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2020-06-06 - 7:53 p.m.

Thread on neighborhood group to promote positivity and community:

"Strange visitor 5 min ago. Doorbell rings. Mid 30s white male (maybe greek). He explained that he had a “conversation” with a woman who was with her daughter and either one or two decent sized dogs. He said they talked about how nice our neighborhood was, either on the way to or from Taco Bell. Something made him sense that he made her feel uncomfortable and he thought he saw her walk into my court.
XXXXCar (make n model given here). He wasn’t inebriated, nor was he rude, but my spidey senses seemed to tingle. If he thought he made someone uncomfortable how would ringing their doorbell after dark help? Just an FYI."

"Wow that was me and my daughter. My daughter was very uncomfortable with the situation. I thought initially he was just a new neighbor just looking to converse with all this social distancing. Thanks, for posting. Will keep my gun under my pillow and my eyes wide open."

"I saw 2 ladies a mom and daughter walking medium sized dogs. They were on the sidewalk on Ss. street and they they cut through the grass behind your house with their dogs. I never saw them talk to anyone though as I was pulling into my house from Ss street."

He mentioned he just moved into the neighborhood, as we did. But then he circled around the common area by Electric Ave. When I went to pick up my order from casa he showed up there as well. Either he's a serious creeper or just a person living alone and very lonely in a new area....

Because I am exhausted, and you get the ideas of the posts, I will spare u all the rest of posts which continued the "alarm" but for the last one:

"I thought maybe our new neighbor who knocked to introduce himself would have joined this group and introduced himself virtually as well as tried to personally introduce himself so no one had fear of strangers. Hey thanks for being so thoughtful and trying! If you do join, Welcome to the neighborhood! I find the thread strange not your behavior. If you like running hit me up . I often run alone but sometimes #RunWithMaud"

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