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2022-04-15 - 9:05 a.m.

Five minute morning pages
I feel like I expended too much energy this AM looking at my calendar for the wrong reasons.
Ce la vie
I have a really busy weekend but honestly the priority for me is that it is EASTER!
I hope to get my family into celebating SOME way.

I remember when my oldest two were teens and hit that kinda anti organized religion thing...
how I brought us all to Washington DC to visit a Ukranian Church.

I was looking for Russian Orthadox and found the Ukranian Church right near Catholic U.

The preceding weeks I searched for how to make those intricate painted Easter eggs; and found recipies for special bread and all the Orthodox Catholic traditions I could find.

There is Roman Catholic and Orthodox as there had been a breach , with Contantinople?
Then there is the Byzantine Catholic church; the Greek Orthodox as well... distinct from the Eastern Orthadox.

It was a way to make it interesting and get my kids engaged and it really worked then!
I now am worshipping at a church I am comfortable in and it was not my local Catholic Parish. I just couldn't do it anymore as the diviciveness of the priest there was too much for me. A lady in tears outside of Mass one Sunday is one of the last memories I have. I was encouraging her to not judge the whole church by that one priest and consoling her as her brother invited her to Mass and she finally chose a Sunday to go-
ALONE for herself

Not with him
and it was a week the priest ranted on the evils of those murdering by abortion

Without any sensitivity.
This woman was feeling attacked and was so deeply upset at what she felt was hateful discourse.
I agreed with here there was ZERO Compassion in this priest.

Ce la vie...
It just wasn't working for me to go to a church my family would never want to go to.
So I found a church that is not antithical to them for who they are

BUT They STILL won't go! (Often... the younget on occassion.)
Sleepiness of POTS the culprit sometimes
BUT choice I think is moreso the reason. No one WANTS To get up for church even as late as 10pm.

Again #1 parenting tip : Don't allow it to be a CHOICE too early! Can never roll back.

Some things are better if families keep doing them together EVEN if not everyone agrees with everything-
just go make the best and enjoy the time together and hold onto SOME family traditions.
It needn't be church but it is good for families to spend time TOGETHER out in community somewhere.

Off to work.
Holy Thu, or Maudy Thu as the Protestants call it was last night.

The day of Jesus being hung on the cross after his betrayal honored and reflection on that sacrifice he made at God's command.

I am going to subject my kids to the one Easter Tradition that they can't get around HA HA

Godspell will be played today.
Today TV is mine.
Sure they will get some time for the video games- but I will play that and get some Easter eggs filled for the kids at church for the Egg hunt.
AND prepare baskets for these anti establishment teens.
Oh the teen years...
This too shall pass.

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