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2022-10-21 - 7:47 p.m.

OH Crap
I totally forgot about TWO things this week!

I hate ADHD

I look at a calendar
I plan ahead

then the day comes and I look at my calendar and sometimes I SWEAR don't see the WHOLE day my phone
or on the computer screen
and sometimes there is somethign in the early evening

BUT I tend to either GET tired
OR after a rest then get 2nd wind and start to work on something

AND don't look at my PHONE or CALENDAR in the afternoon. ( mean I am in habit in the MORNING planning my day
but don't have a Routine for afternoon ( and clearly need one!! NEED an afternoon calendar check)

Cause iit is the early eveining things I miss.

I missed a board meeting earlier this week. No email whatsoever so to be honest I think the rest of that rather dormant truly inactive think they all mnusta created this board just to travel once a year with buddies years ago ( I swear looking at the prior records all I see really active were monthly meetings and a once a year run of trips to FL for a bunch of years in a row.... the years the Pres was WIFE of the one exec WHO is now Pres... I think they are now divorced I am guessing... as he name is off evertyhnig....

Its just a bit odd to me that this board doesn't do much. It also has NO MONEY so I am not concerned about any inappropirate activity- there is just ZERO activity on that onw!! I mean I am on their board as marketing committee person but htere is NOTHING TO MARKET

I mean at all. We had one event over the past couple years.)

So not too worried. I have not the energy to do educational event planning for that really. Too busy trying to land clients and make a living. Once I am SOLID THEN happy to work more on that. I actually did reach out and ask anyone I thought might want to lead a training already...
tried.. The meeting was earlier this week on an evening I had been busy cleaning out my gardens in both the back yard and front and then planted tuplip bulbs. When I went to Home Depot to buy the new lock for the front door I was happy to find a bag of 45 tuplip bulbs for $19.99 and felt that was worth buying! NO matter how tight money is planting a few flowers at least is priority for me!! I got them in the ground the night the first frost was in the forecast. .

BUT THEN tonight I FORGOT I intended to help out at an event going on in town with the arts org for kids.

I just got a text from a neighbor asking about something else and saw the reminder on my phone that I intended to vollunteer at 6pm!!

CRAP I hate when that happens!

It would have been fun. I do set phone reminders but the problem is I am not teathered to my phone and don't look at it for hours at a time ( hell sometimes days when I misplace it!). This week my DC guy is traveling for work so honestly I don't expect any texts from him. Honestly I am not a big texter. The only folks who text me are annoyingly actually recruiters (which iirritates me! I don't want to be getting texts from them! I have no issue with emails but personally find texts from them intrusive and weird. I mean it is my personal phone. I don't want random recruiters on it. Honestly that is my old school philosophy- I don't expect work texts on my personal phone or any BUSINESS on my personal phone. I guess even moreso as I am to be honest a NON TEXTER in my personal life to begin with! HA HA I mean it is just not my thing.

I took an Aleve as my joints are hurting and sitting here relaxing after having had some dinner and going to go back to reading. I decided that since I recently picked up Henry and June and also other Aniai Nin Volumes I might as well make effort to actually read all the ones I have. I never finished reading them. In typical fashion I had started and stopped and put them down one by one, lost interest and moved onto antoher book, and only read parts of the ones I have. I think I have through VOL 4 on my shelf but have not finished all of any one of those. Swear would prefer to have been up and about volunteering as when active and moving I don't feel the joint and muscle pain. I feel the pain when I STOP moving! The Alleve should kick in soon I hope... I am rather sure this is athritis whcih runs in my family and I think the weather changing to be colder has aggrevated it. I turned the heat on today as think the cold definately exasperated my having the pain at night suddently.

Heck it was a Halloween event which would be ending now so my face with the bandages would have fit right in!! Icould have poulled together a decent outfit/costume! Oh well ... ce la vie. I am not going out now. I mean it is almost over.
I should have been there two hours ago!
I just plum forgot! T The only good news is I also only put in on my calendar and did not actually sign up for this event in the Sign up Genius sent out for this event. So no one else would have missed me tonight. I didn't rescind any obligation at least! Thank goodness for that!

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