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2021-05-26 - 8:41 p.m.

I have an incredible Life Business Coach.

It is such a marvelous experience.

I have hired life coaching in the past. The coach I hired helped me much and it was indeed one of the best investments.

Hey I can name that past one! My personal Life Coach for a while was Jayson Blair of Goose Creek Consulting and he has grown his practice over the years. I was one of his first, early coaching clients.

This gift I am receiving now is from an acquaintence I met when hiking years ago.

The current life coaching arrangment includes an NDA so I can't discuss who the coach is, but suffice to say this is part of a practicum of their professiional education at a really well known University where they will earn a Coaching certificate.


As this is helping this person get the experience for school I am a non paying client Similar to how my MSW and LCSW and Social Work friends loved to practice their innovative therapies to help me and gain skill YEARS Ago when I was obviously suffering PTSD from severe abusive situation. ( EMRD WORKS!! YES! I had sessions I was so grateful for; at least it worked for me.)

This session today was absolutely incredible. The coach actually said she sees this power in me, that I am a tremendously powerful person with a true gift of the drive and passion to help others with perseverance. The stubbornness I have which might be a limitation at times is also the greatest gift that the coach thinks I have not yet fully tapped into.

Those were the closing comments.. I won't discuss what led to that.

But I WILL mention that the coach honed in on my relationship with time.

It was really moving and insightful. I was saying how I thought I had no awareness of time, as time is a construct that I think is just this invented thing- not real but that the even if something is not real if enough people buy into it that thing BECOMES the reality of the space and moment we are in such that you HAVE to go along with it.

I was saying that is true of ANYTHING. So whomever can be the strongest influencer essential creates the reality in any given space at any given moment.

Be it regarding time, or anything else. Perspectives are influenced and change and then the reality DOES change to meet them.

Enough now- as Bellatrix needs a walk.

Will finish this thought later.... on how I am good with time, She wanted me to debunk the myth that I am not.

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