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2020-08-09 - 9:34 a.m.

Church soon
I should have gotten up to walk Bellatrix by now but was lazing reading this AM. After church my plan is to clean this room.

Yesterday I had a really great day with the so rare outing with one Potsie teen.
They wanted to practice driving. I was thrilled when they agreed to drive to a park and get out for a brief walk. I found a perfect trail to visit, with very few and awful reviews of their bike and running trails and the uninviting name of "Library trail".

I mean those weekend warriors on a mission for bragging rights, you know the kind, those who drop hundreds on fancy unnecessary gear to go on a mountain then post pics on social media would not be flocking to the "library" trail.

My goal was an uninhabited trail for me to run with Bellatrix.

I ordered new trail runners and a nice pair of running pants and a sports bra on clearance from EMS, inspired by email marketing and seeking motivation to get out there running.(Ok, don't call me a hypocrite after mocking the gear heads. . .waterproof trail runners and $13 running pants with zipper for phone are awesome!!)

I love trail running!

So it was a great day as my child enjoyed the driving there. Goal was a park about an hour drive for driving practice. We were obky honked at four times I think....not bad for the first run of driving on highway. I typicslly venture out west but we drove east into one of the most challenging driving areas. My teen navigated that are of the 95, 495 395 insanity pretty well. Heck if teaching how to drive one needs to learn CITY navigation to be safe.

We started in our neighborhood, circling around the block. Funny actual first stop our library where I returned a book of Zora Neale Hurston stories I have had out for or far too long, and a book on tape of a historical account of the Freedom Rides.

Very pleased I am finally catching on and did not accidentally lose this entry looking for the title...ha, like usual.
You can do the google if you want to learn more of the 60s Freedom Summer. It was an amazing historical account I took out last March. The library was closed for months and just renewed items for those months. I listened to it twice, as on ride back and forth to college for one child when had to help her move stuff put of her dorm it was in my car and she was interested in hearing it.

So timely as the purpose of the activism then was to make the right to vote real, not in theory only, but to address the voter suppression of the day.

Timely as once again that is at issue. If post office closed, democracy is denigrated. No address, no vote.
If evictions happen en mass, democracy is denigrated.
No address, no vote.

Ah time for church!
Main point was it was a great day yesterday of a nice drive and a trail run with Bellatrix on an almost empty trail. I saw one other lady with a dog, and two kids on the mountain bike trail on their bikes go by where the running trail crosses near that, and a deer.

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