRED Not up for Kayaking Not tonight.
2023-10-10 - Planned on the earlier bus for a buffer. Have some skills. Right on time
2023-10-07 - Netflix day as healing- Is beautiful out! had a walk.
2023-10-07 - rambles
2023-10-07 - Home sick today. A do nothing much but rest day. ( and dishes and laundry)
2023-10-01 - Hmmm. Still no VEC payments.
2023-09-27 - Back to work. I really needed this 3/4 day of rest. Client also approved 20 hrs so can't go over either!
2023-09-26 - Open to possibilities. Going with the flow.
2023-09-25 - House Cleaning
2023-09-22 - Shoot have chores and stuff I want to be done tomorrow. Working the next three days so can't go out tonight.
2023-09-20 - Tired
2023-09-20 - Back to work SOmehow just felt need to vent as was getting anxious over deadlines. WHEW Feel better- that was my lunch break.
2023-09-14 - Wonder if this kid used references from the one volunteer work thing done in past couple of years.
2023-09-14 - Family stories. I did have a pretty typical "normal" family growing up.
2023-09-13 - Slow week of billable hours for clients means time to do my own business development work.
2023-09-13 - WHAT?? MY FAV MOVIE like ever, by BARBIE director
2023-09-13 - I learned something new today. JUST had no idea not legal to swim in many rivers!
2023-09-12 - Got one kids view on college board after looking at Charity Navigator for it.
2023-09-07 - YES did practice guitar past couple days. Trying to get back into routine with it.
2023-09-05 - Thinking of how strong a silk thread is Even when barely perceptible
2023-09-05 - Thinking of S Who did have such a gift she shared.
2023-09-04 - Seriously sad and disappointed So much for nice time and connection with my kid. Attempt backfired. BUT JUST HERE Simmply BEING in the kid's orbit for possibility of decent interaction.
2023-09-01 - A preacher man just prayed I be blessed with grandchildren if God willing !
2023-08-30 - Bookmarks are useful yet I fail to use them.
2023-08-30 - " Connection is everything" said KG MSW
2023-08-30 - Taking dog on adventure ..Oops not on bus today
2023-08-30 - Companies taking over Healthcare spaces as REIT assets is a huge problem. In many ways!!
2023-08-29 - Ideal world.
2023-08-28 - Last night's dream
2023-08-28 - OK nice afternoon. Walked to coffee shop after errand. Sitting on porch worked/wrote a bit.
2023-08-28 - Morning pages.
2023-08-27 - Syncopation
2023-08-25 - Time to move the laundry.
2023-08-25 - Sometimes good for me to just BE at home. Fully present here.
2023-08-25 - Chill week No stressful work; so taking a little time to slow down this AM as laundry done.
2023-08-24 - AH Maybe at least two months of VEC benefits to be paid to me? MAYBE MORE?
2023-08-24 - Morning Pages WARNING SUPER LONG (is that redundant?)
2023-08-23 - Goodnight!
2023-08-22 - Finally called KIA HQ AGAIN and after HOLD FOR ... well all the time I wrote.. THEY MADE DECISION. About time.
2023-08-22 - ADHD interruption a serious problem
2023-08-16 - Can one teach resiliancy to kids? Perhaps by intentional holding back (OH My I dozed AGAIN and the 2nd part of this header written in dream state.)
2023-08-16 - Cat exposure immunotherapy. Should visit Fauci 2x a week 4 hr. Lol
2023-08-14 - OK Day Getting warm now, but has been temperate and nice all morning at home.
2023-08-14 - Cat allergy yes 🤧 but they are only irritants too. I never have asthma attack near close to being fatal.
2023-08-11 - Felt like had a Mini Vacation
2023-08-09 - SIGH OK calmly and peacefully in flow ; but first a quick and YES CALMING UPDATE. USER ERROR as opposed to BEING possibly hacked LOL
2023-08-09 - OMG. This was this week's Artist Date of treat to self!! Soooo Good!
2023-08-09 - Rocking the day
2023-08-03 - Busy week !!
2023-08-01 - OFf to Dr. Then find a coffee shop
2023-07-30 - Omg. Funny writing while in sleep word dream state. Back to 😴
2023-07-26 - Malwarebytes seems decent product.
2023-07-26 - Malwarebytes seems decent product.
2023-07-24 - Tired and gotta go to bed. Will play just 15 minutes of guitar.
2023-07-21 - The Pianist
2023-07-21 - Good Morning
2023-07-18 - This Air Quality does affect our health and that is a bummer.
2023-07-18 - This kid is stressing me. Plan to go to West Coast without any ...well concrete ACTUAL well designed PLAN.
2023-07-16 - Life is so good!
2023-07-08 - Yeah. Going to join my boyfriend to actually rest tonight.
2023-07-08 - Book to look up
2023-07-08 - AH I can go sit poolside today while Rest! ALMOST forgot about that!!
2023-07-08 - West coast city has high rainfall. Hmmmm
2023-07-07 - Should get 2.5 hr of sleep now. 😴
2023-07-06 - I wasn't done writing apparently! one more thought inspired by TACO Quarterly Thinking of a gal who did work a taco joint once. A shitty summer job.
2023-07-06 - I am not used to MiSSING someone!
2023-07-05 - Venting Cause its so frustrating to have my kids go off on me. They don't say ANYTHING NICE. They are just ANGRY and yes it is ridiculous how they just yell at me.
2023-07-04 - Dog anxious of course
2023-07-04 - Hope my friend is OK today!
2023-07-03 - Somehow I am the perceived villin.
2023-07-03 - Chilling talking on phone with friends tonight.
2023-07-02 - Icing the injury.
2023-07-02 - Quiet relaxing Sun Morning. PHILO REVIEW- SKIP IT
2023-07-02 - Darn my leg hurts- shooting pain when walk on it
2023-07-02 - I love reading the Newspaper
2023-07-01 - Goodnight after a lovely but LONG work day.
2023-06-30 - Life is so good!
2023-06-30 - Wrote when awoke in middle of night 🌙 but forgot to save as fell back asleep!
2023-06-30 - This foggy unhealthy air is here now. It sucks. NOT opening windows
2023-06-30 - This foggy unhealthy air is here now. It sucks. NOT opening windows
2023-06-29 - I have such gratitude at the Abundance of Love
2023-06-23 - The wonder at actually needing someone.
2023-06-22 - I just wanna write... truth AH it is 2 already/came back to edit.
2023-06-22 - Oh Darn. Honesty seems to always have a drawback
2023-06-22 - Driver on way. Whew
2023-06-22 - Driver on way. Whew
2023-06-22 - off for medical follow up appointment.
2023-06-22 - Morning thoughts. No drram recall. Now a nap for one more hour.
2023-06-22 - Gandalf
2023-06-20 - ADHD gift of not minding the Re-do when needed. Such is life.
2023-06-20 - Heck, if run the numbers perhaps even 5% of the CEO's company monetary success I am inspired by would be success! HA HA
2023-06-19 - Jericho
2023-06-19 - Today was day of rest ( and thankfully also billable hrs!)
2023-06-16 - I just ordered some provisions. COFFEE PODS, canned fruit, chicken, veggies, trail mix etc.
2023-06-15 - Time to go. ONE thing I DID FORGET TO PACK - a PEN!! Can only type til go to the store.
2023-06-13 - Patience. And finish packing.
2023-06-13 - Patience. And finish packing.
2023-06-13 - Got up early and got some shit done. Volunteer org stuff. I kinda get into it and time flies.
2023-06-12 - Not good news- the attorney for the CLASS thinks my car not a strong argument for engine replacement. ODD
2023-06-12 - WAITING To hear if can fly.
2023-06-11 - -
2023-06-11 - Feel Better
2023-06-11 - Feels like he forgot
2023-06-09 - Ah fuck. Dud not violate any NDA but still overshared and that creates risk best avoided
2023-06-09 - Recovery going well so far but for a little bit of pain when still. Pain if move so have bot been moving from bed but 4 stretch and bathroom.
2023-06-09 - My Hadestown Review. My reflecting on being there with my budding love 4 paper journal
2023-06-09 - Surgury
2023-06-07 - Prepping for Surgury
2023-06-06 - -
2023-06-05 - -
2023-06-05 - Phone found. Just need to arrange to get it back.
2023-06-04 - I really want to known his BD.
2023-06-04 - Doing some things at home til tummy feels better. It is feeling off...
2023-06-04 - OOPS don't want to appear ghosting anyone, especially Gandalf!
2023-06-04 - Darn, OK wrote too long. WAS going to be on time but recalled forgot to mention the music producer. He should not be omitted!! A crazy talent!
2023-06-04 - Darn off to find my dog on her morning adventure.
2023-06-03 - Oh yeah I think I just fell in love. I mean like that POOF it's magic-AND ADHD Moment of this week SURELY That I can't find my cell phone so temporrily LOST CONTACT with new love.
2023-06-03 - Now my cell phone MIA too
2023-06-02 - YEAH the new client;s PRES said the contract was approved to hire me. Nice way to end the week
2023-06-02 - -
2023-05-31 - ADHD Moment of the week
2023-05-31 - ADHD Moment of the week
2023-05-31 - WHEW yeah work came in.
2023-05-30 - Holding off on car, even the nice Volvo.
2023-05-30 - Seller called Ebay and took care of refund!
2023-05-30 - Found a good company car after all pretty quickly.
2023-05-29 - This happens once In a blue moon 🌙 thankfully not often.
2023-05-28 - Bestie hustled rides 4 me! I leave soon for a walk to a friend of hers who gets off work in my town and lives in town I work in.
2023-05-27 - I like the car 🚗 look too that bidding on.
2023-05-26 - Back to work. I just felt this worth capturing.
2023-05-26 - WHEW Moment of truth of the car bidding on. I am winning the bid so interested to see what I might have gotten self into! HA HOPE GOOD
2023-05-26 - The tub faucet arrived! TO DO TODAY- work; then bathroom tub fixture installation
2023-05-26 - Work thinking of car. OK back to bed.
2023-05-25 - Random car fact. Car copy cat?
2023-05-25 - Another day of beautiful weather. I can't believe it is so late in day already!
2023-05-24 - So One more medical operation to be scheduled. Grateful for this surgon and following her recommendation.
2023-05-23 - What is the weirdest scent 4 a candle you have encountered?
2023-05-23 - I resigned to needing rest.
2023-05-23 - Ok... MAYBE will walk later? If not up to it there is always tomorrow. Have been resting cause needed it.
2023-05-23 - Ordering faucet ( maybe just a part? But maybe a whole new one)
2023-05-23 - State and Fed Parks of the SAME NAME confuse! Why? Oh Why would anyone do that in naming?
2023-05-23 - Lovely day for a walk.
2023-05-22 - What the heck. Applied for the other local full time role.
2023-05-22 - -
2023-05-22 - Looking forward to family vacation soon! OH And my bestie is heading back to town for visit from CA too
2023-05-20 - Poem found reminded me why I write AND Why I SHOULD write
2023-05-20 - Sat chores
2023-05-19 - How can I feel tired when rested today?? REALLY?
2023-05-18 - oops booked places for Fl stay but kinda forgot about time in one other town too. OOPS
2023-05-18 - Did not give up on pushing Kia YET. Still trying.
2023-05-16 - Hmmm may still wait n see for ride after all. Preschedule is crashing on me!
2023-05-16 - Lyft prices go up each new time call 4 ride. Why?
2023-05-16 - If only the youngest would take prescribed POTS meds. She refuses.
2023-05-16 - Another nice day! Weather has been lovely.
2023-05-09 - Business Development Work Done Tonight! The part time job evenings will increase my company productivity for sure.
2023-05-09 - UH OH Lap top fan on fritz.
2023-05-08 - Hmm... I have to remember to buy some solution to wash with prior to procedure. It seems unnecessary
2023-05-08 - So proud of my kid
2023-05-07 - Planning tomorrow. This helps
2023-05-07 - Relaxed alone which was odd
2023-05-07 - Fascinating reading of shifts in work habits
2023-05-05 - I sent invoice numbers and odomoter and hope evidence the issue PRE-DATED warranty end.
2023-05-05 - Looking forward to getting STUFF done then enjoying the weekend!
2023-05-04 - Oh well no car fix yet.
2023-05-04 - Wake with feeling of heaviness NOT Pain in stomach area but seriously feel WEIGHT
2023-05-04 - WHAT ? Tix Tox trend teaching how to steal Kia
2023-05-04 - Canada Kia class action was filed
2023-05-04 - Knock Sensor is the Code that comes up AGAIN and AGAIN Found the right article on this recall
2023-05-03 - Which comes first? VIN being on a recall list OR report of actual malfunction of the car part then ADDING VIN To recall list?
2023-05-03 - Whew !
2023-05-03 - YEAH LOOKS LIKE THE LOCAL KIA DEALER is going to be accountable PROVIDED HQ is!
2023-05-03 - Medical Screening reminded me watch diet!
2023-05-03 - Wow New client I believe!
2023-04-30 - My earnings for today's PT work- zero!
2023-04-30 - Job Hunting for Full Time AGAIN Cause do think WILL HAVE TO BUY A CAR SOON! So will need to increase income.
2023-04-30 - Job Hunting for Full Time AGAIN Cause do think WILL HAVE TO BUY A CAR SOON! So will need to increase income.
2023-04-29 - Back to work after time with poetry this AM .Taylor Byas worth reading/listening to
2023-04-28 - Nice day!
2023-04-28 - My pay is not even per hour for the new job. I don't even care as don't do this for the money.
2023-04-27 - Started new part time work in healthcare space cause it just was offered. I believe in saying YES when asked! ( for the most part)
2023-04-24 - Morning Pages to start off week.
2023-04-23 - Laughed so hard tonight
2023-04-20 - NOW I can sleep This must be what being Neurotic feels like SIGh...
2023-04-18 - So no full time job opportunity in service sector hoped could pivot into; BUT Back to work. What I have IS GOOD and allows space for other things.
2023-04-17 - Going route of private pay for medical screenings.
2023-04-16 - Teachers expressing individuality is Anti-Establishment
2023-04-15 - Thoughts on flowers
2023-04-15 - Teaching not for faint of heart
2023-04-13 - Off to enjoy the georgous weather
2023-04-07 - Planned visit to Dad and bros. Flights booked. Taking care of some finances now after getting the mail THEN Will go for the run!
2023-04-07 - I suppose I needed to write today about what is important to me. RECONCILITAION, LOVE, AND ACCEPTANCE EASTER THEMES FOR SURE!
2023-04-03 - National Poetry Month Trying to be disciplined ( Ok give me a break today)
2023-03-31 - Hmmm The kid may need some financial support to launch the new chapter overseas.
2023-03-31 - WHOO HOO My kid was awarded a pretty awesome thing! VERY PROUD of his hard work.
2023-03-31 - May appointment for eval for my medical concerns. Ridiculous process it is. Moving forward to take care of self.
2023-03-30 - Marketing emails just killing me... they CARE ULESS you are not private pay and/or have DECENT insurance. IF MEDICAID/CARE the "CARE" goes out the window.
2023-03-30 - Gandhi Quote
2023-03-30 - Happy to have a contract to review this afternoon after a nice dog walk.
2023-03-29 - Lazy Day I was just tired!
2023-03-28 - Chilling relaxing and recovering after travel for a bit at home.
2023-03-27 - Traveling home
2023-03-26 - Vent
2023-03-23 - Just kinda guy wrapping up work.
2023-03-23 - Might see Springsteen Tonight
2023-03-22 - I have a plan for my day
2023-03-21 - Finally ready to work! LIFE GOT DONE FIRST....
2023-03-21 - YEAH my emissions PASS was officially reported.
2023-03-21 - Back to work after getting another bill , reminder of ADHD hidden costs.
2023-03-21 - Time to get it done. I just felt somehow this time not wasted in the writing, my sorta mediation and prayer itself I suppose. YES Prayer of gratitude more than anything.
2023-03-20 - TO bed. Tomorrow and next day will be busy with work. I was so happy about this and in a great mood til wasn't...
2023-03-20 - Why bother?
2023-03-19 - To Do so I don't forget
2023-03-13 - Chronicles of the ADHD life's simple typical moments.
2023-03-10 - I definately want to write about relationship to technology in some respect.
2023-03-10 - Realized TODAY is my day off!
2023-03-10 - Looking forward to seeing old friends
2023-03-09 - Damn only 6pm Feels MUCH LATER to my body!! Tired again after mental energy expended. CRAP I don't want to work full time- even part time wipes me out.
2023-03-08 - i am on the right path I believe.
2023-03-08 - I don't think I would have much energy for a party after an event; but will consider.
2023-03-07 - Sure its hard but we have to listen to each other. If we cut off conversation no one grows.
2023-03-05 - Reflections on why I embrace bike/bus commuting.
2023-03-05 - Servicing bikes and riding more today- cause want to get USED to the manual foot brake!! Hand held brake is ingrained in my brain!! That can be dangerous
2023-03-05 - Buffalo calling
2023-03-04 - My house is full of ingredients for some awesome cooking. Papusas tonight were good!
2023-03-04 - Today's TO DO
2023-03-04 - dÊjà rÃĒvÊ
2023-03-03 - Today continue on tech skill learning and tell kid- You can get a ride EARLY And wait.
2023-03-02 - Lovely day out. Might drop the car off and bike and walk a bit SOON while it is assessed/and hope fixed. (Might be an electrical system issue)
2023-03-01 - Its the Dr. office that takes HOURS. FORGOT My book! UGH
2023-02-28 - Email problem not fixed yet but progress... I think close.
2023-02-27 - DC Guy distancing not imagined
2023-02-27 - Tired today! Why did I set up SUPER SECURITY with FIVE FREAKING Security Questions??
2023-02-26 - hmm small surpising detail as reading to get tired again ( analyzing will get exhausting)
2023-02-25 - Chiling this SAT morn before a run.
2023-02-23 - Bella ( I am switching to kickname for dog when write- it is shorter and easier) is healing OK!!
2023-02-20 - My little doggy was bit! She has been resting and not her usual self understandably
2023-02-18 - But swear not crazy
2023-02-17 - -
2023-02-17 - YEAH have an exterminator coming. Should call another for at least another estimate if I can get one more available but you know with my situation GETTING IT DONE When kids gone greater priority for me than cost frankly!
2023-02-17 - To call exterminators now. Maybe on free tomorrow?
2023-02-17 - Telling me where to park was a courtesy not being controlling, He does not tell me what to eat and order for me! (HA have you seen THOSE crazy red flags highlighted in recent tictok etc.. swear it was staged to help drive point home to women to see signs
2023-02-17 - OK dog here! YEAH Hate to have disturbed the lovely tenant as really she needs to sleep! Walk then cell phone search !!
2023-02-17 - OK dog here! YEAH Hate to have disturbed the lovely tenant as really she needs to sleep! Walk then cell phone search !!
2023-02-17 - Darn where is the cell phone....and the dog went downstairs but I need to walk her!!
2023-02-17 - More rumination
2023-02-17 - Is it insomnia if you just made the bad choice to get up rather than go back to bed?(I do not think so! It was a choice not awake cause CAN"T fall back asleep)
2023-02-16 - Dreams of chocolate OH of course... and veiled other things of import showed up as well.
2023-02-16 - Fasinating how narcissists don't give up on the lie. EVEN when evidence is before them. Wild
2023-02-15 - Hate that my kids gaslight ME; Teen pissed I went in her room but * put bed bug detector under her bed and hell have right to. DAMN there are in fact bed bugs!!
2023-02-15 - Have another medical appointment. NOT a surgon however.
2023-02-15 - I asked him "Do you have a good picture of you? or would you like one?" He said no as he just bought a portait lens Yes, his friends and brother on recent trip took some nice portraits,including some of him. So his lens was focused on the pond
2023-02-14 - Bike riding needs to be the other habit get back into.
2023-02-10 - CRAP not what I was looking for when thought of my friend
2023-02-07 - Fun with crochet something did not envision doing for a while (HA HA The "retirement" activity)
2023-02-07 - Yes you can eat state chocolate ( but may be better to cook with it- throw it in pancakes or coffee)
2023-02-07 - Lovely Day so far
2023-02-06 - Screw working- bedtime ! YES soon.. I can work tomorrow
2023-02-06 - Nice day. Work came in too!
2023-02-05 - A Beautiful Day.
2023-02-03 - Finally
2023-02-03 - I am emotionally drained after this week. It was really pretty unexpected to be honest. BUT GOOD
2023-02-03 - I have to leave so not late. But read kids poem and took in each word this time. I didn't plan to. It was like a shock. Like I read one poem for the first time. Awakened to let it in. Somehow it was time.
2023-02-02 - Now ready for bed. Was about to sleep and teared up thinking how beautiful this is to have someone do something so thoughtful and just beautiful for me.
2023-02-02 - To bed after lovely day
2023-02-01 - Just one more read through...
2023-02-01 - Telling women's stories is so healing ( even when other women's stories as there is the UNIVERSAL in every good story!)
2023-01-31 - Bill for Laundromat high tonight.
2023-01-31 - -
2023-01-31 - OK So feeling good paid bills today too, Medical co pays done for kids. Onto next chore.
2023-01-31 - Can't imaging being disabled with YOUNG kids responsible for.
2023-01-31 - Tired as was up late but worth it as I JUST Filed my TAX return! Feel like get my shit done before giving away free labor. Will FINALLY visit the local business ( after a nap and dog walk)
2023-01-31 - Yeah taxes done!!
2023-01-30 - AH almost all w2s in. Missing just one 1099 but can get taxes ALMOST done.
2023-01-30 - Life Tip: Stop avoiding Math
2023-01-30 - Look at this vision of the world.
2023-01-29 - AH remember I put off filling a couple very small cavities( don't really bother me- but occasional sensitivity)
2023-01-29 - Oops just sent email written 5 days ago.
2023-01-28 - So much for a new heat pump any time soon. Looks like another summer without AC to look forward to.
2023-01-28 - Visited art studio after rehearsal today.
2023-01-26 - AH I can set an alarm and not be afraid to DO OTHER THINGS! HA HA This is not fundamental to the ADHD brain
2023-01-26 - OK I also did fix the plumbing issue in my toilet this week. That is something accomplished! (Was not flushing! Needed new flush handle/arm and flapper)
2023-01-25 - Today was spent WAITING to get the surgery scheduled. Just needed to be HERE to get it done once could.
2023-01-25 - Almost forgot I have a writing class signed up for. Just not into it at this time- but will go.
2023-01-25 - Oh young recruiters! HA They will learn in time. Doing their best- be kind to them.
2023-01-24 - Rehearsing , running lines tonight. Because my time for me is valuable. I can't give it where I am not valued.
2023-01-24 - DAMN itchy AGAIN.
2023-01-24 - ADHD Moment of day OPPS Marketing screw up.
2023-01-20 - Time to rest.
2023-01-19 - Beautiful temperate weather here today
2023-01-18 - Asthma after a bath. Soft soap Pomegranate highly scented body wash may be to blame.
2023-01-18 - OK Happy tonight to just be HOME to be honest!
2023-01-18 - Bummer Time wasted today on VEC Again. FAIL Will try tomorrow again when refreshed!
2023-01-15 - Skip reading this if TMI is not your style ( regarding womens' health issues).
2023-01-15 - Go Bills ( And go my Buffalo Guy!!)
2023-01-15 - Nice to be home!!! Nap time
2023-01-14 - Off to navigate public transportation today. Parking costs were high yesterday. BUT STILL WORTH IT
2023-01-13 - Benefits of ADHD sometimes are get the shit done that REALLY MATTERS ( cause get waylaid when heading out for what is essentially a distraction/break from obligations)
2023-01-13 - WHEW Mortgage payment went through. It took 10 days from when bank sent it!
2023-01-12 - TO DO -don't forget MOLD TEST and TOILET FLAPPER ( and schedule Medical appts)
2023-01-12 - Yeah. Found phone!!
2023-01-12 - Maybe I am the moody one today! HA I am just cranky at lost phone and frustrated by that.
2023-01-12 - Medical concerns that are irritating but not big risk do get ignored. Such is life...
2023-01-12 - Mind blown Cause good people I know have trouble getting jobs and there are MOLES working.
2023-01-11 - I do particularly enjoy work for this one client!
2023-01-11 - YEAH this read this AM a PLEASURE
2023-01-11 - Finally to bed!!
2023-01-10 - Venting TIRED but still feels helpful
2023-01-05 - Working on my books today. (Oh and a contract review. Happy for the work)
2023-01-04 - Found fascinating documentary on the Cannabis farm.
2023-01-04 - Maybe It is my own therapy. After thinking of my own crazy story shift to focus on someone elses'
2023-01-02 - Morning Pages/Thoughts before start the day
2023-01-01 - Lovely live pianist playing for old folks get to enjoy now as sit here at reception desk.
2023-01-01 - Happy New Year
2022-12-31 - I had my "AH HA" moment and kinda get my kids anger. YEAH I suppose warranted.
2022-12-31 - Mini vaca coming up
2022-12-30 - Chilling escaping cause I am just plain tired now. Emotionally drained. Heard again how AWFUL I am from the youngest.
2022-12-30 - So much for family game time. It was typical drama instead.
2022-12-29 - Working a couple hours then the family fun! Found the game to play for this year! ( That is our tradition)
2022-12-29 - Good enough- The simple practical gifts
2022-12-26 - Well, got some work done today. That was something anyway. Of course It was 4pm when finished.
2022-12-26 - Nice relaxing AM. Now to get to work.
2022-12-26 - Loved
2022-12-24 - I am feeling relaxed as almost ready. FEEL ready and confident can GET IT DONE and have house in order!!
2022-12-22 - Back to work after today's writing break
2022-12-21 - AH an improvement! Progress-- I will celebrate it as it will help SOMEONE
2022-12-21 - I with the kids were like elves and would just decorate the living room and clean it up. I want to emerge to find it done!! There is a tree needing to be assembled. That is a puzzle they might like.
2022-12-20 - Good News! Another random grant from my PAST work on the Community Foundation relationship maintained.
2022-12-20 - NO other work today. Thankful for that actually.
2022-12-20 - OK so much for my rush GET IT DONE only the first coat on ceiling. It will sand off and will make FINAL pretty!
2022-12-20 - OK said NO to the retainer check for this year.
2022-12-19 - AH and my plans just changed like that. So much for NOT being a workaholic. But I may as well go in if can.
2022-12-19 - This makes post office line an easy wait.
2022-12-19 - Covid freaking high now. 14.5 positive PCR last checked. I am masking at home to protect fam.
2022-12-17 - Feel better today than did the past few for sure! Have energy at least!
2022-12-16 - AH Now time for meditaiton
2022-12-16 - More information on endometrial hyperplasia HMM Apparently it is RARE
2022-12-16 - Headache still persists!
2022-12-15 - Happy talked to my guy. I guess needed that - for my emotional need in this relationship.
2022-12-15 - My energy is SUPER LOW Today unfortunately. DAY OF REST so needed for me ( for most part!)
2022-12-15 - Morning rambles
2022-12-14 - YEAH Delta Dental covers 90% cost of Wisdom Teeth pull for kid!
2022-12-12 - Got some things done today at least! Even if while in PJS in my bed all AM while doing them.
2022-12-10 - Listening to the Met The Hours Renee Fleming friend of a acquaintance of mine so it caught my ear that she is signing in it
2022-12-09 - HA HA my favorite dress is on Firefly Lane! Should not be surprised- last season I saw some of my wardrobe too!
2022-12-09 - Today's drive was not peaceful 4 me despite landscape in foothills of these Blue Ridges at sunset
2022-12-09 - OOps I did not get the memo- Event was canceled
2022-12-09 - Freaking neo nazi teens WTF
2022-12-09 - Looking to see if any other OPTIONs. And this family SUCKS at acting difficult even when they want help ( or need help) SO fucking stubborn and oppositionally defiant even when HELPING THEM.SWEAR it is a GENE
2022-12-09 - YEAH the oral surgeon can fit the kid in this month!
2022-12-09 - Party! (Again. The one last night really was business development and yes it was fun and yes I made a good professional contact.)
2022-12-09 - Onto the medical scheduling calls. Did try yesterday but after doing work stuff it was already 4pm!! OFFICES closed!!
2022-12-08 - GEEKING OUT ON SHAREPOINT AND WORD issues for a moment.
2022-12-07 - Griefcat's song Cryptobro
2022-12-07 - YES I do still want a full time job. I had to reassess. I can manage it AND my clients.
2022-12-07 - Did confirm I was dissed ... intentionally. But I don't care. Not my issue. IN GOOD News the Arts org did get a GRANT AWARDED due to my PAST work! WHOO HOO
2022-12-07 - Laughed at first- NO Dr. in 25 miles takes the Medicaid Policy I was awarded. I CAN CHANGE IT
2022-12-06 - VEC communication done for today. De Ja Vu
2022-12-06 - It's already NOON? How the hell does that happen when I write?? (or do anything.)
2022-12-05 - Today was a Great Day for my Consulting Company! Just like that new client and work came in from the existing one.
2022-12-05 - Monday is technically my day off ( I did work the last few!)
2022-12-03 - Just a break while fixing the living room ceiling
2022-12-03 - Apple TV DEAL Thankfully good til JULY 2023 Maybe will be ready for subscription then. (NOT NOW)
2022-12-01 - Hope to land more work soon! I just about gave up on VEC... honestly my user no longer exists in their system. SMhh...
2022-11-28 - Collaboration necessary for growth
2022-11-28 - DARN its not full time saw posting for my PT job part time casual It was in error.
2022-11-28 - Todays remining action item ( job hunted a bit already)
2022-11-25 - Whew Found my Laptop. It was driving me crazy when it was missing today.
2022-11-24 - DARN Still have a problem with the one outlet Something to do with grounding (not being grounded?)
2022-11-23 - Harvard study on trauma and TBI from domestic violence.
2022-11-23 - Time to wake the one teen! Think my music did not do it.
2022-11-22 - YEAH Plumber here Friday
2022-11-22 - House fix it
2022-11-21 - Happy whole family doing laundry.
2022-11-21 - At least the pressure regulator now being fixed.
2022-11-21 - Resource for parents /family with autistic young adults/teens
2022-11-21 - One kid told me applied to a college. It is on the West Coast. Can't make it easier? In a day drive?
2022-11-20 - Church on line this AM. Just chilling in my PJs in bed
2022-11-19 - YEAH My kids rocked getting their FAFSA forms completed! Set the record for earliest submission in our FAM EVER
2022-11-18 - Fun connecting with some Buffalo peeps ( Radio Station alumni Covid inspired Zoom Gatherers- Three years of connecting on Friday nights on line)
2022-11-18 - Fucker so selfish cares more about his money than his kid. SO CLEAR
2022-11-18 - VEC fun....again
2022-11-18 - YEAH my kid's medical care will be covered!
2022-11-18 - Plumbing Job #2 In Queue- running toilet
2022-11-17 - Hot Water Again!
2022-11-16 - Off for a walk in the woods with my friend
2022-11-15 - Plumber did not show up
2022-11-15 - If I need a new car I want a hybrid.
2022-11-15 - What the hell? I basically have been waiting for the plumber. Not here
2022-11-15 - Did not find either of those two misplaced papers yet!! BUT got to call the Drs. to schedule .
2022-11-15 - Store your Guns OutSIDE your home
2022-11-15 - My to do for the day. Yesterday job hunted. Today make medical appts goal.
2022-11-14 - So good to visit with my friend.
2022-11-14 - -
2022-11-12 - Anecdotally - After hurricane, city neighborhoods with older mature TREES fared best.
2022-11-12 - Not sure what to do tonight on this quiet Sat. Guitar? Book? TV? Just chilling after supper.
2022-11-10 - Foundation is home/family just now
2022-11-10 - YEAH Medicaid cards arrived and my kid can get the medicine that should help their health!
2022-11-10 - YEAH Medicaid Cards just arrived!
2022-11-10 - quick meditation then interview.
2022-11-10 - WTF? The time is CORRECT On my device now. Was WRONG just a few minutes ago when wrote. I touched nothing but for posting my entry.
2022-11-10 - Now to fix the time on this computer and get dressed. NIX the shower.
2022-11-09 - FINALLY expect a plumber to REALLY Come to fix the water heater.
2022-11-09 - OK I wrote too long STILL even when writing about how have to STOP writing too long... is this a Diaryland addiction? Once start writing can't stop?
2022-11-08 - a knowing
2022-11-08 - What a lovely day! Working !!! YEAH
2022-11-07 - STILL NO HOT WATER HEATER and turns out The plumber assigned apparently trying to not fix it.
2022-11-04 - Bummer the main specialist for my kid does not take our insurance.
2022-11-03 - -
2022-11-03 - Not sure why stayed up so late!!
2022-11-02 - Water heater leaking AND a running toilet. Good thing did not pay all bills off yet- as need to fix house issues FIRST as priority!
2022-11-02 - Water heater now leaking. AND LEARNED SHOULD SERVICE WATER HEATERS ONCE A YEAR!! !WOW News to me!! $49 to flush sediment and check pressure relief valve
2022-11-02 - This time the call was quick. To fix my bill being RAISED
2022-10-30 - Was a Nice weekend overall 🙂 Tue AM plumber here soon!
2022-10-31 - CRAP I pulled out a sweater and of course was itchy as hell AGAIN.
2022-10-31 - Fun day to be at work at the retirement community. And Random Wedding Etinquitte video
2022-10-29 - Was fast asleep hours ago! Now back to bed.
2022-10-29 - Back to sleep
2022-10-27 - Chill Day of job hunting, reading, rest for most part.
2022-10-26 - Naps are a great benefit of unemployment!
2022-10-25 - Bill paying stressful when can't REALLY Pay them all but just partial payments to keep track of.
2022-10-25 - IRS backlog now down to 5.1 million unprocessed from 2021 and prior years' corrected resubmiited returns.
2022-10-25 - AH I think I know EXACTLY When I was bumped from VEC site. I think it was a SYSTEM DESIGN PROBLEM
2022-10-25 - YEAH one weekly CLaim filed! NOW onto dealing with medical bills today.
2022-10-25 - "Thank you for your patience" was making me LAUGH when on VEC calls. This AM reading that actually makes me angry. Honestly it lands like sarcastic just now emotionally. MAINLY CAUSE GOT ANOTHER LETTER ASKING ABOUT my "Employment" I have REPORTED all emp
2022-10-24 - Acessibility is oft overlooked; One day to get it right is Election Day!
2022-10-24 - Gotta knew when to GET IT DONE
2022-10-24 - Get out and vote please
2022-10-24 - Off to an event. Rambled just killing time I guess this AM.
2022-10-22 - AH Now I understand why folks roll over to IRAs instead of employer run 401Ks!
2022-10-21 - All for certain use of AI and blockchain etc. But not for behavioral evals in prehiring!
2022-10-21 - Dang my phone just showed reminder for a 6om event! FORGOT about it!!
2022-10-21 - Today just a chill day at home in the end.
2022-10-21 - 🎃 The VEC person said unlocked my account and reactivated it! Still no claim filed for past couple of weeks but progress
2022-10-21 - I reused coffee grounds and so far so good! Worked OK
2022-10-20 - Same first name, really?
2022-10-20 - VEC just makes me laugh at this point. Tried again this AM between shuttling kids to Dr. Appts.
2022-10-19 - CONFIRMED VEC WAS HACKED! Sheesh no wonder I can't file my weekly claim.
2022-10-19 - Taking each next step. Even when some are steps taken before.
2022-10-19 - Nice space for job hunting at least. Quiet here ... the mayor meeting was not too distracting but encouraging!
2022-10-19 - Again YEAH got some shit done Now onto job hunting. And heard the inspiring ACTUAL work of a TRUE public servant.
2022-10-19 - Thank God for Public Servants who REALLY DO the work to help folks!! HEARING it happen real time.
2022-10-19 - Off to kill this day!
2022-10-17 - Edited a piece that really needed editing!
2022-10-17 - YEAH OFFER Came in for consulting client!
2022-10-16 - The beauty overwhelming
2022-10-16 - Do you know Terence Blanchard? You should! ( I know I kinda live under a rock so to speak as far as my ignorance of pop culture sometimes!)
2022-10-15 - Getting ready (HOPE it is not cold out!! have to check weather as packing picnic lunch.
2022-10-14 - YEAH told an offer letter coming next week!!
2022-10-12 - Hired Tech Support for my company! A GREAT investment!
2022-10-12 - WTF?
2022-10-11 - Film Festival Volunteer
2022-10-10 - Day of rest!
2022-10-08 - Perhaps premium unavailable is actually efficient review for medical help
2022-10-08 - Happy to have volunteer work today that will be fun.
2022-10-07 - Its hypocritical to act like you are holier than thou and sanctimonious when won't support your own kids.
2022-10-06 - KEY IS start moving... then stuff happens. ; )
2022-10-06 - Life is good overall
2022-10-04 - It was a productive Day! NO PAINTING DONE- but will make some dinner THEN maybe get it done!
2022-10-04 - Focusing on connecting and being fully present where I live.
2022-10-03 - OOPS yesterday someone called out and they tried to call me into work at retirement community in afternoon! I was napping! Did not see msg or listen to voicemail til today. Ce la vie...
2022-10-03 - Progress; and good thing blue highlights in hair is a thing
2022-10-03 - OK have to go run my errands. Enough procrastination. Was hoping the checks depositied and ACH bills would all be cleared BEFORE going to store again.. but gotta get this done.
2022-09-30 - Just a chill weekend. Gave up on finishing painting before moving final bits of funiture.
2022-09-29 - Painting not yet done.Tomorrow will get it done I hope! *WE forgot to buy that blue painters tape!!
2022-09-28 - HA two more cans of deck paint discovered when looking for the spackle and primer for kid's room.
2022-09-28 - Removing the college mail we plastered a wall with. Slogans like "Bound and Determined" "Set yourself up for long-term success" "Heart and Soul" "We deliver world changers"
2022-09-27 - Yeah I have a tenant! My buddy who was out of work ( who will do work for my company if I find a good fit for him) DID Land a short term project! YEAH for him!!
2022-09-27 - Did the wonky recorded behavioral interview. SURPRISED a Disclaimer said "AI will not be used" . SO perhaps my assumptions were wrong and not an AI analysis? Got that done yesterday but not excited by that job. My gut says NO- Thankfully have oppo
2022-09-24 - Crap I have a mild cold today. Hoped was allergies but nah It is not disappearing but getting more obvious.
2022-09-24 - Quiet Sat morning at home. I love mornings like this.
2022-09-23 - AI algoritims reading body language and interperting are something we SHOULD find scary!!
2022-09-23 - Unemployment process truly is laughable
2022-09-23 - Claim said to have been filed.
2022-09-23 - This VEC site is unbelievable
2022-09-23 - So on VEC attempt what is it #8 or 9 from two weeks ago? Apparently STILL did not go through.
2022-09-23 - Its not just Millenials demanding work life balance. .We ALL SHOULD
2022-09-23 - Found a lovely blog
2022-09-22 - OH yeah.. have a tiny bit of work to do before bed! (no pd work.. but VEC claim filing! yes... again. I finished from TWO weeks ago and have last week's still!
2022-09-21 - Beautiful Beach Day only saw three other people on the beach all day long!
2022-09-20 - Off to get PCR Test. Feeling quite well but for frustration that The VEC claim STILL not filed for past 2 weeks.
2022-09-20 - Morning Vent- cause quiet day and nothing to worry about but this thankfully! LOVELY OUT this AM!
2022-09-19 - Scheduled a COVID Test for tomorrow *( no more symptoms- should have done last week or a week and a half ago)
2022-09-19 - OK I am going to run. Just committed mentally to the MCM 10K ( if not too late!)
2022-09-19 - This recruiter herself rocks living the life! Her sign off is Aloha!
2022-09-18 - Thinking of my old friends tonight.
2022-09-17 - Beautiful Saturday
2022-09-15 - Reminder if not employed by OCT 15th CANCEL NETFLIX
2022-09-15 - This weekend GOAL: Get rid of more of MY Stuff from MY Closet.
2022-09-14 - The house is really so clean now- even the kitchen area! I LOVE it when decluttered. VERY Peaceful feeling to me.
2022-09-13 - Today I will write and practice guitar
2022-09-12 - So Buffalo guy in ER tonight with intense vertigo. Hope gets resolved soon!
2022-09-12 - We all made it through the funeral of the beautiful but troubled daughter of my friend.
2022-09-12 - Finished writing started yesterday when battery died!
2022-09-07 - Pushing myself to get ONE thing done now. Its been a non productive day.
2022-09-07 - Still so exhausted but at least do not have COVID ( according to the at home test)
2022-09-07 - Progress is slow. But it is still progress, right? And do you know about Quiverfull? I did not!
2022-09-07 - Today have to get the final moving of stuff and cleaning of living room/kichen DONE. HAVE TO show this rental space!!!
2022-09-06 - VA House Bill 1429 as passed
2022-09-06 - Filed OCR Complaint for the Denial of coverage of my kids bloodwork based on TRANS identity
2022-09-06 - Break to laugh at what I actually DID get done today. STILL will work on the list! DAMN I may be up late tonight once I really get into it.
2022-09-06 - WHEW Mortgage payment cleared!! Thank God
2022-09-06 - Skis and skates and sports equiptment in attic can go. It has not been used in years!!
2022-09-06 - OK; still on ITEM #1 of my TO DO. But revised it. That is now item 1 and 3 (HA it was #1 but in process added one more item to sandwich in between doing it)
2022-09-06 - Ready to attack this day
2022-09-05 - Needed to rest today. Seriously-needed the whole day of rest. Had ZERO energy it felt like!!
2022-09-04 - I really do have today off! It just feels weird in a way! Checked to be sure not mistaken!
2022-09-02 - Phase of fixing house stuff.
2022-08-30 - Can't wait to sleep and tomorrow start the day anew
2022-08-30 - De cluttering and tossing out what I can! NEED to make space.
2022-08-30 - My to do. Was job hunting so just writing here on computer as think it through
2022-08-30 - Another liscensed driver in the house! And my friend lost her 2nd daughter. JUST HEARTBROKEN
2022-08-29 - Never did get my bike ride in. Maybe tomorrow. BUT I did enjoy a run instead and relieved I CAN RUN!
2022-08-27 - Those ice cubes
2022-08-25 - Quiet Thu night after work and Dr. Appt. Misplaced my novel... SIGH...
2022-08-24 - Getting tired Did Job hunt. Applied for three jobs today and made a decent connection for my business who might refer me to her clients.
2022-08-22 - WHEW just don't worry!!
2022-08-22 - Business Development requires talking to strangers! I GOT THIS
2022-08-20 - Listen to Sex With Emily ya'all
2022-08-18 - That darn leg pain came again. Seemingly out of nowhere this time.
2022-08-18 - Was a really quiet relaxing week so far
2022-08-17 - Just wow. Stories of criminizing bad mothers make me sad.
2022-08-17 - The RED FOX is the culprit of all that noise at night!
2022-08-17 - Arts Board meeting tomorrow
2022-08-16 - Today laundry did get done. That was something accomplished at least! ( and job hunting)
2022-08-16 - Today not much happening. But yesterday I wrote and submitted two stories to a journal.
2022-08-10 - Skip the nap; going to chill and read (maybe will doze) after dog walk
2022-08-09 - Voter Supression has been Continuing in Recent years
2022-08-09 - Now to be busy and get it done! Phone call and seeing medical bill in mail distracted!!
2022-08-09 - Today's TO DO
2022-08-08 - Finally got the VEC updated! All weekly claims filed through last Fri so up to date!
2022-08-08 - Keep moving forward! Even if each step is small; it is still progress!
2022-08-07 - Was almost done... but of couse the VEC site BUMPED me again!
2022-08-06 - Tired! Think just going to read my novel while cook. The chore will be done another day. Reading Cutting for Stone.
2022-08-06 - Overcast I hope it does not RAIN now!
2022-08-05 - Went to work at a coffee shop today. Totally was productive and worth it I hope!
2022-08-05 - Another kid in fam thinks is on that autism spectrum. Could be!
2022-08-05 - Devaluing of Labor has been the trend the last 20 yrs and is not changing.
2022-08-04 - I suppose yesterday I really just NEEDED that day of rest. Just kinda was brainstorming ! TODAY doing the budget ( finally)
2022-08-04 - Just some further rambling morning pages.
2022-08-03 - Priorities list to get done now... its getting late !!
2022-08-03 - DAMN mid day nap time I just can't help it on summer days with no AC After a sandwich!
2022-08-03 - Sucks being kinda poor
2022-08-01 - Goodnight- luxury of going to bed early!! YEAH will not be interrupted!!
2022-07-30 - Fantastic date! Seinfeld was chill
2022-07-29 - Update on project quickly clean house. Give up on finishing. So prioritizing kinda like triage
2022-07-29 - Update on project quickly clean house. Give up on finishing. So prioritizing kinda like triage
2022-07-29 - Update on project quickly clean house. Give up on finishing. So prioritizing kinda like triage
2022-07-29 - I have to say yes to work tomorrow!!
2022-07-29 - I came inside for a break after porch painting PERFECT timing to get call for interview.
2022-07-29 - Hell I may get my room cleaned but may not. WIll try- writing seemed more of a need for ME this AM as it is my meditation
2022-07-28 - Clear the Decks!
2022-07-28 - Met the HOA Manager He was actually a nice fellow ( Hey everyone just doing their jobs. BE kind to the enforcers.)
2022-07-27 - Hell locked out AGAIN!! SO annoying
2022-07-27 - VEC site a PIA have paperwork there to complete for my claim!
2022-07-27 - EEK I am sure I drove the business operations and Benefits person at PT job nuts...
2022-07-27 - A couple good interiews and one kid got a job! YEAH POSITIVE MOMENTUM! Getting shit done today!
2022-07-26 - Morning page- Took a covid test NEG cause have a headache (rare) but do feel dehydrated. Drank Liquid IV
2022-07-25 - rambles
2022-07-25 - Noise of some critter in my bathroom!!
2022-07-25 - Enjoy being single; and the weird tender dream!
2022-07-22 - I do like the work I do. I KNOW I am good at it!
2022-07-22 - Best laid plans
2022-07-22 - Quick morning page Then Deck Job!!
2022-07-21 - Was a nice day!
2022-07-21 - YEAH I actually got a direct deposit from part time job!
2022-07-20 - I found a gov role I would like in a city I enjoy!! Will try for any possibility
2022-07-20 - IRS update- they are working to get through the 11.2 million UNPROCESSED CLAIMS! DAMN
2022-07-20 - Realized today how much I enjoy MY TIME in the mornings at home
2022-07-19 - YEAH got a VA Unemployment rep on the phone to help me!
2022-07-19 - Calling the unemployment office as once again the filing online a failure (I tried yesterday too!)
2022-07-19 - Heck even I avoid going out sometimes! HA HA ( right now cause trying to conserve gas.)
2022-07-19 - Slow day and glad actually not working today. Feels like need day of rest!
2022-07-18 - I don't understand why any money earned reduces unemployment benefits. When the amt is so much lower than what HAD been earning already!
2022-07-17 - DAMN 19yr old checked allergy test results. I had not realized they had not looked at the lab results before !!
2022-07-13 - Today a bit of actual work ( very little already done!) And then with NEW Company the 1099 for first client (old employer)!
2022-07-12 - Tomorrow is another day. To bed now.
2022-07-11 - Transition questions for my boss
2022-07-11 - Found what was the outstanding unpaid medical bill discovered and paid last week!
2022-07-11 - Nice day overall; but busy. Dr appt, store, pharmacy; therefore, house still a mess!
2022-07-11 - Awesome ADHD coach oh and rethinking hosting my friend a former lover. Can one go back to just friends comfortably? OR do old patterns get hard to break when close together?
2022-07-10 - So little actually DONE today!
2022-07-10 - YEAH motivation to house clean. I really think needed an external motivator.
2022-07-09 - UGH I HATE those HR systems where you not only upload a resume but have to TYPE IN ALL THE SAME INFO!!
2022-07-09 - Not done writing... just one more thing!! ( or two more...ACTION ITEM- Reach out to THIS former coworker)
2022-07-09 - This morning the something I did was just write. Guitar practice next. I GET IT REST and RECHARGE are sometimes what one needs BUT come on now- NOT EVERY DAY without Change! That is ATROPHY
2022-07-07 - Just had job idea for my gap fill. Will see
2022-07-06 - I caved and listened to Art's messages. BUT I did not call him.
2022-07-06 - A good morning!
2022-07-05 - Happy to have supportive friends
2022-07-04 - Progress Good to look at past entry to see how much we all have grown!
2022-07-04 - Letting Go knowing what is not serving me is OK to walk away from.
2022-07-03 - Just killing time writing and reading before go meet a friend for a walk today.
2022-07-02 - Glad getting house in order!!
2022-07-02 - Find and Watch Beasts of the Southern Wild if you have not seen it yet! BEAUTIFUL FILM
2022-06-30 - It's all your purpose. YES!
2022-06-30 - Happy did get to work today and humbled myself to ask Dad for help!
2022-06-30 - I actually do love job hunting once get into it. NOTHING More exciting than new possibilities for growth in my book.
2022-06-30 - I decided Full time may be my best option now. Cause I am not going to pull from 401K!!! (UNLESS NO CHOICE)
2022-06-29 - Bedtime- I binged watched Greys Anatomy tonight ( OK two episodes only but that is a binge for me!)
2022-06-29 - YEAH fixed my web site issue for contacts!
2022-06-29 - Losing a job sucks
2022-06-29 - I am being fired. (Technically) but offered transition to 1099
2022-06-28 - ONe last thing not mentioned. STILL Need to wash comforter as itchy Poison ivy just flared up again as I write while laying on my bed.
2022-06-28 - I just started therapy a few weeks ago but FORGOT my appt today!! DARN
2022-06-26 - Poison Ivy has never fully gone away yet.
2022-06-26 - Should have practiced guitar! Did not yet...
2022-06-26 - Joy of the pianist after dinner at work. She has dementia but plays beautifully.
2022-06-26 - REALLY??? Darn just don't show up unannounced.
2022-06-26 - Happy Sunday Church on line today as still in PJS with my coffee.
2022-06-25 - Interesting to learn more about attachment and what was going wrong FOR ME in the relationship
2022-06-23 - Think done unpacking this- I just want , someday, in time... openness to possibility of a HEALTHY romantic long term partnership
2022-06-23 - Be discipined and self directed and don't be freaking lazy.
2022-06-22 - Use your anger for good. Today I wrote a letter to support a grievance for a denial of coverage to our Insurance Company.
2022-06-21 - Just NO!
2022-06-20 - Happy Juneteenth
2022-06-19 - YEAH CANADA declaring failure to use person's pronouns a human rights offense. YES IT IS ABUSE WHENEVER YOU ARE INVALIDATING A PERSON
2022-06-18 - Writing tonight as it's cool and comfortable and quiet just being with my teen.
2022-06-18 - Alot to do today... kinda want to go hit zumba too. Not likely as already late and baking priority ( Maybe hit the last half of it if bake quickly?)
2022-06-17 - brunch and nap instead of the late lunch and afternoon rest. Will see how this works for me today...a change of routine.
2022-06-17 - OH when it rains I swear my neighborhood smells like CAT PISS So weird No CLEAN after rain smell
2022-06-16 - Sat night I might be able to leave my cacoon. Honestly, I want to hunker down at home!
2022-06-15 - last time I set up electronic auto pay it was LATE by days (set up via mortgage company- slow transaction); this time is was EARLY Messed my accounting up!
2022-06-13 - Art traveling. I actually miss him. (That is new for me)
2022-06-10 - Graduate #2 in transition. Graduate #1 with masters reports enjoying new job!
2022-06-09 - Thankful all are well!!
2022-06-08 - Talked to my guy friend in Buffalo and it was a nice conversation.
2022-06-07 - I started therapy. Its been YEARS since saw a counselor for me!
2022-06-06 - Interesting random pop up today
2022-06-04 - -Today I enjoyed an early morning walk and then lovely brunch before home.
2022-06-03 - Oops ADHD moment of the week
2022-06-02 - AH Recent events I don't want to write about make me think THERAPY a good idea! Cause I am not going to get sucked into crazymakers or drama when no need to disrupt my peace of mind.
2022-05-26 - After this dump thankful the dog insists on a needed walk!
2022-05-26 - Morning ramble TIRED TODAY! and work is slow.
2022-05-24 - Maybe effective change will come?
2022-05-23 - why did I attract a narcissist in the first place?
2022-05-22 - What? AGAIN no refill on my script?? and other substandard healthcare. DID YOU KNOW THE U.S. has one of the LOWEST mortality rates for MOTHERHOOD?
2022-05-22 - Beautiful weekend.
2022-05-17 - Lungs hurt
2022-05-14 - Busy two weeks with family. Then time with Art. Magical
2022-05-13 - Enabling? He'll no
2022-05-07 - Grief
2022-05-02 - why the leak?? Who does it serve?
2022-05-01 - Happy Sunday
2022-04-29 - Zoc Doc Rocks
2022-04-28 - YEAH two Bleeding Heart plants survived winter
2022-04-24 - Scattering wildflower seeds
2022-04-23 - OK Going to ZUMBA I just committed when could have blown it off. IT WILL ENERGIZE ME.... when laying back in bed after chores easy to deceive self otherwise.
2022-04-22 - Happy nice weather in forecast for tomorrow
2022-04-22 - Something found cleaning reminded of my friend. Oh yeah...candle he gave me at Christmas. He had a few duplicates of same gift for others...hint he was not into ME in the particular I thought 🤔 at the time and I clearly was accurate in knowing that the
2022-04-22 - Update. Pricing Heat Pumps
2022-04-20 - PRESENCE in my Priority
2022-04-18 - Spring Cleaning Time
2022-04-15 - This too shall pass
2022-04-12 - Appalachia Woes Just came across this Podcast today. Kinda random But did see Hillbilly Eulogy some months ago
2022-04-12 - The Herpes Alzheimer's connection- VIRUS Connection to Alzheimer's perhaps ( wonder if not only Herpes).
2022-04-11 - Interesting should non disclosure of STIs be a crime?
2022-04-10 - this man... lol ok was doing REALLY WELL Not having him on my mind AT ALL. KNOW he is NOT REALLY INTO ME. but damn it is still fun flirting with him...
2022-04-10 - I could not resist flowers. They are now on my kitchen table.
2022-04-10 - Palm Sunday
2022-04-09 - 2nd PSA for today as on my mind- unplug unused appliances
2022-04-09 - Morning page April Morning
2022-04-08 - Yeah BAND trip
2022-04-07 - Taxes! Have been so good in recent years! Got behind this year
2022-04-03 - Hmm I DID experience anger from frustration recently!
2022-04-02 - Women need to value their WOMEN friends!
2022-03-26 - Dinner and later or tomorrow Lemon Cake
2022-03-22 - Creative energy released. I think we all just want to be able to express and hit that point where we forget ourselves.
2022-03-17 - Fasincating- God's mantra is Don't Look Back and Follow ME and the path I have led you to with obedience.
2022-03-16 - Cheater morning page- cause Where did I put that paper journal and pen? So typing
2022-03-15 - Bummer for former SIL single again; and ran into Mum of my lover ( I never before realized SHE IS AS ADHD as me! It was OBVIOUS this time!)
2022-03-13 - AWED YES AWED by this play I saw AND THE ONE ACTOR! JUST A BRiLLiANT PERFORMANCE!!! (both good but one I will FOLLOW)
2022-03-11 - morning ramble thinking of boundaries and protecting time/energy
2022-03-10 - see where it goes..
2022-03-10 - Bringing eggs to school lol
2022-03-03 - Morning pages ( suppose to be private! Where did the private entry button on interface go? Maybe not on phone mobile view?)
2022-02-12 - Balance of when to push and when to wait... hard to guage but trying FAFSAs done. I CAN"T complete a common app for kids however. That is on them- as well as their final signature and submission of FAFSA!
2022-02-11 - Cleared task list; now can focus on last item.
2022-02-11 - Weird random facts pop up
2022-02-05 - Let's talk about porn
2022-02-05 - Nice Sat. Thinking of sex again unexpectedly- Really it just bubbled up after thinking of other creative projects! NOT EVEN Expected! LOL
2022-01-29 - Let go of work...VALUE SELF
2022-01-29 - Morning Pages written in longhand then this at 2:30am wake up. Back to bed now
2022-01-25 - Let go. I can help in other ways
2022-01-25 - Fun in development phase.
2022-01-18 - Disappointed
2022-01-16 - Sunday morning ramble
2022-01-11 - Silly moment
2022-01-03 - Singing
2022-01-03 - The beauty and surprising reaction from snowy farm landscape pic. It waa really a video walking along carrying SLR made my heart ache
2022-01-02 - I hate dust 🤧 😤 Dust mites are my worst enemy.
2021-12-28 - Working on new business before and after normal work hrs.
2021-12-27 - Did have nice family game night
2021-12-26 - Family trauma like a virus always with you it seems.
2021-12-24 - Christmas Eve and today I read a novel. Yup all day.
2021-12-24 - Desire IS Possibility
2021-12-21 - New Windows! Time to pack up window AC unit as next chore
2021-12-18 - Time to get ready for work. Good morning- brushed dog and some chores done
2021-12-17 - Productive Early Friday AM: Crossed off three items on my TO DO between 4 and 8 AM
2021-12-14 - Planning tomorrow while reflecting on today. DANG it is already AM so this IS official Morning Pages Writing!
2021-12-13 - Ready to focus on music work tonight.
2021-12-12 - Good info on bipolar research
2021-12-12 - Did you know STDs on the fucking rise? I bet not Sex ED has been failing
2021-12-08 - Not sure why felt anxious today after missing a Dr. Appt forgot about! BUT it kicked up anxiety!
2021-12-06 - entry interrupted...power went out... so it was finished abruptly
2021-12-02 - Today had a few ADHD moments... this is the latest.
2021-11-27 - Article reminding me to be mindful to seek input. I don't do that enough.
2021-11-27 - Jung on Love LOVELY To listen to !! So amazingly insightful
2021-11-27 - Nice quiet weekend
2021-11-26 - Life has twists and turns I swear I could never make up if I imagined. Never know where the path will lead!
2021-11-24 - Off to the races... so it feels like.... racing against a missed deadline to market an event happening soon
2021-11-22 - Today will start to learn a Pretenders tune ( forget the name of it- but only three chords! I GOT THIS)
2021-11-17 - One found phone!!
2021-11-17 - Morning Pages After ALL! LOL once I start I get on a roll so easily
2021-11-17 - SHIT realized one other person may have been here before phone missing
2021-11-16 - Dinner plans with Friend- of course I forgot about another commitment when made them!
2021-11-16 - Incredible Joy of Naturalization juxtaposed with just having watching Sanctuary NYTheater workshop
2021-11-15 - Morning Pages
2021-11-14 - Writing Morning Prayers
2021-11-13 - I want to dine in the trees; and thoughts on the nature of true love ( what are the connections between those two things?)
2021-11-12 - Goodnight kiss
2021-11-08 - I give up on finding my work phone. Ordered a new one
2021-11-05 - Morning PAGES Need to get this out there in the universe. COMPANY OWNERS- ADDRESS EVERY ACCOMODATION REQUEST DON"T WAIT OR YOU ARE A SITTING DUCK!!
2021-11-01 - The 19 yr old started school again last week!!
2021-10-27 - Interesting article highlights increased awareness of CONSENT being MANDATORY AND CLEAR before ANY overture of sexual nature.
2021-10-25 - All good
2021-10-20 - Appreciate Professional Coach keeping me on track with goals!
2021-10-17 - Change
2021-10-17 - Something real?
2021-10-16 - Self Care. Artist Date. Heck weekend...nurturing self weekend
2021-10-09 - SNL NAILED IT
2021-10-09 - Soul connecting
2021-10-08 - Battle woes Agent MIA
2021-10-08 - Not a dream
2021-10-07 - Who will save your soul?
2021-10-06 - Droney! New Virtual Pet
2021-10-06 - Robo Vacuum the BEST THING I Bought !
2021-09-28 - Abelism: When neurotypical people are not very smart and see disabled as less than worthy of same things as others in life; so disabled ALSO SUFFER consequences of OTHER People's STUPIDITY.
2021-09-25 - Long post so jump to the end for the main value here ; )
2021-09-22 - Tonight I am reading a book, A Promised Land before bed. Sorry library I am a slow reader.
2021-09-18 - Darn sprained ankle
2021-09-18 - Wow again....bothered am I?
2021-09-16 - Back to work.... lunch break over.
2021-09-11 - Love the Appalachian Trail! A festival is celebrating it today.
2021-09-08 - Bflo
2021-09-03 - Allyship and Dealing with Abuse (Still) Both exhausting
2021-08-31 - found phone! Whew
2021-08-31 - Just resting Oh Where is my Phone?
2021-08-29 - Sunday morning heading to church
2021-08-27 - Nice Fri afternoon
2021-08-26 - Darn cigarette smoke is gross and I am highly allergic. Itchy eyes, throat đŸ˜Ģ tired
2021-08-23 - 1800 KIA Says NO Coverage for Recall Repair; Says Fulfilled Recall work already. Hmmm... skeptical
2021-08-22 - Whew work # finally on the new phone!
2021-08-22 - Progress may be incremental and slow but will happen!
2021-08-21 - Good timing at least; car trouble when kid who just bought a car is here visiting so she can give me a ride,
2021-08-17 - Was a weirdly frustrating day
2021-08-12 - Abusive teen! and key board being funky just now... weird glitchy Will fix spelling later as I can't edit!! It won't work! cursor bouncing all over
2021-08-12 - Yeah for Marching Band
2021-08-07 - Do not feel guilty spending on me too.
2021-08-07 - Yeah going to an outdoor concert with my book and pen. Date with me, myself and I
2021-08-06 - WOW My kids really believe re-written history; what is disturbing is it is THEIR history.
2021-08-05 - What it comes down to is I don't feel like planning a Buffalo visit soon. Its WAY TOO SOON and not feeling it in this relationship.
2021-08-03 - Freeport Texas will never be on my bucket list of places to visit
2021-08-02 - A commitment ! AH
2021-08-01 - Disillusionment and Disappointment can be painful- prayers for Marine family today.
2021-07-31 - Off to work again... so happy don't have to do this two job thing EVERY DAY as my norm anymore. It is exhausting.
2021-07-30 - Prayers for injured Marine recruit please
2021-07-30 - Up too late !! Ugh!!
2021-07-25 - Just had a freaking great idea I think. Weirdly also realized my horoscope said great time for business partnership... hmmm
2021-07-21 - Happy Birthday ( maybe? I hope can't tell as happiness was not expressed)
2021-07-19 - Vent in ramble and then back to work
2021-07-18 - One last vent... as it is bothering me... HA HA MY Trigger ( so maybe some truth?)
2021-07-16 - Can we just call Frat boys Karens toos? I think the knickname fits. Let's make KAREN gender neutral
2021-07-12 - Seemingly right leaning friends. Try to understand them but also try to get them to undertand a different pective.
2021-07-01 - Ideas....
2021-06-28 - -
2021-06-28 - Spring Cleaning has been taking me half the summer. ALMOST purged dresser and closet of old stuff.
2021-06-27 - -
2021-06-26 - WE have an AC unit thankfully as whole house AC is broken.
2021-06-26 - WE have an AC unit thankfully as whole house AC is broken.
2021-06-25 - Travel finally happening again! YEAH I will have company soon.
2021-06-23 - Wow Does "Let us teach our kids our values" REALLY MEAN: I want to continue to teach White Supremacy?
2021-06-22 - The Three of Pentacles My Soul Mate Art
2021-06-21 - YEAH Travel is feasible again! This time kids are older and responsible for the dog too!
2021-06-19 - Art Class. My kid painted lovely Genshin Impact scenescape
2021-06-18 - Rocking my TO DO (thanks Prednisone!)
2021-06-13 - I am on a mission today of Living Room Re-claiming and Cleaning
2021-06-13 - Morning Pages Lovely temperate June Morning with Cicadas chirping as windows open.
2021-06-10 - Luigi's or Lindy's?
2021-06-08 - Summer is here, and so is Poison Ivy! ( So avoidable if one pays attention.)
2021-06-01 - Tue new month, new day and feeling renewed
2021-05-31 - Home and need to just hang with my offspring this afternoon. JUST BEING PRESENT
2021-05-31 - YES! What a gift the day was.
2021-05-26 - To bed!! UGH up too late but wanted to capture Life Coaching Session as it was so cool.
2021-05-26 - I am good at time management! When I make it a priority with intention.
2021-05-25 - Joy of not working full time. TIME!!!
2021-05-22 - Morning Pages
2021-05-17 - Guess I just needed to write to relax tonight.
2021-05-17 - Rest Mode... still...
2021-05-16 - Self Fulfilling Prophesy "I Can't
2021-05-09 - CLICK HERE IF you have a car!! REALLY JUST DO IT!
2021-05-07 - Where is your vaccine records? DON'T LAMINATE ( ink can be destroyed)- BUT keep in safe place. ( And remember where that is!)
2021-04-26 - Mid day break
2021-04-25 - We are a part of those who came before us. Time to acknowledge ALL of them with gratitude.
2021-04-24 - Day by Day
2021-04-23 - Adulting not yet happening here but for me.
2021-04-14 - The good days outweigh the bad moments in my career thankfully!
2021-04-14 - Lying is NOT a viable negotiation tactic folks. Saying something is so does not make it REALLY So.
2021-04-13 - Medical stuff. Hope medical insurance not costing more than procedures will themselves. Paying out of pocket might be way to go for some folks.
2021-04-04 - The rest of numerology free report
2021-04-03 - Numerology Life Path #9 - not really into numerology, but it is interesting and fun.
2021-04-03 - sat morn page ramble
2021-04-01 - Do you recall 1992 LA real riots?
2021-03-29 - Hacked or Victim of Internet Violence or RACISM? Who YOU gonna call? Try FBI
2021-03-24 - Random rant of how to settle a debt in full after unemployment insurance vent. I give up on the unemployment insurance!
2021-03-24 - Spring here! My dog is excited about this
2021-03-20/21 - RANT!!
2021-03-15 - Got my marketing campaign rolling! YEAH
2021-03-12 - Give Choose Campaign going strong!
2021-03-09 - Go kill YOUR DAY!m
2021-03-08 - Where is the darn cell phone?? I unplugged to bring upstairs before bed but somehow misplaced it! Sheesh....
2021-03-07 - The Kiss
2021-03-05 - Today's Morning Rambles on the VALUE OF GOOD KISS , sex and love
2021-03-04 - Zen Be It
2021-02-24 - Did you know if a W2 employee home office NOT deduction?
2021-02-16 - Be yourself
2021-02-13 - I often wondered what it would be like to live in a Catholic Worker community. Hmmm much like my home?
2021-02-03 - All I want is a letter...
2021-01-28 - Fortune Cookie yesterday said: " You would make a good lawyer"
2021-01-26 - #s up for Students taking lessons, classes, following dreams while home during Pandemic.
2021-01-23 - Be Yourself, even when it is hard!
2021-01-15 - Change is painfully slow sometimes
2021-01-06 - Development Job!
2020-12-30 - House Project time, and creative project time.
2020-12-22 - Plumbing again
2020-12-15 - The Artist's Way
2020-12-11 - Christmas decorating time!
2020-12-10 - WHEW Met this week's goals
2020-12-09 - Today I have to go in public and avoided it...til now.
2020-12-08 - Allowing self to create
2020-11-15 - So loved my job for seven months. What the heck happened? Oh yeah a merger and workers dropping like flies in RIF
2020-10-28 - Cell phone works! Felt so weird to talk into it as its been solely small personal computer for months.
2020-10-27 - Thinking of college when I gently let a young lady know her beau (fiance) was a known user of needles and junk. She was in fact cluess and someone had to tell her.
2020-10-16 - Don't want to take your blood! Whomever you kind donor may be.
2020-10-11 - Maybe Art will create art?
2020-09-26 - Sat morn my time of rest. I just need it.
2020-09-19 - I'LL BE DARNED!
2020-08-22 - Need eggs?
2020-08-09 - I love trail running
2020-07-18 - Bummer sore throat
2020-07-17 - Long day...
2020-07-14 - No small thing; Everything working for.
2020-07-12 - Just you wait.
2020-07-11 - Dr. FAUCI A good walking companion
2020-06-22 - 10 yrs...crazy
2020-06-14 - Day of rest
2020-06-12 - #Sayhisname
2020-06-06 - Neighborhood Don't Shoot Brown Strangers who are Neighbors you just don't know yet.
2020-05-27 - Tired of Emotional Sluts
2020-05-26 - Taxes filed! Started in Jan
2020-05-25 - Yes! Avoided having to upgrade phone or pay for a plan. Pay as you Go suits me fine.
2020-05-22 - -
2020-05-07 - -
2020-05-02 - Its about time! My date finally stopped holding back.
2020-04-29 - Court update: faulty or improper equiptment rather than speeding
2020-04-28 - Guardians of our world protect, except when they dont.
2020-04-18 - Support Indie Booksellers *be better than me please
2020-03-28 - Love in time of Covid
2020-03-21 - ASTHMA as a measure of the man
2020-02-15 - Ah. Scroll for SAVE button...what a good idea!
2020-01-18 - JOB update
2019-12-09 - Tomorrow I start new job
2019-12-06 - Good Day! I am employed again!
2019-12-03 - No Shit Sherlock
2019-12-01 - Hope to not be unemployed much longer.
2019-12-01 - Clarity I am pretty good at not being deceived and falling for BS.
2019-11-28 - Sigh...I've got a crush on you; and you are not available!
2019-11-20 - Not in school ??? Really?
2019-11-20 - Child #5 Raitlin I think old psudoname? Or was it Alexy?....I forget, but got college acceptance letter yet struggling to get to school today.
2019-11-15 - "Those who can do; those who can't teach." - aphorism
2019-11-05 - Job Hunting and Teens
2019-10-14 - Avoid addicts and addictive behavior...that is if u want long term attachment.
2019-09-24 - Still fighting the pests! ( much better but not GONE)
2019-09-23 - Proud MOM!
2019-09-18 - Hmmm. Yes. I have a little crush...
2019-09-10 - Need good routine
2019-08-25 - AHHHH Finally and Psychosomatic?? BS
2019-08-24 - Perhaps signs I needed to spend more time tending to home? Deep cleaning
2019-08-24 - Today's To Do ASAP -Clean Carpet
2019-08-22 - Doing what I can today.I did scrub toilets this far...but resting and trying not to scratch..
2019-08-22 - Emoji Discomfort
2019-08-19 - DARN no health issues UNTIL lose job!
2019-08-13 - "Some Cats Know"
2019-07-28 - Hmmmm?
2019-07-03 - AIR conditioning Broken (sort of. Works but makes mess)
2019-06-16 - Reminder NOT to multitask! Need to be more attentive to one thing at a time.
2019-06-09 - Had blast today reading SAG AFTRA contracts
2019-06-04 - Need Graduation gift
2019-05-29 - There is no forgiveness to seek here! Proud of my Effective Communication!
2019-05-26 - Hand of God
2019-05-25 - Published
2019-05-16 - WHEW Got the essentials done this week! Even communication at work that is at least getting a response.
2019-05-14 - Thank you God for the moment of joy of the super hot flirt! That alone was enough even if he is typical 50s single, never married man.... (suspect by that alone!)
2019-05-13 - Snowflakes? REALLY????
2019-04-28 - Dangerously innovative
2019-04-12 - To bed!!
2019-04-11 - Spectrum Designs
2019-04-02 - Sheesh-- lost the details. **** BUT FOUND THEM!! WHEW!!
2019-03-24 - Thought of Jimmy Carter, the Parlementarian and Quaker Problem Solving
2019-03-18 - Safiya Sinclair
2019-03-10 - "The devil is gone out of thy daugher"
2019-03-08 - Rent a Dad
2019-03-01 - Time of Self Discovery
2019-02-16 - House cleaning caught up!
2019-02-11 - Sheesh on line municipal car taxes I paid show PAST DUE for THREE YEARS!
2019-01-27 - What church is intended to be
2019-01-26 - For young Christian, now dead
2019-01-02 - Ze has no home here Poem in progress..... sad but true state of our small town.
2018-12-12 - More fun horoscope entertainment ! Hey in my budget and makes me laugh
2018-11-10 - Nice Saturday Morn Reading and Days of Deluctible Leftovers
2018-10-28 - MCM Team Supporter this Year Well worth the 4:30AM wake up!
2018-07-07 - EDIT: SCRATCH THIS!! I am going to take that damn exam in VA again. I HAVE to try.
2018-06-19 - Lovely summer day
2018-06-12 - darn my knee literally gave out on me when I got up today THANKFULLY for only a moment
2018-06-08 - POTS swear half our family likely has this too!!! testing ensuing for a few....
2018-05-27 - Watching Movie The Naked Island- Today's day of rest
2018-05-14 - Pic of Pup will come soon! Just not fare made me go overbudget.
2018-05-12 - Jim Limber
2018-05-12 - Baby poet is growing up and coming into her literary own
2018-05-12 - Wisdom Spring Just skip reading the prelude and jump to end of this entry to find out about this AMAZING organization!
2018-05-04 - Arts org rocked this year with marketing Proud !
2018-04-25 - Four Women (Again Thank you Nina)
2018-04-15 - Finally found W2 hard copies!
2018-04-15 - "The music so loud in gym it has made me cry" said by my 17 year old!
2018-04-15 - Lucky !!! As that 5 at a WA WA Store WAS NOT MINE!
2018-04-11 - Respect your teens if you want to teach respect
2018-04-09 - Some day I will find time to watch Season 1 of Game of Thrones
2018-04-04 - Patience and Perseverence
2018-04-01 - Happy Easter
2018-03-29 - Don't play small but learn how to also not be a bull in a china shop.
2018-03-26 - Master leadership Planting seeds so its someone else's idea
2018-03-23 - Dreaming of accounting (I would prefer that were a joke)
2018-03-21 - Bedtime after overall nice day! Only one complaint... teen obsessed with Asian Dramas now
2018-03-21 - Rest
2018-03-17 - We have a dresser to assemble
2018-03-14 - Heres to being brave! Kudos to NON TOXIC PARENTING... which can be hard sometimes.
2018-03-13 - May Soren be in his zone....
2018-03-10 - Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair; So What Does it mean?
2018-03-10 - Self Care.
2018-03-09 - Time to go walk the puppy now that done with decision. NO PMP for me just now!
2018-03-03 - Challenges of Being 2e! LOL
2018-03-02 - Procrastinating maybe?
2018-03-02 - Enjoying unexpected "wind day" so trying to get stuff done have been too busy to do of late!
2018-02-28 - My senior may have settled on her college choice.
2018-02-25 - Priorities call for putting someone else first ESPECIALLY When a parent!
2018-02-19 - Oops Ran a little harder than should after not being out since Jan.
2018-02-18 - Drawn to the dark but try to let in the light ? WHY??
2018-02-17 - Feeling financially stable at least! Working on the rest
2018-02-17 - Never let any child not be seen
2018-02-12 - Progress
2018-02-04 - My first teacher Thinking of him as this music plays
2018-02-04 - Art is the creative energy force of life - and incredible when such moment is captured!
2018-02-04 - ADD Moment
2018-02-03 - Beautiful Evening
2018-01-29 - The space of joy Accept what I can give to best of MY ABILITY ALBEIT IMPERFECT
2018-01-26 - #weareinnovators
2018-01-20 - "Free"
2018-01-15 - Carmen Jimenez Smith
2018-01-14 - Sunday morning
2018-01-13 - Enough
2018-01-09 - Need challenges to keep growing!
2018-01-06 - kumar and the knuckleheads
2018-01-06 - Still Life
2018-01-04 - Car Insurance Necessary evil
2018-01-02 - Happy New Year!
2017-12-30 - So What?
2017-12-01 - Seal Human Being
2017-11-30 - Hearing from old Verizon co-horts. Round of letting go apparently...
2017-11-30 - Soren is a WORKING actor in NYC!! WHOO HOOO!
2017-11-18 - Just don't set yourself on fire
2017-11-12 - Diamanda Galas
2017-11-03 - time for car repair? DOOR and home repairs paid for
2017-10-28 - Kid updates
2017-10-28 - Human survival instinct created the financial collapse
2017-10-10 - Bedtime finally Just needed to reflect a bit more/ EDITS to add on to this THU night-FRI AM ALREADY!
2017-10-10 - Infinately Polar Bear
2017-10-07 - Negative Campaign ADS might end up mobilizing your opposition.
2017-10-05 - On line Wedding Registry search completed!
2017-10-03 - Where is the wedding registry? Past my bedtime !!
2017-09-22 - Thoughts on Girls and family.
2017-09-16 - New fav actor (for the moment) Mark Ruffalo
2017-09-09 - New Job and OLD symptoms not experienced in a while...
2017-09-04 - Grey area is OK by me
2017-09-04 - -
2017-08-09 - art,
2017-07-10 - Go to
07/06/2017 - -
2017-07-02 - Happy 4th of July
2017-06-28 - -
2017-06-26 - Great weekend not time to write about...Was updating arts site and see LAST Months' updates DID NOT TAKE! UGH!!
2017-05-29 - Thoughts on my abuser remarrying Do I WARN HER?? Is it ethical NOT TO?
2017-05-16 - Hacker Girl's Message worth sharing
2017-05-11 - Soren shifted plans and is moving to NY now rather than after the summer!
2017-04-29 - Superstitious _ Hey I gave that ALBUM to Soren for his 21rst BD! HA
2017-04-23 - Nice Spring updates...and darn one bill paid just a bit too late!!
2017-04-04 - I have to get to the pool! I did sign up for a Triathalon Sprint after all!
2017-03-26 - The week I was seen as the one that broke the system AND MASTERED VLOOK UP!
2017-03-11 - Got it Done!
2017-03-06 - VIVE!
2017-02-26 - Cleaning house and thinking of curling ribbon into bows
2017-02-20 - BEAUTIFUL day off work! But I have house chores to tend to
2017-02-06 - Katerina a professional musician. (On tour last summer with rock band so been a pro for a while).
2017-02-02 - February chill
2017-01-09 - Soullive has cheered my up many a time now that I think of it.
2017-01-07 - HE plead Guilty (not surprised he does not lie) and thankfully the court seems to have been just.
2017-01-07 - COSTS OF MENTAL ILLNESS AND ALCOHOLISM Bad Choices do hurt families!!! So does not treating our mentally disabled in our communities.
2017-01-05 - IN PLEA TO NOT INCARCERATE a FATHER Even if he is a Mess at times ; Let him work to support his kid
2016-12-19 - Take the lumps; and move on proudly and boldly proclaim THE RACISM OF OUR HOA MUST STOP Enough already!
2016-11-03 - MCM update ( the start!) Bedtime so will recap the rest another time
2016-11-03 - Magical Writing ! Never know when it will appear or *Poof!* just disappear for a while...
2016-10-06 - Just a test...entries disappear for a bit weird
2016-10-05 - Fall gardening and harvesting
2016-10-04 - IN other news MCM Training going well! 6.2 mile run this AM
2016-07-30 - MCM Training Update
2016-06-05 - Have you found your passion yet? Good luck...
2016-05-30 - I ran my first Half Marathon!
2016-05-26 - YEAH one of the girls genuinely LIKES to run with me!
2016-05-25 - angry depressed kid suspended ANGRY AT SCHOOL Are you REALLY Surprised???
2016-05-24 - SIGH... that is what came out when thinking HOW TO DESCRIBE THIS Writing I didn't name? A BIG SIGH
2016-05-23 - Job applicaiton put in! LOVE Where I work now , but it is temp and IN FINANCIAL SERVICES
2016-05-02 - WOW My memory is in fact decent !
2016-04-28 - -
2016-04-27 - -
2016-04-26 - Hatha Yoga HOPE It helps heal trama ; Denial sure doesn't!
2016-04-09 - A bit overtired
2016-03-23 - What did you do for Spring Break? "Therapy"
2016-03-22 - Good news is today I DID get up and run! This weekend I did as well on Sat, but on Sun wrote poems instead.
2016-02-19 - My best friend is a thief (P.S. and I get PARANOID at time! I found my missing money, it was in my briefcase!)ra paranoid about EVERYTHING!!!)
2016-02-02 - Lovely day!
2016-01-25 - Expungement? I don't think it will serve me or others well in the end! It never TRULY DOES serve anyone well to deny their past
2016-01-24 - This is PTSD for me , in just a BRIEF MOMENT this morning as I woke
2016-01-23 - THE PILE is ALMOST clean!!
2016-01-23 - Sick Woman theory is just SICK In the 80s good sense of the word!
2016-01-01 - Happy New Year!
2015-11-22 - -
2015-11-11 - Happy Veteran's Day American Its time to grow up.
2015-11-10 - Blues for Mr. Charlie
2015-10-18 - study vent... how can I keep getting high scores on practice quiz but have failed the test????
2015-10-18 - DARN!!!SO close.... but not there yet!
2015-10-17 - ditch the fear will ya?? Its long overdue
2015-10-16 - Overall update Dancing is an absolute joy!
2015-10-11 - CFCM EXAM
2015-10-11 - Healing of past I suppose; and how I know it is helpful that I follow instinct!
2015-10-10 - ggoodnight. zzzzzzzzzzz
2015-10-07 - For everything there is a season... sometimes we need to be patient to wait for the right season
2015-10-07 - Thoughts on being invited to a memorial of a seemingly marvelous stranger
2015-06-29 - Have another job interview thankfully; studying to take CFCM this week
2015-06-11 - Thankfully my brutal honesty seems to not have harmed my opportunity this time around!
2015-06-11 - TWO KIDS moving up in school this year and how to NOT get a job!
2015-06-02 - My garden is planted! Better late than never has always been my mantra
2015-05-20 - Lovely few days!
2015-05-20 - -
2015-04-27 - Balm in Gilead
2015-04-22 - ACIM The Function of Time; only love and fear
2015-04-15 - 1/2 hour break that turned into HOUR Long "lunch break " as work from home today
2015-04-09 - Seek to be joyful and bring joy to others in your life work
2015-03-31 - Home Improvement
2015-03-26 - brief update (lost the long threaputic rambling of the morning- you are spared!)
2015-03-08 - -
2015-02-25 - You Are the Light of the World NO ONE CAN STEAL YOUR YOU
2015-02-11 - Gifted? Oh yeah.... suppose so
2015-01-04 - Finally met the kids
2015-01-02 - Thinking of my mother tonight
2014-12-08 - I have the loveliest sisters-in-law
2014-12-03 - YES SHE IS
2014-11-18 - Where is the Oasis?
2014-11-10 - My kids lost another therapist due to malpractice AGAIN
2014-10-31 - Love letting go
2014-10-17 - Not sure accurate but I will take this as a compliment!
2014-10-16 - motivation for self as officially one of the highly educated "long term unemployed" who are the NEW unemployed in the U.S.of A.
2014-10-15 - Life is Good!!
2014-10-10 - RPM latest lingo for a faciliated communication method
2014-10-03 - PLAN Of action
2014-09-21 - Shakespeare and Anais Mitchell and Dave Wilcox "WHY DO WE BUILD THESE WALLS?"
2014-09-20 - Saturday Chores
2014-09-15 - So house is not cleaned as I thought it would be by now today! BUT I SAID I would help a friend... so heading out for a nice bike ride to do so.
2014-09-11 - Why I STILL Believe Cycles of Abuse CAN be STOPPED
2014-09-09 - "SILENCE"
2014-09-09 - Typical ADHD first day of school
2014-08-30 - MOVIES I have issues with... I know But John Green is remarkable
2014-08-29 - Labor Day Weekend and Weather is Beautiful!
2014-08-27 - Katerina has HAD A JOB for months! She FORGOT to mention this!! Its a good one as well!
2014-08-23 - He's AFRAID OF KALE!!
2014-08-22 - Had job interview for MY DREAM JOB, hope did not blow it!
2014-08-22 - Nap time.... life without sleep disorder meds
2014-08-18 - Lovely afternoon swimming with Henry and June OVERALL....
2014-08-13 - Living my dream! (Maybe one day I will too!)
2014-08-12 - Such a nice e-mail from former Sales Director!
2014-08-06 - "We Recommend Biking"
2014-07-31 - WOW !!! Stunned at this so called "city" frankly- It is just WEIRD
2014-07-31 - A Wild Patience Has Taken Me This Far
2014-07-30 - MPT a delight, MEE what I expected
2014-07-28 - "Marla C Beff" is BACK in TOWN!
2014-07-26 - My Sweet Land
2014-07-11 - Power of music!
2014-06-29 - IRAC What was that ?
2014-06-20 - HAVE NUVIGIL THANK GOD!!!
2014-06-19 - Nice report cards of the girls; BIKING FUN
2014-06-17 - Medication forthcoming thank God!
2014-06-10 - So hope Katerina gets this job she applied for today!
2014-06-06 - MITES !!! YucK
2014-06-04 - Pests Be Gone
2014-06-02 - Home Improvement Finished- Just the final touches
2014-06-01 - Waiting to plant the garden!
2014-05-31 - Saturday morning wrapping up THE GOLDFINCH while girls enjoying Dr. Who
2014-05-28 - SCIP and Lavender Bath Recommendations
2014-05-17 - Trying to brain train Reminder : STATE THE OBVIOUS
2014-05-11 - Celebrating my Mother's Day
2014-05-07 - Persausive Argument of why I should be allowed to sit for the Bar Exam AGAIN
2014-05-07 - Have to write a letter , something I am good at thankfully!
2014-05-04 - Mother's Day Next Sunday
2014-05-04 - More mo's musings after being SAVED again.
2014-04-30 - NAP TIME
2014-04-30 - MORE Bar Exam study-- -hey there ARE 49 other "states" and D.C.
2014-04-28 - What to call this but "Morning Ramble BEFORE I took MY MEDICINE" ?
2014-04-27 - Turning out to be lovely weekend Thank God!
2014-04-25 - LONGEST DAY! ( NO not June 22... NOW )
2014-04-25 - Looking forward to Family Visitors
2014-04-24 - DO Chestnuts have any symbolism associated with them?
2014-04-22 - House rennovations while still home
2014-04-14 - Prayer for family of murdered mother
2014-04-07 - Cherry Blossom Run lovely
2014-04-04 - Immigration Paralegal position would be a good stepping stone
2014-04-04 - Listening
2014-03-30 - MAy be nasty weather out, but its a beautiful day!
2014-03-27 - Nationwide Prescription Drug and Heroin Addiction Epidemic
2014-03-18 - Great article on addressing abuse of parent by kids
2014-03-14 - Cougar Balls Dissappoint
2014-03-13 - Working on teaching boundaries!
2014-03-11 - Cost of Obamacare
2014-03-07 - Loyalty on my mind, and apparently is a need to be worked on.
2014-03-07 - WOW Found the perfect job! (AGAIN!)
2014-03-07 - JOB Thoughts
2014-03-06 - Update
2014-03-01 - Bathroom renovation update
2014-02-28 - On the Mountaintop
2014-02-23 - I give up This window stuck now as well...figures Back to sleep will use computer in AM
2014-02-21 - HE asked "But what do YOU WANT?"
2014-02-17 - found the laptop
2014-02-17 - Ordered NEW LAPTOP FOR BAR EXAM (AGAIN)
2014-02-15 - Evidence VA is one of the hardest states to pass the BAR in.
2014-02-12 - -
2014-02-12 - Bar Review study update
2014-02-05 - Fun blog I will check out after the BAR EXAM
2014-01-31 - BAR EXAM Study at great spot- WEIGMANS!
2014-01-23 - Studying VA CODE today
2014-01-22 - New Laptop
2014-01-21 - Bar review update
2014-01-21 - Nice job interview
2014-01-15 - Discovering Dr. Who and other TV shows
2014-01-13 - Maybe giving blood
2014-01-07 - Knee and mailman update
2014-01-06 - dual flush mechanisms installed
2014-01-06 - Exercising
2014-01-04 - Gia Now the said it was about the "First" super model That is a marketing lie as Christy B and Brooke Shields come to mind
2013-12-26 - WOW 151A
2013-12-26 - Merry Christmas
2013-12-20 - Cute Mailman Study Distraction
2013-12-11 - Hacetas ( how is that really spelled?)
2013-12-11 - Rules of Civility
2013-11-21 - studying
2013-11-19 - Study Day (as all will be for next months!)
2013-11-15 - BAR REVIEW AGAIN
2013-10-31 - Need a Total Transformation
2013-10-29 - oops dropped my birthstone earrings
2013-10-24 - Goodby Papa
2013-10-21 - COA appeal of Loudoun case of criminalizing tardiness under review
2013-10-21 - feeling arts deprived
2013-10-16 - Katie wants to dance
2013-10-04 - -ttryyiing not tto hyasttee ffoundd nook
2013-09-28 - Mapping today's route
2013-09-24 - The Druid Arch Arizona
2013-08-04 - "Come Together"- Time for Djembe
2013-07-09 - Mmmmm Blackberry Pie!
June 17 - Eulogy for "Grandmom" and Happy Graduation
- Perfect Weather- Perfect Weekend
2013-05-18 - Cicadas meditative communal prayer
2013-02-08 - Seeking Healthy Balance-- or if can't find both I will just take healthy -- Balance might be overrated.
2013-01-26 - What the heck?
2012-12-26 - annoying device time will tell if I use it
2012-09-07 - late for school this week
2012-08-26 -
2012-08-26 - Nice evening shopping with the teens
2012-08-25 - " To Thine Own Self Be True"
2012-08-23 - Office Gossip - UH OH!
2012-08-11 - Lazy Sat Morn in Summer
2012-08-06 - summer office sat outside in garden this week when cooler
2012-08-05 - summer fun
2012-08-02 - Mom's summer camp (a k a ran out of $ for day care or summer programs)
2012-07-25 - computer can.dt acess thissite And I stink at typing onNook
2012-07-01 - Dolphin Swim and Bermuda Trip overview
2012-05-30 - Compusively neat racoon visiting my porch
2012-04-30 - girls decided to wash their clothes
2012-04-22 - Lovely Saturday Old Rag Hike
2012-03-24 - Soren's beautiful character
2012-03-23 - Lovely shared space
2012-03-15 - We hit the slopes!! YAH! Mid Feb and the snow had not yet melted
2012-02-29 - Day off Work I am Going to Enjoy It
2012-02-10 - Seven Ps
2012-02-10 - Lovely week at work
2012-02-09 - Typical Morning
2012-02-05 - The Zombie's are Coming!
2012-01-30 - Feb almost here! Skiing must be soon!
2012-01-29 - What's your Mt. Everest?
2012-01-28 - Awesome 5 hour Sat nap
2012-01-22 - SLAP!!
2012-01-14 - Justice Card turns up in life again.
2012-01-08 - NOOK!
2012-01-02 - OH SKYPE!!
2012-01-02 - Let Love In
2011-12-22 - No flowers to be sent after all...BED TIME!
2011-12-20 - Out of Africa Into the Mines of South America
2011-12-07 - Why do we STILL Have Truant Officers?
2011-12-05 - Pesky Stomach Virus
2011-12-04 - Day without Nuvigil
2011-12-03 - Writing Group Meeting Today!
2011-12-01 - YAH Chiropractor
2011-11-27 - Thankful for Blue Jello
2011-11-21 - Darn I am COLD That is the biggest distraction now,
2011-11-21 - Damn those Puritans!
2011-11-21 - Excederin Migrane medicine working. a bit ( I think) Head still hurts but I did sleep.
2011-11-20 - Lithium Withdrawal?
2011-11-20 - Getting my house in order ( I HOPE)
2011-11-20 - Time to codify Thanksgiving Plans
2011-11-18 - Quiet Weekend Home
2011-11-18 - Sometimes GOOD ENOUGH is really Good Enough
2011-11-17 - Power of Reading Celebrated in School
2011-11-06 - Sunday Narcoleptic Naps
2011-11-03 - " I will keep Broken Things"
2011-10-06 - Seeking Lost Keys
2011-10-06 - Working from home
2011-10-06 - Costs of ADHD and ADHD MOMENT OF THE WEEK
2011-09-29 - Motivated! YAH!
2011-09-21 - Mmmm......tasty chef....brought me some bacon
2011-09-06 - Wheel of Life? and Labor Day Weekend
2011-08-28 - Does the dude REALLY think organizing and sorting school supplys is MORE IMPORTANT TODAY than time with me with their Mother?AND WHY I AM NOT PAYING MY EX'S LEGAL FEES OR THE LAW GUARDIAN YET
2011-08-15 - OK, So I WAS the Damsel in Distress! It happens sometimes...
2011-08-11 - I AM WORTH IT
2011-08-06 - Idiot Child Care Provider and Housepainting Help
2011-07-27 - Last day of my vacation- Home tending to house
2011-07-22 - Amazing Vacation and musings (in other words- can you tell no ADHD meds in system so I am rambling??)
2011-07-16 - PACKING for Hike out West!
2011-06-21 - Lack of Respect for Child Care Provider
2011-06-21 - I am not a pretty girl
2011-06-19 - End of Year Awards and ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GRADUATION
2011-06-12 - Nap! Hyposomnia and ADHD symptoms
2011-06-11 - Six Stigmatized
2011-05-26 - Bi-Polar ??
2011-05-22 - Lovely weekend!
2011-05-13 - Trust in ME -- That is SO HARD for me to do!
2011-05-03 - So Be It ( Again... my submission to reality that not all things are in our control.)
2011-04-28 - Stormy Climate today
2011-04-18 - Retrouville-French for Re-Discovery
2011-04-10 - Medical Management of conditions: ADHD, Idiopathic Hyposomnia and PTSD
2011-03-27 - Latest Chapter of MOMMY INTERRUPTED
2011-03-27 - Great Professional Advice for me
2011-03-27 - Currrent work climate
2011-03-26 - Good Lord Attorney at work hitting on me and darn HE IS attractive!!
2011-03-20 - Blast from the Past via Linked IN Updating of Resume and Professional History
2011-02-13 - MIRAGE AGAIN!
2011-02-13 - Safety That is what it is I most crave- Feeling SAFE and SECURE when on my own.
2011-02-12 - Laundry and Finally hope to get my room cleaned!
2011-02-03 - Water Bill OUCH!!
2011-01-19 - Russian Lit 430
2011-01-19 - Wed night ritual- drama , then story time
2011-01-19 - Working 9-5 (for a rare change)
2011-01-13 - Hot Running Water! WOW!
2011-01-12 - YAH!! First College Scholarship for Katerina!
2011-01-11 - Self Care
2011-01-07 - Bedtime! I want to curl up with my book
2011-01-02 - Home Insurance Reality
2010-12-22 - Filter Replacement
2010-12-19 - "I'm Sorry" Art
2010-12-19 - 5k Jingle Bell RUN! and Dancin in DC
2010-11-10 - College hunting and the CRUNCHY GRANOLA CAFETERIA ASSESSMENT
2010-11-03 - story time! NANOWRMO!!!
2010-10-12 - Sometimes one has to know when to give up... preferably BEFORE the intense pain!
2010-10-08 - Baby's BREATH??? wow that was strong....
2010-10-06 - Surprise Surprise!
2010-10-02 - Music Therapy in Middleburg!
2010-09-23 - Love of learning is the best gift a teacher can give.
2010-09-18 - What can be done differently?
2010-09-17 - I will live with dignity
2010-09-16 - annoying slow electronic transmission!
2010-09-15 - Never give up on your kids
2010-08-27 - Back from restful, beautiful vacation!
2010-08-07 - Swimming
2010-08-03 - Best Interest of Children- Feeling BOTH Parents love them
2010-07-30 - " YOU ARE AMAZING!"
2010-07-29 - Tonight the Fair!
2010-07-27 - "Sugar" !! : )
2010-07-23 - Are we there yet?
2010-07-18 - Needed R & R
2010-07-15 - Birthday CAKE!
2010-07-15 - SELF DECEPTION
2010-07-14 - Hmm.. Response?
2010-07-13 - Was tired of litigation years ago
2010-07-12 - EEKKK 2:40AM still not near done!
2010-07-11 - SLEEP IS GOOD ! And it will have been MOST PRODUCTIVE this weekend, right?
2010-07-10 - ONE can look but NOT SEE
2010-07-05 - NEW HOME!
2010-07-02 - pray
2010-06-25 - Moving!
2010-06-20 - Purging of old crap
2010-06-20 - Bummer , ticked I wanted to pay not yet on line!
2010-06-20 - Freecycle! Great site for getting rid of stuff
2010-06-19 - -Discipline is the key
2010-06-17 - Typical kid stuff: Setting limits
2010-06-16 - Patience is a virtue
2010-06-15 - Good news! Found driver's liscence
2010-06-13 -