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2020-05-22 - 8:08 a.m.

I did it again ; wrote but bumped something on this phone and lost the entry.

Time to get up and go to work. I listened to Cheryl Strayed interview poet Laureate Joy Harjo as my college Eng. Dept posted a NYT article about same. My college Eng dept head posted the article as Joy Harjo recommemds 5 books to read during the pandemic.
I wish I had that list before I sent my son books!
I am reading A Garden of Earthy Delights which I am enjoying way more so far that the novel of the baby murderer. I still don't know how that became a best seller, despite Joyce Carol Oates writing skill.

Three days ago I went on Instagram to look at my son's page and it felt a bit surreal to see a post from my bestie from college, honestly whom I have felt hearybroken at having list touch with over the years. She saw a picture of my my son posted and commented

Have to work now...but I was so happy I forgot I intended to keep my anonymity and not post in response to that ( i mean he is legit somewhat famous. I just wanted to avoid strangers vlicking to my stuff.)

Great to connect
Sort of
And weird to see one there
Yet at a distance and
not really connect

No.msg with contact info exchanged as of yet.

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