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2021-08-31 - 6:03 p.m.

YEAH Thank goodness my bestie called my cell phone and it rang. It was on the floor by my bed. When I used my land line earlier in the day I perplexingly received only a busy signal and could not get the call to go through.

Typical funky unreliable weird phone line.

Just par for the course for me.

On my personal cell phone last week on a call of a meeting I was facilitating there was interference and no one could hear me. Thankfully it was a ZOOM call and we logging in ( moderators/leadership) early to do a trial run of technology.
I therefore had ample time to go FIND my laptop and log into the call from there- which worked.

BUT YES I did have to hunt in my house for the laptop I was grateful to have found in time for the meeting.
life with ADHD.
We with ADHD are creative and talented when we GET there to where we need to be WITH the tools we need. The getting there and managing to have all the tools ready to rock and roll is the hard part.
Never the execution of the actual task/ presentation or subsequent work itself it seems.
So after a bit of a delay for a couple of hours since stopping work I can not balance my accounts and take care of the refinance application final signature and send it over along with means for payment of the appraisal.

I unfortunately DID NOT negotiate an appraisal free refinance. Tried my best but ran out of steam to shop around.

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