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2021-02-16 - 11:20 a.m.

Ever type thoughts then decide not to send a rambled message, which if intended to send would have edited

To realize somehow already sent it?

I RARELY even IM or text.

I kinda hate it.

So its funny I did so with an acquaintance lol

Maybe its a message the person needs to hear?

Maybe we ALL need to hear it?

Be your authentic self. Unabashedly

Even IF it is scary

EVEN if it is hard to balance in our world of business.

It can be done.

I also have a truly STRONG intuitive feeling that if this particular person wants to take their love and joy of sharing their gifts with this world, actualize
their potential and step unto their power to influence in a way they have done so successfully but if wish to do so to an even greater level,
To reach MORE people

To an unimagined reach
With love and joy and actual EASE

That not only does Genuine Gratitude Generate Growth

But bringing their WHOLE self to their work is essential.

I can't wait to watch their growth I feel they are on the cusp of.

So I feel good about the sent message ( I really had no INTENTION of sending as it was a very instictive response that stared out as a reaction to a FB post best not on a wall as I formulated thoughts!) Butmaybe they needed someone to nudge them, and maybe I can precisely because I AM NOT so close to fear reaction. I am a mere observer, with keen sight.

No vested interest which really helps clarity and ability to bluntly observe. In this case was going to not send message but OOPS it went...
And I believe in things unseen, God working in mysterious ways. Lol

Maybe I was just a conduit....

In any case the small moment was a great reminder to me to be super excited about this juncture where I have opportunity to wait.

And just BE

Knowing I will find the place I am meant to next invest my attention and talents in with time.

Meanwhile, I am happy to have friends expert at web design! I landed a deal on hosting of a site but one needs to be a programmer to use the site to design the web page well! My hosting provider uses an interface which is not the easiest. Laughing as penny wise pound foolish. Setting up the security is more if a challenge than hoped for. I don't want to even market and look for work until know I have all confugs set up such thar NIST 800-171, DFAR and CMMC compliant... I have a rudimentary site design done. I need help and am reaching to outsource.

Hope one of my long time friends, hiking companion will work on this with me. I really need a solid programmer frankly.

One thing I love the idea of is some of the shared office spaces but I need to do more research and consult with security gurus as to how can possibly be compliant if using one router in a shared office. Is it possible?
I don't know.
Suppose if run own separate router? I don't know. I have many questions about this.

Interested in finding out more about what the security challenges and capabilities are in shared office.


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