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2021-12-02 - 6:08 p.m.

I am not home; and finished work elsewhere then waited around to have internet connectivity to be able to attend my 6pm session with life coach.

TO then realize my coach is on vacation!

This session was cancelled.

I just forgot!
Bummer as have an hour commute home and was just keeping busy and working for the past 45 min as could not make it home it time.


Off I go....
I will be a little late for a church meeting I was going to miss. Ce la vie. At least I can make that one and am happy to. I have some resources to share with them I think are aligned with the church's vision and mission-Anti racist education. I am happy to attend a progressive church that believes in addressing that issue directly. This church addresses social issues without being avoidant and I really appreciate that I went to a local NAACP chapter small discussion group on how to be an ally; and they have curated materials for the Allyship sessions to be held in other small groups. It was the NAACP religious affairs committee who organized their event. The idea is to get all sorts of folks to talk about the issue and be heard and hear each other to develop greater understanding and tolerance of each other. I am all for that.
I have all sorts of friends with divergent views and perspectives and experiences in life. We can all learn to appreciate and not judge each other- but ONLY If we actually GET TO KNOW each other.

That is the key.
Get outside of your own head, and your own experience to hear another's perspective and gain some appreciation of them.

OK- now off into the wild world of commuting from D.C.

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