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2022-04-22 - 11:50 a.m.

Came here as read reminder email to report volunteer hrs for the art org. Idk how many hrs spent! But ....I have vented here so perhaps a quick search will yield evidence of hrs spent on the marketing project.

I did get into it.

And yielded sadly a

VeRY SMALL RETURN. Just a few hundred dollars raised.

There is a wonderful fund raising event coming up for this org soon. It will be fabulous. My winery owner frien Said he will donate a basket. Dang I likely have to go gather stuff from him and if he is in a mood I might just be buying the bottles of wine and tasting so I am donating the basket. He is unpredictable frankly! ( Yes my crazy friend. He acted so gracious then when I said I would come get it he made some comment like he wasn't doing it as the event is at another winery. He was being odd.. and a mood. )

Money is tight for me just now so not sure I will buy a tix to support but I already said that was donated! So if he stiffs me I will just put it together on my dime and buy his stuff. He is a great host to clients! It's just he, I swear, has some weird moments of negativity...mentally not in good place moments ..and can be ...well weird is enough to describe his behavior here... but moreso impulsive in comments designed to rile one up whichI tend to ignore and not feed into. I just don't worry about them. Lol. maybe he was in a funky I will stop by with the basket to get together assuming he is donating as he promised! Will see... but ready if need to placate him and buy the bottles and tasting. Whatever....cheaper to support that way than but a ticket to the event. I just need to budget carefully now. It's a

matter of priorities and timing!

I need a new heat pump.

I knew this...
But opted for the new windows first as can live without ac in summer and my auxiliary electric heat worked.

Of course prefer to have AC.

I thought maybe not having AC would make everyone seek jobs I air conditioned spaces! That was not a reason to not fix it but rather I thought might be a possible benefit from the misfortune of not being able to afford to fix it last year.But they really had no energy last year to consider that. They are all physically much healthier I think than a year ago! One actually completed a job application.. no call in response but hey I am pleased the kid was positive about the possibility that job could be manageable on a part time basis to start with their POTS. At least open to trying!

Heck worst happens is it is not for them and doesn't work out just MIGHT work out to be actually not only manageable but enjoyable! I really believe my kids all will find some job they either like or at least can manage doing and will like both the growth of independence and earned money.

I pushed through my own resistance to make dome needed edits to my company web site. I proofed the work a good month ago of changes made by the pro after my feedback from the last edits she made. She is outstanding! I just prefer not to use the royal "We" as if the company I'd a whole team of folks. I let that linger a bit as there are some amazing folks was talking to about collaboration but none came to fruition yet.

One I need to call again. It just did not feel like time yet as I am bot yet ready to be so fixated and obsessive and I feel like in picking it business I have yo ready to go there!! Ready to work your for a short period to build the business. Just not feeling its time yet.

Need to be orrsent and grounded here to give kids the landing pad and launching pad while they figure out next steps

In a few weeks need to move one college student home for summer.

Two others graduate and are job hunting in hope of staying in their current towns. Time will tell!

I am just glad the basement has new windows that are easy to open and it's electric was rewired last year so I feel it is safer for basement dwellers!! There is no separate entrance! One way out and in but for windows so those old crappy ones that were hard to open and got stuck really were a fire Hazard!

I filed my tax return later than usual. I forgot why motivated every year to do so really timely UNTIL
My E-file got rejected
As one kids social security # already filed.

Bawwhh haha haha

I forgot

I honestly thought it somewhat hilarious and also predictable.

I mean really....

That kid has been living here full time for well over a year.
( Remember the battle of living room boxes??? Ha ha)

In past I never wanted nonsense.
So filed early.

So I MAILED the return on time and hope the hold up is not too long as will use my refund for the new heat pump.
And ...if needed to help college students....if can do so. I told one that I will help her. She us my dependant and her income added to my household Adjusted Gross. Since there were substantial credits for Coronavirus etc this year I want to pass them onto the oldest graduating college who will need a security deposit and first and last month rent if she lands a job and needs to get her first apt somewhere. She may need some help! So pricing heat pumps but will see what works out.

Not really feeling essential to replace it yet but if can do so that will be fantastic! Based on climate here I still think of AC as a luxury..
With new windows we can open them all at night to get cool air flow then shut up the house all day. Will see!!

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