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2021-06-22 - 9:18 a.m.

Yes: This is Art- My friend undoubtedly showed up in the fun "Soulmate" tarot spread in the third position. So funny. I mean couldn't be more exacting of who he is and who we are together when we creatively collaborate.

I painted a bit on my own and toyed with the idea of just finding someone else to actualize the vision of the art I have in my head I want to create. But then this showed up and I know I just need to push him to follow through and not get distracted by his "carnal" desires! He is simple really, as he says: " I just want good work, good food and good sex". . . oh and for him food includes good weed.

But sometimes you can't have all three at once Art.... trouble is he wants all together at the same time with the same person and then he holes up and shuts out the rest of the world. Though I don't imbibe in the "performance" enhancing substances....he was always respectful and fine with that as I never so much as saw any sign of his habit whatsoever which I was thankful for when spending time with him. He is not much of a drinker either but I don't like when he did drink on the few times I did see him over imbibe.... he was not nice in those moments and in fact at his worst. I am sure he has a new girlfriend which is why I am hearing crickets from him of late. I find that an annoying trait of this friend of mine. I appreciate and miss the friendship and then when he re-emerges we do this awful dance back and forth of me having to set the boundaries as I want the friendship with him and he pushes EVERY DAMN TIME. But then after I push back with the No we can settle into a copacetic flow for a bit.

We had that same annoying tension when I last spent time with him. Now that COVID is lifted ( ZERO new cases in my county yesterday), I am hoping we can connect and enjoy our friendship without that stupid dance.
I mean Art is just ALL IN when he is in a relationship. ALL IN and very traditional, old fashioned... very ITALIAN...
I mean I know better than to even CONSIDER. He is very different from my girl's Dad in many ways but in some ways the cultural similarities are there, the machoism, the misogony... I mean I challenge him on these things of course. That is the beauty of a good friend one really can get into it when addressing differing views in a weird authentic way that I feel is EASIER than with a lover. Maybe just me, but I sense for guys it is so much easier for them to tell what they REALLY feel to a friend without worry of hurting the person in a way that opens up authentic communication that for some reason I feel like for men in particular is harder for them to so with a partner.

Not sure why ...
wish were not so...
Maybe it is ME that finds it easier to tell it like it is with a friend rather than a lover. OF course the basis for any lover should be foundation of friendhip and authenticity first in my view...

In any case. Here is the card that I wanted to capture as it is fun! AND I do want to move on with my artistic project. I HOPE Art emerges from his cocoon and responds as I emerge from mine.
Last I spoke he had been in a space of going out alot but then had retreated back to just being home and at work. He was doing some bible study recommended by some new lady at church just as he was attracted to her and working in... lol... so transparent and obvious... I am sure he blew it frankly...He was cracking me up... He gets far more excited talking about Eckart Toll or some other new age thinker (forget the Swede he was last excited about... but I watched some videos when he was fired up about him. His daughter is working as a psychic now in LA actually. So she gives him recommended reading and he is enjoying learning of new spiritualists and digging in based on some of her recommendations. Those conversations are always super fun with him.
So he has this combination of being open minded in some regard but old world and cumundgeny, and exceptionally conservative on other issues. We get into it regarding trans rights, and gender identity for example. That is a hot argument...but he is at least RESPECTFUL in his saying " I just don't understand this trendy thing happening"
( he thinks it a trend... lol as if kids would WANT to be that different.)
One of his grandkids is non binary and he is upset at his daughters for "indulging" the kid.

Oh yeah NO WAY It would have EVER been a consideration of a serious relationship with this man I indeed actually love dearly despite our differences and his flaws.

But to share this as Art has been a good friend despite the challenges of navigating those boundaries with him and the card showing up did delight me and make me think of him.
He is one of those soul mates I was fortunate to meet who was a tremendous support when he first came into my life. ( And oh the cooking.. I can almost smell the pot of sauce he would make that sat simmering in the kitchen. I mean he was like a fixture in my home for a time there and was such a wonderful friend and emotional support years ago.) When we did LATER become lovers it was just such a time of absolute creative energy and love unleashed as we artistically created together. I mean WE WERE ON FIRE and the work created was shown in a couple juried shows and won awards; we regularly wrote poetry and crafted songs together. We sang and he painted as I modeled and it was just such a beautiful time in our lives. I feel like we don't NEED to be young and in love to be co-collaborators together. I would like to see what we can create out of the maturity of our friendship if we work together again.

So here it is:
The Symbolism of the Three of Pentacles

On the Three of Pentacles card we see a sculptor hard at work in a church or cathedral. His work draws approving looks from a priest and an architect.

Wearing a traditional stonemason's apron, the young male sculptor stands on a simple wooden bench, holding a hammer in his right hand. The female architect wears a shawl which is decorated with a floral pattern. She holds her architectural plans in her left hand and seems to be conferring with the priest.

The three creators work productively together, sharing ideas, observations and direction.

Mirroring the three workers are three carefully crafted pentacles which adorn the archway above their heads. A rose is carved at the top of the middle pillar just below the pentacles.

NOTE: The rose symbol is used repeatedly throughout the tarot deck and has different meanings in different places. Often the color of the rose indicates its unique meaning. Since no color is given here, the rose carved below the three pentacles is taken to mean both pride (in a positive sense) and achievement.

How to Interpret the Three of Pentacles
The Three of Pentacles is the team card of the tarot deck.

Collaboration, planning, teamwork and constructive cooperation are all represented in the Three of Pentacles card. As the trio of cathedral workers illustrates, each team member contributes their own labor, unique skills and insights to the task at hand.

The Three of Pentacles references a dynamic of perfect collaboration.

We all know what it's like to work on a team that just clicks. Every team-member not only carries their own weight, but improves the work of those around them. New synergies emerge and work becomes faster, easier and more efficient.

When the Three of Pentacles appears in a tarot spread it can either herald a time of smooth cooperation and productivity, or it can gently suggest that better cooperation is going to be required if you're going to get anywhere.

Or, in the very simplest sense, the Three of Pentacles may sometimes signify a job well done.

The Three of Pentacles is a positive card with overtones of artistry, communication, organization, and creative expertise.

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