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2022-04-12 - 3:30 p.m.

This is so fascinating .

I came to this after finding a piece from one of my oldest's classmates and friends who won an award for the best podcast.

It led me to listening to some of his work-
as a producer,, podcaster-

as I am just tired today and thankfully it is Spring Break so most of my company took off-

work flow slow.

So I can just rest today.

DARN I tried to nap this AM but I CANNOT SLEEP DURING THE DAY,

NO, nothing wrong with my circcadian rhythm

SO I listened to a few really good pieces

Then came across this

which is interesting as it talks of the War on Drugs of the 90s ( in which there were so many LIES and I think the actual CAUSE Of much lifelong drug use- cause YES the LIE Of saying majauana would kill you then made folks already high NOT Be afraid of using other drugs)

BUT it is really quite fascinating and sad to hear this story and know that all the health care professionals
and all who care about people EVEN IF They are drug users-

were IGNORED in the passing of West VAs needle laws
which are apparently ( it looks like) Still on the books.

It is so true that public policy seems to not be caring for these folks who are drug users.
I mean an addict is going to keep using until they don't. I just can't see NOT valuing PEOPLE en mass because they are a user. I don't get it.
IT is as tragic to me as alcoholism.
It makes NO sense to me that there is a ban on Narcan being ADMINISTRED but for a medical professional

and scary to think in the hills of APPALACHIA- this is not just WVA but Kentucky and Ohio
and the reality for me was heard in rural VA years ago when in my naivety I booked a MOTEL for me and the kids to enjoy that Snoopy RACE At a theme park-

(PEEPS WITH KIDS SPRING FOR THE HOTEL... MOTELS are no longer family friendly places with the opiate epidemic still in full swing. IT was terrifying to me to hear through the walls.)

I just do not understand the lack of Narcan being made available to WVA and those poor mountains when for years the phamacutical companies made MAD MONEY KNOWING The highly addictive danger of pain killers that they overprescribed
CREATING this crisis for profit.

It is so crazy
and tragic

Interesting the whole interview- listening to the whole thing is really interesting and informative.

DANG as a homeowner I can understand the person who knew every time she hired someone who had a habit they were going to steal from her....

but the interesting justification of the homeowner "WOW that I HAVE to be in a physical confrontation "


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