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2022-07-27 - 1:35 p.m.

WTF HAPPENED? I still don't know how I get bumped when in the middle of filling out The form

Does it just take me too long and it times me out?
I don't think I bumped anything

but AGAIN made it maybe 3/4 through the form inquiring about my discharge

AND THEN Get bumped!!!
DAMN I could have been painting the porch
or job hunting
or if the details I need to finish the one assigned work task were flipped back to me-
could WORK for which I get paid.

This VEC site is frustrating.

OK that was TAKE TWO Today. This time going to paint and try LATER today. It must lock out for 15 or 30 minutes however considering I did get back in SAME day. 9:06 PM update- Tried again. Answered theidentifying questions. Think I answered them all correctly- but then again they gave me this question Which team nickname is associated with a college you attended?* (Select the athletic team name on the college you have attended.) Lions Mustangs Royals Warriors None of the Above Now I have attended ALOT of colleges- six to be exact because I took some classes for professional certifications; some non matriculating. some as a visiting student for graduate work. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees I have no freaking idea what mascot is associated with ANy BUT FOR THE main college I attended for four year for a BA and hoyas for Georgetown? But what the hell is a hoya anyway?? I likely therfore answered that question wrong. I am googling to find if that was why... no.. don't see the above for any. AH George Mason where I most recently completed a professional certification is the Patriots! (HA HA of course they are being close to D.C. Is there an eye roll emoji?? There should be ... Patriots has lost the positve connotation of late I think for some....) "We are not able to authenticate your digital identity based on the information you provided or the device you are using. As a result, please call the Customer Contact Center at 1-866-832-2363 for further assistance."
Ce la vie.. will try again tomorrow. I realized between the part time receptionist work and even 4 or 5 hrs consulting ( yes I logged that this week already with my own company!) I likely will earn OVER the $337 in unemployement pay and therefore won't even GET any unemployment help anyway! HA HA That figures. I mean the amount is so small compared to income. So I just looked it up and in Virginia Currently the maximum weekly benefit amount is $378 That is a bit of a ridiculous disappointment The cost of real estate in Va is so high and cost of everything else here so high such that even at the max amount it will barely help those who actually live her! I mean the MEDIAN Virginia household income is comparable to mine (I am between the median and the AVG). You can't rent an apt around here for less than $1200. If lucky you might find a room for rent for 400 to 600 ( for a room!) My basement would rent for $1000. So the average family will not get enough unemployment help to make an apprechiable difference so they can actually pay rent or mortgage and basic expenses. It definately is nice it exists at all and I won't complain but it seems a bit broken- considering how last round I got one check then it stopped and this time I can't navigate the website easily. Virginia Income Statistics - Current Census Data for Zip Codes › virginia Median Household Income: $76,398. · Average Household Income: $106,023. · Per Capita Income: $41,255. · 11.6% of Households in Virginia are High Income Households I always figure if I have trouble- and despite my ADHD challenges- if I being a highly educated person suavy with computers, who knows a bit about how to navigate sites have trouble- The system is overly complicated for MANY PEOPLE who REALLY DO NEED THE HELP even more than me. I don't worry too much as I know I will land a job and then can catch up. (Even if I can't pay my mortage one month! I mean I know I can call and apply for forebearane and they will likely work something out if I HAD TO. I know I can rent my basement if I have to!) Actually not a bad idea to call and inquire about forebearance. I think I will look into that tomorrow ( just in case!) Not everyone KNOWS to do that but it is really important BEFORE missing a payment in the event of unemployent to call the bank and ask if you can arrange for forebearance. Just like you can take a break and CANCEL Internet service on a Verizon account- then turn it back on later ( I have done that! It saved money and we lived without internet! HA I did it when the kids were in middle school as I did not want them on the computer all the time. IT was actually GREAT at the time. I wish I could do it now.. HA HA... but I am not THAT controlling and I need it for work obviously) Basically if there are temporary extenuating family circumstances- caring for ill family; loss of job, but it is clear that you will be able to land another and earn the income soon- a bank WILL put the mortgage in forebearance and you can skip payments for some months. People are encouaraged to keep paying IF CAN during that time! BUT IF CANNOT then can catch up later OR SOME banks will just do a pause for some months then you resume the payments when working again. Some will faciliate a refinance for a lower monthly payment as well so it is worth talking to the mortgage holder. SIGH Maybe I will get an offer from one of the interviews I had. Hell the 20 hr part time at a great rate that will actually INCREASE my income would be sweet. That job was 8-12. What great hours! I would LOVE that schedule I could easily reschedule the morning Dr. appointments for my kid for afternoon. OH that kid is starting a job soon! That is the exciting news! Better to do allergy shots twice a week for a while more, but as she has been doing them twice a week the past couple months even if she had to go to once a week I think they would still work fine. will see what we can work out. I am so freaking lucky to have my law degree and work in a profession that pays well. I mean it is freaking hard for me to get by. I feel very blessed. But I just wonder what the fuck women who don't have my education DO to get by?? I mean how the hell could they LIVE HERE?? I feel like this place I live in really is classist. I think the answer is- THEY CAN"T IT is freaking nearly impossible for a single parent to be able to support a family in this county I live in. I mean I am lucky engineers and lawyers ( or like me... close to lawyer but not quite ; yet a legal "professional") can make the money to live here. But what about the average govenment employee? They get modest salaries in many jobs. Even Doctors and Dentists are not rolling in dough here it seems. I knew the best Doctor, the kindest man who takes care of elderly in his practice that I spoke to and he told me of the crazy costs he had to pay for his wife's medical care. He was no more successful than the avg Joe in arguing with the insurance company denial of coverage. He was stuggling financially as a result! ( something like a $35 K medical bill) Where I live folks in service industrys often are driving in from West Virginia because they can't afford to live her. I don't get it- where the folks that DO live here make all that money to be able to afford it. Except many of them I suppose ARE engineers... yeah there are more here than most places. Tech centric economy here. That is in fact why I could get the pay I have gotten, because I understand how to write technology contracts. It is a marketable skill here to be really good at that ( and I am). So I am lucky in that regard. It is so ridiculous however that here where I live other things are not valued as highly. When your community can't support its essential workers of teachers and firefighters and EMTs etc. that is just fucked up. Plain and simple. We have a problem with priorities and where value has been assessed. It just makes me sad for those who don't have the safety net of education that is marketable and find a rough patch. I know I will be OK. But I have a good plan. So prayers for all those who have the carpet pulled out from them but don't have a plan and don't even know where to start ! Oh and in other great news- My Teen , the youngest decided to help out and paint the front porch! I had done the trim and she volunteered to help paint. So I asked if she wanted to finish the porch and she said yes. I am so grateful for her help with that! It just made my day! So that got started. It started to rain so she stopped. She will finish tomorrow. I got as far as weeding and then mowing my back yard, then moving everything off my back porch. then sweeping. I had to figure out where to put all the planters that were on the porch with tomato and pepper plants in them so arranged them nicely in the back yard. So my porch is now ready to be powerwashed! I am going to read instructions on line on how to powerwash. I bet safety glasses are recommended!( And I bet most don't bother but I think a good idea as I am clutzy). So tomorrow I will get it done! I am actually looking forward to that task. It will feel good once the back porch is done too!! After the power washing comes the scrubbing if there is anything needing further cleaning ( if the mold did not get removed), then painting!

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