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2022-11-10 - 3:36 p.m.

AH it is a phone call; not a zoom today!
Screw both the cold shower or even sponge bath AND changing.

I am exhausted.


I will just hydrate.

YES and meditate until time for the call.
Maybe take alleive for the body and headache which I have.

I will take a COVID test after my call just to be sure this is exhaustion due to lack of sleep and not COVID.

There was someone sick at work I gave a test to on MON. She tested negative but I told her to test herself again in a couple days as have heard it does not always show up immediately.

My Buffalo guy called last night and he caught COVID, for the second time. He reported thankfully it was not that bad and he was down and out and tired for a week but able to still work a bit.

I had come to write initially just to vent as I am Trying to log into the IRS web site to SEE my tax return. Grateful I received refund from them but want to see the ACUTAL return which they had to have amended cause i STILL NEED TO FILE IN VA. I never filed for Virginia cause the Ramsey software I used had a dependency to have the federal electronic filed return accepted before it would import the data into the software to process the VA return!

Same constraint exists with turbotax.

In past I often had PAPER filed for VA.

But it occurred to me that perhaps the IRS WOULD amend my return and I didnt' want to then have to amend VA too! I figured just file VA late.

But this late is ridiculous. I really wanted to get it done.

CE la vie.
AS the IRS site uses multifactor authentication and for some freaking reason their site is taking well over 30 mintues to push a code to my cell phone. The code expires in 15 minutes I think and I think there is a delay in my communication being received.

(Maybe my internet was stuck and not refreshing and that is why my desktop off by an hr? OR WTF??)

my cell phone not receiving the push notification/ multifactor issued thing timely

Just frustrating as makes it hard to get anything done.

AND I realized came on line COUNTLESS Times to do one thing but forgot and did others...
SO have to remember to schedule the appointment for kid was going to do this AM that forgot about once got here and got distracted. If I write it I will remember it.


and will call parishoner to get new address!! YES Will remember it cause wrote it....

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