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2022-01-29 - 4:22 a.m.

So only one person signed up for an event I did work to get the facilitator to run for the Arts org.

Lack of effective marketing the reason. But we are volunteer org. No one had time and all did their best.

I misjudged that the strength of the person running the program alone, and THEIR network would pull some folk.

But the person did not self market either.

Self marketing ALWAYS has an impact.

A bit disappointing.

Its time for a fundraising campaign and as one else to do it and I believe this is a worthy org to keep afloat with funding...
My volunteer efforts are to be put into this.

Not much headway on my own business...but slow steady progress on the web site. I want a kickin web site and a couple folks to create a team.

Needs: a proofreader/ admin someone to be my right hand person. I had THE best sidekick at my last job. Taught him what I could and did alot of editing of his first drafts but he also was helpful proofreading mine!!
There is an amazing gal I work with now and she is fantastic to work with. Great proofreader! I just forget to leverage her as much as should!! Reminder here to do so.

In other news laptop wi fi adaptor crashed a tew weeks back when ran a scrub from a PC mag highly rated security program. Foget name of it but it removed a crazy amt of nonsense spywear. Unfortunately it also I believe crashed my wi fi adapter driver - maybe it was corrupted and then reinstalled and perhaps something essential was thought to be spyware and removed? That or its a hardware problem. My kid wants to take apart my laptop to unplug then reattach the component.

Waiting to reinstall driver first. Of course not finding the cable needed. Think in housecleaning got rid of random stuff and am sure once had one...not HDMI but the other forget what called.....all know is hoped to have found it in my friend's office weeks ago ( Dr. Fauci) but he too did not have it...the library did not have it....

Last time my kid took apart a laptop they did fix an issue but the thing was wonky and never closed correctly. Some screw got lost...something else broke ( on outside not essential)...

It was annoying to use and fragile.

My current laptop was a discounted cheap HP and clearly one gets what they pay for as HP themself pushed so much spyware nonsense. I hated their interruption and nonsense cluttering up my computer and not just letting it be.

Marketing BS....

Goals for weekend: one lingering work thing. Snall thing but frustrating yet a puzzle compelled to figure out: why numbers run by someone in callculations sent me differ fron numbers I and PM both came up with. Before I flip to accounting I have to TRY to figure it out!! I don't want to bug the Accounting Dept unless have to. Breaking my ruke of ledgering every min worked. I have been valuing myself and being really accurate about that bit this week harder to do so! I got obssessive and fixated on a project I wanted done ( as it would help others move forward....) IT WAS not MY priority , yet others need the info as it helps them be more efficient.
So even though ot wasn't important for ME it was essentially a Report or compilation of up to date data points others rely on. Reporting is important but I find it on my back burner in light of feeling urgency to move real time negotiations and new business along. I therefore have at times " Got it done" quickly but rushed when tired last minute. So I noticed some gaps. Wanted to this month be really slow and deliberate to fill in the gaps and improve quality and througness and bring it to completion with greater detail and clarity. So I soent time on two different reports to improve them. Mainly as there are new folks and that wilm help them!! Likewise having really clear articulated process overview and procedures manual helps new folks much.

I am in clean house mode at work focusing on how I do things and how as a team our work flow moves to see if there is anything in my dept thst may be improved. ( Might not be! But I think thst rare and even if the only improvement is in the granular steps I take - still worth the inquiry )

It was just an odd week.

Youngest had appt with POTS specialist. This is at the literally world famous expert's office in the world of dysautonomia (as this Dr. Helped many others could not). It was so funny hearing a gal in the waiting room nervous saying so to her mother that she was surprised how excited she was abd felt like about to meet a celebrity. Lol
That phenomena of nervous if meeting a celebrity itself is funny to me.

What threw off my week was my kids appt was supposed to be final consultation and diagnosis and treatment plan after much testing.

But instead of the one hr expected ( during lunch!) It was again the notorious all day thing. Not without reason. Two more tests were run. I understood why....
I watched an echo of arteries carrying blood up sides of the neck to my kid's brain....

Final diagnosis of POTS made.
Treatment plan set forth. As expected Dr. Does not want to treat ADHD as psyciatric until addresses Actual physical POTS caused by EDS and MCAS.

Sheesh...depression definately also issue in this kid but this Dr. Thinks treat the dysautonomia and that too may improve. The treatment plan for this kid uniquely different from the other three this office treats.

DR. said try herbal licorice root first as it has been found to improve circulation. If after the intial Vit D and licorice root and increase water with just honey and salt to make one's own ekectrolyte mix....does not work THEN the doc wants to try Strattera for brain fog ADHD symptoms. Wants to avoid controlled substances and stimulants for this kid.

Different from others. Each unique. Interesting to me and I think this is an exceptional Dr. Personally. Even if one of mine does not agree. I SAW two out of three improve when follow advice and treatment plans. True the one kid of mine likely is no better or worse but pretty much same both when took medication as when after stopping following advice and just stopped. Kinda not much difference... but in the other two SIGNIFICANT help from taking prescribed medications and actuslly following advice.

Reminder to do:
Call dermatologist for one of mine. The adult who did not follow up yet . Needs my help to get it done. I put it off as need to offer help and make call WITH the 19 yr old that said wants to handle own medical care when can...Allergist wants biopsy to identify what the mastyctosis cells are (mast cell activation syndrome caused splotchy darker patches on skin rash- something formed and wonder what. Hope no concern). This kid will not cooperate if not involved in decision making.

Call psycologist for the other.

My week was derailed as the one hr out of office Mon turned into all day. Ended up working and billing only 2.5 hrs!! Next day:
Got shit done couple days ok..

BUT more on my To Do for work not done by Fri night that I WANTED done!! I knocked out reporting project as it was lingering on back burner for too long...
The problem was I sprained my ankle mid week!! Ugh! So had to rest it mid day a bit. Had shorter work day. The once got the reporting project done today there waa no time left to finish the one last thingbof figuring out where there is either data discrepancy or math or logic ( formula chose)

I may just trouble shoot and figure out that puzzle of mu numbers not matching someone elses this morn on my time and not ledger it...
Cause I could have flipped it to accounting....i could Mon but will not until I try! And THAT is why I wont bill for that particular time. The accountants could figure it up quickly I am sure. BUT I don'tvjust want to " get it done". That does not satisfy me. I need to fully UNDERSTAND anthing I touch...


Interesting statement
None of us can ever fully understand everything we touch.

So I recognize the danger of flaw/ sin of pride....

But I just want to get it done myself...or at least give a good try before asking for review!

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