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2023-02-07 - 1:16 p.m.

OMG I just read email from this marvelous lady I met a while back ( and actually she is the owner of the local company that I am helping with contracts... just volunteer as they bought the auctioned services.)
It was so funny as last week after I got MY shit done I finally stopped back into their office to see if they had work for me.

The last time I found just the fellow; and he said "come back last week of Jan."
When I came back I found her

And we talked EVERYTHING BUT shop!

It was so fun!

I mean she is such a blast.

She herself a true creative. I mean she was showing me pictures of the paper mache pokemon she was making for her grandkid.

She raised a son who is a Nashville musician!! We had such fun visiting in this really kinda rushed time as I stopped in an hour BEFORE the appointment to go meet the fellow at the thrift store where he was teaching the design class to the private school gals.

He was teaching all week during their kinda private school service week out in the community. This group chose that class to design stuff for the thrift store to see, proceeds of which go to the local org supporting homeless teens. (A large percentage frankly in the LBGTQ community. Yeah the loving Christians who either kick out or abuse their gay kids...)

Anyway.... we had such fun and THEN she and her hubby were the first persons I saw when walked into another local business meet and greet event.

And we had fun hanging out there.

SO SWEET she tried to come. She got lost. Then she found it - evidenced by her telling me she saw the SIGN.

It was a very distinctive sign on the property letting all know of the show.

She did not want to walk in late. The show was also moved from the BARN to the house so it may have been unclear and hard to figure that out.

But I am so delighted she came. Sorry she missed it. After done with this 2nd contract will go swimming. It's a slow go today...
one done, one to go.
Kills me when look at the ACTUAL work time to log ( when focused on point and working on the doc) between dog walks, and stopping to cook and eat lunch, and the talk with my bestie...

I can only legit ledger the ACTUAL 40 minutes worked. LOL

yeah it was 40 minutes to review their template and draft a needed contract.

Heck still get paid more in those 40 minutes than in two hours of low wage work, right?
I was SLOW getting in flow today... I just kinda wanted to finish the crochet project. I mean it was just simple joining of the finished granny squares into the potholder that is not sitting on my kitchen counter. But there was this PULL to just want to get that done! HA HA

So I meandered...talked to my bestie while made the potholder out of the granny re-designed, removing the stitching on the swatch so it is back to a lovely SHAWL. I swear this is GEORGOUS.

OMG My friend just reiterated I MAY KEEP It.

I think it is beautiful and one of the most precious gifts received. I have been wearing it today and will cherish it.

It is this soft acrylic yarn woven on a loom into a lovely shawl with this georgous color of burnt orange, with pink hints- these specks of purple and pink tinge, and pumpkin-
yea really a mulitcolor but the dominant rust colored burnt orange, I guess dominant as the darkest shade in what is a multicolored mosaic thread into the yarn that makes the shawl.

Really beautiful.

Heck when look closely it has all my absolutely favorite colors.

Fuscia- yes it is fushia!
burnt orange, and pumpkin orange, and a lavender shade of purple.

The only color missing is teal. HA HA That is the other fav of mine (which is on one accent wall in my room and balanced by the teal and blues of a peacock painting that is over my bed!)

So my friend's next creative project to bring to completion is his mardi gras outfit. He has a friend who gave him HUNDREDS of peacock feathers for it.

I am so happy to have even seen that work in progress and have this new friend I can delight in the creative works of. SO FUN

It is also funny I got rid of ALL My bins of sewing stuff but the ONLY thing retained in this small house is the one bag with crochet hooks and some yarn and a book "Complete Guide to Needlework". I don't have room for a sewing machine and big projects BUT crochet does not take much space. I had that here so the kids could learn it and pick it up if interested.

Some have had interest. (In fact one teen just got happy to see it unearthed and said she had no idea where that had been).

OK back to my work. But it WAS SO fun even to stich the little squares together. Relaxing as I talked with my friend.

Crochet is like riding a bike I suppose. You don't ever FORGET how to do it and it comes back quickly when try again.

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