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2023-03-31 - 12:06 p.m.

Medical appointment made for MAY With an ob/gyn that is in the hospital system/healthcare system that services My insurance via Medicaid.

Better than nothing and hope there is some progress then at getting a biopsy to ensure all is well.

I really thought the last Dr. appt was a Preop and then that Dr. Would have made an order to go into the hospital for the recommended procudure.

AMAZING how after talking to everyone and they saw the paperwork done prior- the referral and the actual report from the scans

that each Dr. Abdigated responsibilty

The last one wrote "Refer to ob/gyn"

as if I was not sent to her FROM and ob/gyn referral and told she was to be seen to do Pre Op screening.

Feel like going in circles round and round with medical providers that are avoiding accountability.

Hope this appointment is more productive than the prior couple.

JUST so odd.
UNLESS the referral was nonsense? But can't imagine one referring someone for outpatient surgery that is NOT medically necessary??

Who knows... stranger things have happened for a buck.

I have a friend in Buffalo who boasted of her part time gig selling plasma.

We joked that in college if we knoew about it would might have signed up to see our eggs.

Egg harvesting is a thing! HA

I bet despite all this- it might actually be EASIER To harvest part of my body than get actual medical care to ensure its wellness.

CRAZY World we are in.

Hell maybe if I look into THAT it would get me in an office and someone would LOOK at the cyst! HA YES if they are VESTED in an interest in my ovaries then maybe they would want to figure out if the cyst is benign or not cause MAYBE The eggs are still good and still can be harvested??


Its a thought. Maybe a work around if the May appt results in a brush off??

Did I mention yet how happy I am one client of mine focuses her energy and her company energy on HEALTH CARE EQUITY?

Yeah proud to support her work. It is fucking needed in this world.

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