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2022-01-25 - 12:08 p.m.

Just a 2 min vent
I fixed one mistake made by someone else.
There are two other content errors ( repeated phrase, missing punctuation)
There is WAY TOO MUCH text for effective marketing.

I ramble here.
This is diary dump.
But marketing needs to be Clean visually


End of vent.

I have client work to do. I have my business worj to do.

I am forgiving of mistakes. I drafted a SIMPLE DOC at work and made three OBVIOUS errors.

My biggest mistake is not proofing tgat but wanting it done quickly ( and hit save then attach the send and shut down computer as kid had Dr. Appt. My last version was NOT saved...
Sent the half baked earlier iterarion I think!! Ce la vie. Or i waa sloppy...possibly thought of changes but never made them? I mean tge mistakes were things I intended to strike out. One clearly my error... 2021 rather than 2022)

But I digress

Point being we ALL make mistakes.

But it irritates me when mine are highlighted and no one notices their own or tge others' mistakes in the same space.

That my friends is a microinequity.

Reason is often not nature or seriousness if tge error

Sure sometimes it is. I can accept the last error on the volunteer work WAS a big one!! Even if caused by constraints of using meta on phone! Newly developed I created what I thought was a draft and it PUBLUSHED not even half baked event!!! I was not on a computer and could not edit via phone app. The dumb half baked interface ( See even FB meta pros make egregious mistakes) would not support edits!! Even had a cost but interface vua phone stopped at $99 !! Wrong....likely programming error of character spaces)

Ok letting go.

All this as two mistakes found I cant just fix as staying in my lane. I AM NO LONGER MARKETING and tasked with fundraising.

Ok got this.

Letting go..

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