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2020-06-14 - 4:59 p.m.

I am so tired today.

The day before yesterday two teens who were with Dad since this Coronavirus lockdown were dropped off at my house.

Their Dad did not want possible exposure so did not want them going anywhere since they were with him when this started. Ironic as then HE hot sick and it sounds possible he had it somehow!
They stayed away from him during that time and all turned out fine.

They were dropped off as since he had picked up the one from college , now that it was time to drive back to clean out her dorm he figured it was my turn to take that trip.

So yesterday I drove with the tern that finished freshman year if college to help her move everything out of her dorm.

Exhausted today.
Can't believe already 5pm. I.laud down at 3 to rest.

Have been reading ( lovely book Wild Mercy) , resting, listening to music, napped.

I have to get up and run a couple errands.

Pharmacy pick up...we got back in town and pulled in at 6:10 abd they had just closed last night.

So tired....

Also have to get laundry out if the basement. It should not seem like a big chore but it feels like one as no energy today. I cooked for all this morn, then ran the vacume and was just exhausted. Long drives do that to me so not surprised. I planned on getting up and running this morn but it is just one of those days. I will take Bellatrix for a walk and hope that energizes me a bit!

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