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2021-11-26 - 11:22 p.m.

Three months after I found this amazing Airbnb at beautiful farm house literally in my old neighborhood where I lived ( on a farm); for $50 a night,

the place is now renting for $175 a night.

Other places are as high as $600 a night for a whole small farmhouse. CRAZY prices as there are so few spaces and it is a beautiful location.

So in the crazy irony of life....

I mean I thought it was so nutty that of all places when I dated a fellow last year when he and his roommate were coming out here for us to go for a drive to the county that they drove right through my old tiny hick country town in the middle of nowhere to go

RIGHT to the same place I used to drive to on the back of a motorcycle with the serious boyfriend I had post divorce- the one who I was in love with and nearly engaged to who then cheated on me...
and it all fell apart.... I mean it couldn't have been a more particular route in the drive we took there last year literally driving past the road of my former family home; then literally past the rode of my former serious boyfriend's house on on the mountain and then one of the exact motorcycle routes we would take. I mean there are so many country roads but they were told of that ONE. That ONE that is not particularly known except by locals. ( AH a mutual friend- funny now my guitar teacher was the friend who gave them that tip. We had stopped by his home to have a porch visit which was fun. He and his wife and kid on their porch and we masked up visiting from the drive and yard all distancing. I was six feet from my date that day outdoors!! We were serious about Covid Safety in our dating throughout that pandemic- masking and going out in public but for the times spent at his DC Condo. It was a nice dating relationship and nice to have a companion during the first year of the pandemic but we just never fell for each other so once things lifted it was easy to let that go. It was just so weird that on that date- The exact stomping grounds I had inhabited.were on the agenda. It seemed so uncanny at the time. It was so weird and brought up so many things for me.

Yet it was also so beautiful and healing. I mean after that I think when I see the pictures from that Spring day when the Virginia Blue Bells were in bloom I think of my friends and how lovely it is to have become friends with them both and how I do enjoy their company and friendship. I just love his roommate and we chat and get together on occassion still. ( He has moved on to dating someone else and he definately is one to cut ties but for occassional hello with an ex- not one to be socializing with exs. NO HE WANTS A PARTNER and was looking for a long term relationship so if don't meet his criteria and it is not working for him he moves on in his quest. Totally respect that! (SAME!! I have exs I just want to say hi on FB once in a blue moon. I would love to meet for coffee or to sit and catch up over a meal or take a walk BUT NOT TO REKINDLE A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP and that is the problem.... if guys could be platonic FRIENDS after a romance it would be nice but not many can or want to invest time in just friendship. I have not heard from ART again after setting boundaries. My winery friend still gets prickly with me, and vice versa, after we both have set boundaries. At least he maintains the friendship which I give him credit for even though he is as much of a typical man as . When we get irritated with each other it is still good as then I just pick up so many eggs i won't have to go back for a while! LOL

And when I stayed literally a few streets at a different farm this summer I was SO HAPPY And DELIGHTED To be back there just joyfully taking in the beauty of that space I loved and actually chose at one point.

It made me so happy to visit there .It was so funny as the property we stayed at this past summer abuts the property that is actually a couple doors down from my old house where my friend lives who I used to actually write letters to when I lived in NY for a time. We were old fashioned pen pals! It was so funny to me to be vacationing for an evening in my actual old neighborhood.

Well life is so darn funny

as I found that posting of the AirBnB stayed at this past summer as my current lover had told me he was moving. This is the weekend of the move- Well after off work and on his day off.

He previusly had told me via text he was moving this month and would still be close ( he lives one town over now.)

He is renting just a room now; and its not his place- he can't have guests so I am very happy he found a place as that will change.

He is actually also really excited that as of tomorrow his work schedule shifts from 2nd shift to working first shift. Its a bit of a promotion of sorts better hours and opportunity to learn something new; back in a different role.

I am excited about that as it will likely be easier to see him and he is excited not only for that it seems ( YAH!) but also that he will have time to do the things he loves. He has a particular passion with a particular sport...
But I don't want to give away details that would be too particular to am not going to mention that detail here of his thing...

except I really hope to get to see him in flow; in action with that at some point. I mean there is nothing more fun to me than to watch someone do something they love and be it sports performance or music or arts the act of mastery is such a beautiful thing. YES he is a bit of a master of his craft I believe. ( I do tend to like intense serious people... and he is no exception when it comes to his passions.)

So tonight he came over and we had a lovely walk with Bellatrix first as I reallly wanted her to get tuckered out and not be yapping for attention! Then we got to spend some time together ; and she was tired and just chose his coat to curl up on and doze.

So I spent a couple hours with him and then before he was leaving I asked
'So where are you moving to?"

and he told me
" We found a log cabin; a friend is moving out and we are getting to move in. "

and of all the darn things- again - it is in that same tiny hick town I used to live in. The same tiny town we took the winding beautiful drive through last summer with my friends before we then drove over the mountain to the Shenandoah River where the blue bells were in full bloom.

I just laughed and told him I used to live there.

Absolutely hilarious.
I was searching to see if there might have been recent listings of the log cabin for rent as am so curious to find out where it is and if I know of it.

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