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2023-05-03 - 7:47 p.m.

Hallajuah , Hallehluah

is my reaction
to the voice mail from the Service Manager at my local Kia dealership

The one who listened to me telling him my fine, capable mechanic who won the best of our county poll multiple years
and has been servicing cars for 30 yrs

Really has pulled the code indicating ENGINE trouble

and that it was damn clear to me that every time that code popped up and I previously brought it to this very dealer and they cleared the code and said "Nothing is wrong with your car" They were full of BS
AND that the other KIA Dealer just told me "This car could die any moment." And gave the hard sell to try to get me to BUY A NEW ONE
and who failed to mention that Kia did have an EXTENDED WARRANY on the very specific diagnosable problem that my mechanic found- and saw
and which when I read about fit the description of what happens to a car on which the driver followed the instructions of the BS "Product Improvement Campaign"
the just puts the car in LIMP MODE

so can't drive more than 60 MPH and blow up your engine and self....

that since my car has been in PERPETAUL FREAKING LIMP MODE FOR FOUR YEARS it very well meets the gosh darn criteria of having that specific engine issue,
for which the product improvement campaign of the software installation will kick the car into limp mode when it senses the issue.

So, first they told me "Well without the code we can't tell- too bad they cleared the code"

and I said , That should be irrevant- the engine is running hot and your capable mechanics will see signs of it. Fact it is burning through oil is evidence of that.
I have the utmost confidence that despite the code not there, your fine mechanics who have serviced MANY OF THESE CARS with these shitty engines would know HOW TO FREKING LOOK AND SEE SIGNS THE PROBLEM
one of which is running hot and burning out the CAT... etc...

And you also know that the cat is after the engine so it can not CAUSE engine problem but that the failed engine caused damage to the CAT- which is one of the known issues when this engine failure presents.
So I said I wanted them to diagnose take a look and turn it on and drive and see what they find.

Well the message received was this on my voice mail :

"With regards to the Kia soul, My technician has taken a look into it
and with the check engine light not being on, it being a concern that there being some lower end damage to the motor
he is concerned about driving it to get that check engine light to come back on

So He did go ahead and perform a bearing clearance
test which would be related to that warranty extension
The vehical did fail that bearing clearance test
so it is going to need a motor

We have begun a tech line case with Kia's tech line
so we can verify any information they may need
in order to give us the approval for repair with it being the failure of the berring clearnace test it is related to the lower end connecting rod or bearing failure so that typically would be related to the warranty extension
but we do have to, since we don't have the code for that in the system,

um go through Kia and verify, make sure everything
gets approved properly.

It might take a day or two for me to get any further information on this.
So if you have any questions just give me a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX

Thank you."

Its about fucking time.

Some of us are stubborn and persistent when wronged ( at least sometimes).

I did not have the energy to fight they system every step of the way- so choose to do so when when it came to that which I have full ownership of. So in the case of my car I felt it was worth the persistence. Hell, I hold title to this car and I will take care of it and service it and repair every last body ding on it now and drive it til I can't. I am FINE with normal wear and tear and replacing things that get worn from normal usage. I am fine with accountability from damage caused by improper usage. BUT I am NOT fine with manufacture defects that are KNOWN without accountability from the manufacturer. Especially when it was sheer misogynistic BS that I swear informed my treatment. That is not a good look for any company.

My mechanic said "I brought my wife's car in for the same issue. They replaced her engine."
I mean it was so freaking disappointing when I was armed with factual knowledge and even the paperwork of MY MECHANIC who is freaking ACROSS the STREET from this dealership
maybe it was also good old fashioned jealousy? I don't know. Maybe they should have befriended the great mechanic across the street rather than be assholes to their customers.
my mechanic is seriously the nicest guy in the world. He would do any work BUT work on the engine. He basically would just keep it running and deferred to them for engine repair. I even ASKED him if he could fix it years ago.

I just hope Headquarters approves this. Cause as I told my mechanic, my next step was to pick up my car, and find every bit of paperwork on its history along with the VA Environmental Quality Dept that had the emissions issue. (Which was related to engine performance! Resolved by servicing including oil change and new sparks plugs as the engine running hot burns them out faster than typical.)
and then file a complaint with the National Traffic Highway Safety Association. Half the complaints on this model car are for the ENGINE.

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