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2022-07-20 - 12:52 p.m.

SIGH It was my mistake that I somehow did not see the document of the actual W2 I had in the pile of docs when I sat to file my taxes in JANUARY THEN I forgot about it til April! ce la vie..
I mailed my return April 15th! It was so funny to me that just a couple weeks ago I received back the Green Return Receipt Certified Mail confirmation from the IRS that they received my mailed docs. The date on it was MAY 5th!
(But it took until late June for the postcard to get to me!)

IRS gives an update on their site: They are doing their best.

Filed a Tax Return (updated July 15, 2022)

The IRS is opening mail within normal timeframes and all paper and electronic individual returns received prior to January 2022 have been processed if the return had no errors or did not require further review.

As of July 8, 2022, we had 11.2 million unprocessed individual tax year 2021 returns. Of these, 1.9 million returns require error correction or other special handling, and 9.3 million are paper returns waiting to be reviewed and processed. This work does not typically require us to correspond with taxpayers but does require special handling by an IRS employee so, in these instances, it is taking the IRS more than 21 days to issue any related refund and in some cases this work could take 90 to 120 days. If a correction is made to any Recovery Rebate Credit, Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit claimed on the return, the IRS will send taxpayers an explanation. Taxpayers are encouraged to continue to check Tax Season Refund Frequently Asked Questions.

How long you may have to wait: The IRS understands the importance of timely processing of tax returns and refund issuance. We have processed all error free returns received prior to January 2022 and continue to work the returns that need to be manually reviewed due to errors. We are continuing to reroute tax returns and taxpayer correspondence from locations that are behind to locations where more staff is available, and we are taking other actions to minimize any delays. Tax returns are opened and processed in the order received. As the return is processed, whether it was filed electronically or on paper, it may be delayed because it has a mistake including errors concerning the Recovery Rebate Credit and the Child Tax Credit, is missing information, or there is suspected identity theft or fraud. If we can fix it without contacting you, we will. If we need more information or need you to verify that it was you who sent the tax return, we will write you a letter. The resolution of these issues could take 90 to 120 days depending on how quickly and accurately you respond, and the ability of IRS staff trained and working under social distancing requirements to complete the processing of your return.

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