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2022-07-25 - 6:58 p.m.

Dang; last night when sleeping I heard a noise that I thought was coming from my bathroom- like a chirping and I assumed it was a cricket or maybe a fast fluttering wings of a locust? or chiccada that somehow got stuck inside making noise?

I was so exhausted I kept sleeping and ignored it.

BUT NOW I fell asleep for my nap and heard the noise again-but this time when I heard it my brain thought
"Is that a rattling noise? Not a chicada- but like a rattlesnake?"


Could there be a snake in my bathroom? OR is it just a bug?

And then I woke up fully as the sound put me immediately into high alert.

OH Crap

So I googled to hear what rattlenakes sound like. ANd it is quite. So I napped a bit more
then heard it again.


IT is distrubing as I assumed last night it was a little bug and did not care.

But I am on a 2nd floor !! I mean it can't be a snake, right?? I am up too high for a rattlesnake to have gotten in my bathroom.

BUT then again... they like dark damn spaces.. where the heck is it and where is noise coming from?

I looked- I honestly am a bit nervous as my bathroom is cluttered just now with a pile of dirty clothes OVER the hamper ( not in it. I apparently washed its liner but it did not make it back to the hamper. No idea where that is.)

My room is a mess. I have to clean it. But the noise is not not making me eager to go pick up that bathroom. The dog is here with me- she did not react. Maybe a dream?? Sheesh...

maybe I am just having vivid dreams!

IT sounded so real.
79 degrees out.
Time to open up the house and get some fresh cooler air in here.
I think I will take Bellatrix for a walk and then come back to work on the document that I have to prepare ( should be about an hour or less or work!). Will listen if I hear anything when AWAKE and here.

Hmm the dog is going in the barhtoom just now.... sniffing around...

heck she just came out. It is just making me a bit nervous!

Off for the walk.
Will see eventually what it is.

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