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2021-03-24 - 1:54 a.m.

The teens finally went to sleep and house got quiet- about an hour ago.

Problem is, they woke me up.
And I have been awake since.

I was thinking of purchasing healtcare, motivated by a headache.

I took allergy medicine as that is a likely cause. Since I did have to leave the house, it is Spring after all.
But I just hope that is all it is. I do have a rash on arm which appeared AFTER playing with the dog when sitting on the floor. I am not so sure that the flea collar I have on here works as well as the sprays I have been using...

Tomorrow will vacume and spray the rug in living room for good measure. I didn't want to do it when the teens were all awake and about of course... should do it when they will not be there for the next three or four hours. So that means early morning!

The dog has been an escape artist when going out into the back yard over the past couple days.

I usually can let the dog wander in and out of the house as she likes on nice days; just prop the back door. She likes to lie on the porch in the sun. She roots around the yard, does her thing and comes back.

That is, until this fabulous weather over this weekend. She took to digging a hole under the fence into the next door neighbor yard, scooting under their fence, and then loves to run under the fence to the woods behind my home ( part of a farm), runs around the woods, and comes back, She on occassion willl run behind the houses, the flip around them and run to the front porch exhubarantly, flunting her freedome and bark at the front door to come in.

So I am trying to train here to NOT LEAVE the yard. Practicing going out there and instead of using chicken to lure her back in ( which works but which I was afraid was reinforcing the exlporation... making it a game.. hoping I would call her name and when she promptely responded and came running home she got chicken...)

I mean that is a good way to train for safety IF The dog gets out once in a long while and then you needn't worry about the dog being safe returning when called..

BUT if the dog neve gets chicken any OTHER time , well then it is a good way to TRAIN The dog to play the game of taking off just for the reward of the return..

So I need to kick up my dog training skills.
And again shore up a hole in the fence.

Back to bed,,, at least the house is quiet again.

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