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2022-07-27 - 12:45 p.m.


I have ADHD

Why the hell can't they design sites to be user friendly?
DOUBLE CLICKING A LINK should never cause an issue

I think it is ABELIST design for double clicks of links to make a site not work.

I am not kidding/

Stop being abelist world.

The world is set up for the avg person. But how hard would it be to design a site such that a double click does NOTHING

doesn't bump you out
freeze up
of cause the site to be concerned if you sign in more than once. SO WHAT? After all the security questions how is it possible for the 2nd click to be a hacker??

I see this message AT LEAST ONCE A DAY when trying to access VEC. I just figured out I have been double clicking. CAUSE IT IS A SLOWLY LOADING SITE
so I figure I must not have clicked the prompt yet...
whatever the prompt was. The site is slow. That ENCOURAGES double clicking!

AND BEING ADHD I at least ONCE when navigating most sites accidentally bump a back browser. It just HAPPENS. HOW IS that an operational "incident"? ( I will never forget the SOC guys at one workplace telling me I show up on their radar all the time cause I hit the back button... WTF? This is when I was working on an operations team. They finally came to tell me that triggers an error. They have to vet every error to see what it is. It created nonsense busy work for them.

WHAT THE HELL? Do hackers use back buttons on others computers to access info?? when cahed and saved?

So once again I got:
"Improper Access
Oops! Looks like the page was accessed improperly. It could have happened due to the following reasons:

Clicking the browser's Back or Forward button
Refreshing the web page
Accessing the VA UI application from multiple browser windows/tabs simultaneously
Accessing a specific bookmarked web page
Double clicking on a button or link
Clicking on another button or link when the browser was busy processing a request submitted earlier"
Yesterday I filled out one A PAPER form received in mail from VEC- after having completed another to almost completion on line but then bumping the back button...

I mean it is such a PIA.

I GET it that it is hard and navigating systems can make anyone frustrated. BUT you have to push through and get it done. That is the part I don't understand- when people give up when faced with frustration. Challenges make me more determined and not less determined. I try HARDER. I become MORE focused and fixated on getting it done. I look for alternative ways. I might get passive agressive sometimes ( HA HA) like when I found the form to fill out and MAIL IN it might be not as NEAT as I would prefer in my rushing. But hell I mail in the shitty but completed form... and they can read and process it. Sloppy though it is..I TRIED to do it clear and neat on line. But when bumped re-did it. Re-dos are not going to be neat if due to YOUR process sucking!

All this rambling as the porch was not dry and there were patches on the OUTSIDE I forgot to scrub and on the very bottom of one post... one corner that goes to the ground a bit of green ....stuff... growing...
So had to clean more and give it a few to dry before slapping paint on it. This was the front porch QUICK job started at 7am.Damn it is 1pm and not DONE and onto the back yard yet. The cleaning thoroughly took longer than expected ( of course).

But hey at least I moved laundry along as well. Progress.

Now back to the damn website to see if locked out or if can make progress on the many docs they need me to fill out about my separeation from my employer ( who I still work for but as a client of my company but for only a few hrs.)

OH realization I made:

If you have a job where there is just not that much to do. KEEP Quiet and keep on keeping on.

Seriousy I was stressed over not having 20 hrs of actual work for the part time 20 hr a week job.

YET I KNOW no one has actual 40 hrs for their 40 hr week jobs there.And they are ALL OK with this!
I may have gotten fired as in my seeking things to do it made others uncomfortable. It doesn't make people feel GOOD if anyone calls attention to the fact they seem aware no one really works that hard.

BUT I WANTED A JOB WITH GOOD WORK LIFE BALANCE to get shit done timely when important... but also with decent work life priorities.

I LOVED working for the VP who is not hopping on a call as is going to kids lacrosse game.

I LOVE that the CEO is MIA sometimes and shows up when feels like working and no one really cares or worries.

BUT They support when he does have spurt of energy and gained six new clients in one week.

I loved the 5 min super efficeint calls with the boss when need input but NOT TALKING OR TEXTINg OR HAVINg MEETINGS UNLESS NECESSARY.

I kinda loved the company vibe.

I joked it totalluy matched my family vibe

which is work hard when it makes sense to but FUCK BUSY WORK for the sake of looking like you are busy and pretending you are important.

None of that BS.

So that is why it is so disappointing.

I think my own inherent Type A personality I try to quelch is in fact the reason they are like... Hell not the best fit... lets do 1099 that way you can find more work.


But I WANT to be able to be more chill.

Ce la vie.

Off to paint the porch- ( Finally! IT has GOT TO BE DRY And I think I did not miss anything else needing cleaning. )

Will do a quick GET IT DONE not perfectionist job and move on to the back of house.

unless I can get back into the VEC site. Not sure how long they lock one out. Will try to get more paperwork done there first. Think have til 31rst so if still locked out will try again, or tomorrow.

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