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2022-11-10 - 3:12 p.m.

I am tired today. I guess that makes sense after moonlighting the other night working.
I was up late.

It was really like three full days packed into one. The work I did on the consultant contract was done in between two days of working shifts at the retirement home.

I worked at the retirement community five days in a row with yesterday and today off-
So this is the equivalent of my weekend.

Which was spent job hunting , navigating the VEC website to file claims, and trying to schedule medical appointments.

I am just really tired today.

I felt like I did not have energy for chior practice but was so glad that once there I thoroughly enjoyed it. It definately affects my mood really positively!

Today I envisioned swimming or taking a run.

I could only walk the dog. Very low energy.

I rested alot as trying to do other things.

I have a job interview later this afternoon.

And I am exhausted.

So going to take a nap and then get dressed for it like it is an in person one. That helps mindset: Dressing for the office.

YES very old school.

So be it.
I am actually old...
such is life.
But after working on that one contract which I so thoroughly ENJOYED
I realized just how much ENERGY , mental which then somehow exhausts physcially as well.
I think exhausts me MORE physically when sedentary.

I know I have to move or I get stiff and my body aches more.
So I was really achy...
but also felt like there was more pronounced pain in muscles which was disappointing as it is just beautiful weather here both yesterday and today and I aspired to be out enjoying it
but wanted to be home to get calls from plumber and insurance company
and had little energy.
CE la vie.. today the needed day of rest.

I just spoke with the HOME insurer I have. They do not do mitigation work until AFTER there is actual damage-
then their mitigation is to prevent FURTHER damage.

So they can't help with the wet basement. It is not yet technically damage.

They also DO cover mechanical failures in my home .Good to know as I added the rider/endorsement for that

WITH $1000 deductible.

SO technically if there were the breakdown of the part of the pressure valve then they wOULD cover that for $1000

which is already taken care of by my supplemental policy for applicances etc..

BUT as I confirmed if there were leaking due to the RUST that would be the primary CAUSE of the leaks.
The secondary would be the pressure which was applied as but for the fact of the tank being rusty it would not have leaked even if pressure rose

ALTHOUGH one could argue causaluty- that the cause of the leak was the pressure issue that then CAUSED The tank to leak....

BUT I am not interested in an insuance battle over causality to then pay $1000

FUCKING A I just had an alarm go off.. that was my wake up from nap alarm to get ready for interview.
I did not realize I DID NOT change the clock on this computer. It was apparently not set to daylight savings time and did not update automatically..

SO much for the nap. I set the alarm correctly a couple hrs ago but then decided to go eat as realized I have a rare headache but had not eaten lunch so wanted to hydrate and eat well even though so tired.

I am going to just get refreshed now-

HEll a cold shower is refreshing, right? That will wake me up....
then dress and go OUTSIDE on this beautiful afternoon for a ZOOM interview.

This is a job that is :
1. Closer than the two other contract director jobs
2. Less senior
3;. Pays less
4. But ALSO the benefit of which is OH My gosh
just doing the review of the company


Shit I won't have ethical issues about.

YES VERY Cool company

I did not geek out and read about them tons as the Contract Director is well, on paper the more appealing job

But honestly after the exhaustion that set in my bones and muscles today
and the reminder of how I worked FRIDAY NIGHTS... yeah... almost every... til 7, 8 or 9 pm REGULARLY
in order to CATCH UP and "Get it done" in order to rock my job....

in past...

I am kinda happy to land any decent job ,

If I get an offer closer to home with less responsibility and liklihood of not having to be a workaholic to rock it

WEll that is worth more than the $40K differnce in salary.. seriously the difference between this one might even be more. It is not as senior as most I apply to. This was the "just apply to hit the metric of applying to two jobs this week" the very week I already had TWO good interviews and was focused on nailing down the contract for my first consulting client. We were negotiating that the week I hit Monster and hit this application I think without reading it.

How ironic if this is one I get an offer on! HA HA
IT does look very interesting and actually like it would be fun to work in the industry it is in which would be new to me. I LOVE learning new things. (of course won't pitch that- will pitch all the EXPERIENCE I have doing the SAME things they need...albeit in different sector/industries!)

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