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2022-12-24 - 4:33 a.m.

I just found my Virginia Tax Return from 2021 I forgot to mail in!

Since the electronic submission of my Fed taxes was not accepted I had to print that and mail it in.

I also printed the VA taxes.
BUT I apparently plum forgot to mail that one.


I figured this out a while ago that the Ramsey tax software had a constraint b/c the fed return was not accepted the computer software program could not advance to the next step of filing state.

BUT I Forgot I printed them
and also failed to go back and follow up.

OF course I found them now as prepared for Christmas , right?
Because only when a guest is coming over does the ADHD person find the energy to do things like clean those piles that have been sitting

and hidden
in corners
or closets and forgotten about.
When a guest is coming then I have the ability to look around and see the stuff I ignore normally.

I am sure it makes perfect sense to some that when triage cleaning

the first thing I do is start with the closet.

There is method in this madness of me spending a good hour or more in the middle of the night cleaning my closet ( When I really was going to first triage and clean my bathroom since it has to be presentable to share with my gentleman friend who is coming over tonight.
If the closet is not cleaned it is hard to stash the mess of stuff need to hide away in there.

YEAH So I decided to really have at it- DEEP Clean that space.

I just kinda got into it. Dusted, ran the robovac, organized shoes and the shelf.
I had to cause the things I store on the top shelves had fallen and they took up space needed to put other things.

The bin is now EMPTY And cleaned out of the clutter I threw in there some months ago when I had my guy friend over and was hiding the clutter in them in the closet!!
HA I never unpacked it

It had lots of crap to toss so it feels really gratifying to have a garbage bag to throw in the can out back.

OK Triage agenda here as my time is limited. Making a plan so I don't go do something non critical- like organize the shoes in the downstairs hall closet. ( I swear the ADHD brain could do that cause I did just organize shoes up here in my closet!)

Oh the tree is up. Not yet decorated but in my living room.

The teen who is recovering from oral surgery is doing great.

My living room is a wreck, I mean a literal wreck. Teens have been in it- Someone ran the dishes I see (As just went downstairs to grab a garbage bag)

I worked yesterday 7-2 at old folks home, then came home and was happy to take time to hang the outside lights. I had not gotten time to do that yet! I wanted that and the tree up by the 24th!

The celebrating 12 days of Christmas and main gift giving on Epiphany really saved me this year.

I just had no way to possibly make a nice dinner for the kids tonight. It was not practical cause I got the tree outside lit up, and I STILL Had a couple of hours of work I had to get done and then send the DEC invoice for, for the one terriffic client I am thrilled to have and intend to keep!

So honestly I was not done with my work until 8pm. Heck the teen was eating ramen, the other one who lives here up in bedroom, the college one sitting on couch where had been all day long.

I had taken out all the decorations so the kids could have decorated the tree and living room if they wanted to. They did not want to. I had suggested they go ahead. No one wanted to help with the outside lights. Just work and that all took longer than hoped. ( Again an ADHD thing- stuff always takes longer. I mean Literally does take longer I think than for others.)

So I just ate some Stoffers stuffed peppers which were an easy microwave dinner.

Then I went to bed early- and when woke around 1am I guess started my cleaning. Decided just get it done as it is now or never.

And I do not want to be embarrassed by the state of my house. I considered letting it be but also just want to leverage the motivation of having a guest to get it done!

So triage plan.

1. Clothes to donate to the car! GET Them out of the house!! 2. NOW I can finally put the summer clothes storage bins back in the closet and fit in the rest of my winter clothes that were washed I had no room for in my overstuffed dressers!(I can at least fold sweaters etc and put them on top of the bins. I couldn't walk in there before!
3.Clean bathroom quickly ( I do that regularly so not a big job- 15 minutes tops).

4. Dress for work. (OH I used a steamer and already got that outfit ready)

5. Then run to the store to pick up dinner and get to work by 8am.

I get off work at 2:30 and my guy is coming around 3:30. 45 minutes to really quickly straighten the living room and get it presentable.

I can get some lights on the tree perhaps ? OR If not maybe he will enjoy helping me trim the tree with Christmas music as we cook and enjoy dinner.

My 18 yr old is actually feeling really good after the wisdom teeth pull. She is up for travel. I am glad cleaned my room as found the bag she was looking for and wants to use!( Good thing it did not go to the thrift store as honestly that was why it was in my room! HA HA IT has the name ISABELLA on it... and ballerina motif.. HA HA Two things not applicable to any of the kids in this household but a lovely hand me down from a friend at some point!)

OK 5AM! I got this!

If they have lobster that is what we are making for dinner! That should be fun-
to boil some lobsters.
Not sure if they are even available this time of year. If I can find them great!

If not I will pick up lamb if I can find that. I tried to consult with my gentleman friend since he is not the type to just show up not caring (HA HA I am that type. I mean I think it kinda interesting as in the past, in any relationship when I invited anyone over for dinner I don't recall ONE of the many men I have dated EVER asking me what I was cooking! I am serious about this.

But this guy asked if we could cook together. That is new too. I mean I cooked together with guys before but it was cause pretty much living with them and spending much time in their spaces. Then never cooked in my kitchen with me before.

Its kinda nice I think he is interested in that ( as long as not controlling....I am always looking for those red flags and think perhaps that is a hard thing to get over. It is just that we discussed options and he texted me to see if I decided between the two, and called- so it is important to him....well he is bringing wine so that makes sense... BUT it is funny how I have the trauma response... I know it-- of just a little wondering why he has to know every detail. I mean Buffalo guy is a planner of every detail but in his case it is an autistic like personality trait that I see in him but I get how that is also a characteristic of actual control freaks!! So it is a red flag for me when someone can't LET GO of planning and let someone else just do it and show up.)

But I have to let go of that worry. It is normal to want to know what is being served, right? I mean the last time I actually tried to cook with anyone was this guy and it went really well. AND My Buffalo guy now that I think of it. We too cooked a few times together really easily. For a while the men I dated actually always cooked for me!
The air traffic controller, the lawyer would do so sometimes, the guy who proposed to me used to make dinner every Wed,,,and Art being Italian kinda loves to do that.

I just thought it funny that we discussed options for dinner ( mainly cause my guy asked what we should make together) and I said wanted to make something I thought both he would enjoy and the teens if any were to stay here. I really wanted them to go up there on Christmas Day but the older one REALLY Wants to be there for the little kids waking up!
So that is their choice. She is coming here at 11:30 AM To pick them all up.
I will be at work. Either no one will be home or the one will stay here.
I will find out when I get home from work.

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