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2021-11-01 - 8:24 a.m.

I hate when I turn on my computer in the morning with an intention in mind but then I go to social media at twitter away time.

It is really a time sucker. I try not to get sucked in.

David ( OK did I really nickname him that?) It will have to do...
is prolific on one of the social media sites. Memes re-posted that were posts from sites he follows or else really great photos he has taken. ( He is a good photographer; a professional actually as he works in marketing and frankly that is part of the reason it is so easy to find him interesting and alluring The PHOTOS and the CONTENT he creates
I mean just expert marketing! LOL
So I like his BRAND

That is actually true.

Good content which is fun and funny with the same kind of humor my family vibe is.

so that was the morning distraction.

I can't believe it took almost a half hour of my time .

I enjoyed Halloween with my kid in band. Was fun to dress up and go hand out candy to the kids that showed up to the parade that the marching band played in.

I came home and promptly fell asleep IN

oh no that is not correct-- I came home COOKED dinner ( easy rice for leftover stirfry made with some tofu and veggies; steamed some fresh green beans from farmer's market and made one of those lipton noodle things side dish my kids like for them.)

I ate and THEN took the dog for a very quick walk and THEN Crashed in my clothes.

I thought I might be taking a nap. I had told my bestie I wanted to go our with her for a bit- as she is always a blast and halloween truly is her thing but her phone is not working ( likely needs to pay the bill I am guessing. I think she does that in person at the Verizon store- She is paranoid about her info on line. She pays bills in person and doesn't seem to use electronic payments for anything.)

SO I am sure she just didn't plan ahead in her ADHD and as the last day of month fell on a Sunday they likely were not open or she could not get there to take care of the bill I am guessing she forgot about. When she plans travel she PREPAYS the bill for months at a time. She prepays her car insurance for months ahead in cash.
She also has often been in work where paid in cash frankly so cash has been and still is her primary means of payment. She did get a credit card to enter the modern world as places now don't even take cash sometimes- but she has complained about how crazy that is that some places don't even want to accept cash.

The airport being one. I think it was United that she said was difficult for her when she wanted to pay to check a bag and they told her they don't take cash.

In any case I called her a couple days ago and asked if she wanted to go out for Halloween and told her I wanted to go out with her for just a bit

She suggested a place; in the same town actually as the parade I went to with the highschooler in band. ( But after the parade we needed to go home to eat)

But as her phone was dead- she came by and left a NOTE which I did not see until AFTER got home.

It said "Meet me at 6pm"

but did not saw where. ( home or the place we talked of going to? One is 20 min in one direction; the other 20 minutes in the opposite direction- and I was just tired and by the time got home had no idea where she would be then.)

And I was gone well before 6pm - so saw the note AFTER back.

I had tried to call a few times prior to leaving. So I missed her.

I realized with COVID Still out there just as well. Mitigate risk and avoid going out as of yet except once in a while and I still prefer being outdoors to do so.

I really want my third booster shot as I received the first shots early. They apparently do show losing effectiveness after about 8 mos based on studies. In fact one site I had me confirming my vaccination and it would not ACCEPT my first shot! It wanted a both shots within some time frame for which my first one was too old. ( That may have been the pharmacy where I got Covid tested OR the film festival itself- I forget which now.)

The assisted living place I work had a clinic ( the week before last) and I got notice of it the day before it happened. It was a text from my boss telling me of it- and I texted back I was coming. But it ended at 4om and for some reason I did not remember until after 4om! It was Wed and I finished working around 2:30 or 3 pm that particular day, and laid down to take a nap! I was TIRED! And then I awoke and THEN Remembered the clinic! I should have put it on my work calendar...DANG.

But the thing is the pharmacies all have the booster shot in and it is easy to get the third shot if eligible. So today I plan on doing that!

I already voted on Saturday, along with my kid registered to vote, as there was an early polling place set up at our local community center.

NOW before I awaken the dog for the morning walk she wanted an hour ago when we both awoke (ONE HOUR LATER not out of bed... dang I was tired... the dog too as she just went back to sleep promptly-
OH YEAH In good news I RAN on Saturday and my ankle that was recently sprained felt ok!! I did tape it and I think that helped much. The Semper Fi fund sent the swag as I was a fundraiser on their team. I did a 5K as that was what I could handle coming off injury. I didn't want to overdo it. So I signed up as a fundraiser only but they sent the running swag anyway- a couple snacks and I was very excited to find the athletic tape in there!)
Before I get up- one last thing-
I will do the thing I turned on this computer to do!!

I will email the school to ask they send info to get my other high school student, the one that YEAH IS BACK IN SCHOOL!! Set up to ALSO Get a senior picture,
I could not schedule that kid on the on line scheduling portal as they never sent her student ID to the company taking photos so they need to send her info to them as a student.

BOTH at the same local high school

* Makes so much more sense than shipping one off to the other town for a couple remaining classes. When my chronically ill POTSIE wanted to continue in person and sent an email to get their schedule we were shocked to receive this odd push back of the school first responding "You need to go to adult ed" That made no sense ( my kid was 18 at the time- since turned 19). So it has been some back and forth and a PROCESS including hiring a lawyer and a hearing review of the principal's decision NOT to enroll my kid in their neighborhood High school after that was specifically requested. I mean who has to REQUEST to get enrolled in a school they are already enrolled at? IT was so crazy... my kid has been a student there and the school just DROPPED my kid from the rolls after the failure of last years on line classes.. So it was a process! The Head of Student instruction determined it WAS not a good decision to not enroll my kid and agreed that it was an appropriate thing to have my kid finish the two classes at their school. .

So it turns out BOTH my now seniors are in English class together with the absolute BEST teacher. That is the good news after months of this absolute nonsense of having to fight for my kid to go back to their high school. It was just unheard of craziness. I hope the rest of this year goes very smoothly for both my kids finishing up high school! They are working on their common apps. Many kids already know where they are going to college- I am happy that both of them now are excited about particular college programs and know where they each want to apply. The youngest really was not motivated and had not clear ideas and was not enthusiastic at all about that process until about three weeks or a month ago when finally had the vision of what she wants. So that is good news! She is excited and enthusiastic about applying to colleges now. Prior she was not even sure she wanted to go at this point as had no idea what she wanted to study and it seemed like so much of an investment if don't know what you want yet in life. I was encouraging her to go ANYWAY And figure it out while in college- as I think the environment of being off on own helps kids grow so much if they are able to get to college! The youngest has a 3.7 grade point. I think she had no idea that is NOT COMMON!! Her school is full of overachievers with helicopter parents; tiger moms and money... I mean privileged kids fortunate with parents heavily motivated in being invested in their kids education and really prioritizing going to college as a life goal. ( aka Filthy Rich Kids) This is the shame of education in America. There should not be such a class divide that it is only the well off who go to four year colleges. But then again, I wonder who is WINNING In the end. Maybe it is the families with the folks doing good honest hard workign laboring jobs for less money but who STAY CLOSE and learn KINDNESS And how to help each other out and value FAMILY TOGETHER over the almighty dollar we should have envy of. Maybe the grass is always greener should be... Who has the most enriched happy FAMILY LIFE and perhaps the brown grass is that which should be envied. I swear there is such a misalignment of values and priorities I think my kid was not at all enthusiastic about college as she lives in this bubble her and just wonders WHY do I want to enter this society and jump on the never ending tread mill of labor for someone else and be miserable? I don't think where we live she is seeing much JOY in the work of folks. But she is informed by pandemic, existential crisis and all that... This generation does have realities heavy that have weighed on their spirits. So it is GOOD to see her doing better with her attitude and mental health now back in school; back in band with friends; and excited about a course of study! Now to write that email- I do want BOTH my kids to participate in the upcoming Senior Week activities- and BOTH to have year book pictures etc. I will not be quite it the school "allows" my 19 year old to take classes but ignored my kid as a student in the school community. That is NOT acceptable.

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