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2023-03-31 - 1:58 p.m.

I can't post this good news anywhere else so where else but here in the ether of DL where it will sit shared among the stranger/friends who I will never actually meet who don't ACTUALLY Even know my fam!! ( I mean it is my kid's news to share as he wants!!)


Its so great to have such space of the friends from afar to share good news with!
MY one kid got notice of acceptance in a prestigious academic study abroad program!!


College kid will not be coming back here after graduation but essentially has work for at least the next year in another country.

It is the kid's dream!

SO Proud!!

That is such wonderful news!

Ah I just looked it up-

"Participants receive paid airfare to and from XXXX paid by the XXXX(Sponsor), and may receive other benefits such as housing subsidies. Participants are generally forbidden to take paid work outside of their Program duties."


* Was wondering if I needed to find way to financially support this award. That is great news it is NO- all costs covered for the grad to get there for the work!!


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