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2022-01-18 - 9:37 p.m.

I have not ine but two graduating seniors.

Not one, but two have failed to submit a college application for next year.

It is their story so all I am saying about this is from the perspective of my story.

I have been a worried nervous wreck about tgeir futures, watching some decisions they each have made in relation to consideration of going to college.

One did work on an application Friday with hope of finishing by that school's due date.

She did not get it done.

The other wants to attend a school with rolling admission. They said "It has a 70% acceptance rate. I will get in."

I encouraged applying early and getting the FAFSA in early.

My consideration of this is that financially that makes much more sense! The eaelier one files fir FAFSA the better, as in more money allocated in aid tham if apply late. That is a fact currently as a bucket of money ( so to speak) is given to a school and the school then doles it out until it is gone. If applying to a school with rolling admission best apply as early as possible!

Maybe the one is not ready to go off to college. There is a bus that can be taken from just a few blocks away to the community college. There is that option.

Will see....
Neither of these kids have jobs either. I keep encouraging the one at least to consider working part time in the kitchen at the retirement community. They both literally volunterred many hours playing games and just hanging out with the residents chilling.

Old folks love the company of young people. They had been coming with me and helping out ( as official volunteers ) there when COVID hit. Then my one kid was holed up at Dad's not going anywhere for months and I swear it was the wirst thing for her. She was depressed before but it has been clearly worse. When she came here then and had school only on line she basically soon started logging into class from bed. I swear for about a year that one kid did not get out of bed but to eat.( the other was in bed all the time already due to POTS. So last year it was clearvthe younger one was having similar issues.

Too bad due to COVID the routine of them coming to work with me stopped as it was good for them and had it never been interupted I bet the the youngest at least ( if not both) would be working there now.

They both do have POTS so it is hard for them both.

I just wish they both had gotten the applications in. Because it may be that one or both is not well enough to attend college next Fall. However it is a possibilty one or both WiLL BE mentally and physicslly well enough, however without applying now the chance to go then can not be manifest.

It is just disappointing as the youngest was SO CLOSE to completing the application.

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