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2022-08-03 - 11:53 a.m.

OK, NOT An anomoly

Now I know that it takes THREE FREAKING DAYS before a transaction authorized with my mortgage company will actually be processed and show up in my bank.

THat is such a lag time.

That is what got me into trouble last month.

HECK it took EVEN LONGER last month when I CALLED IN A PHONE payment.

I mean ridiculously long.

They said the 9th! I thought the 6th...

This really messes me up.

I had talked to the banker at my local branch and she assured me it SHOULD go through faster.
SHe is wrong.
I figured MAYBE the call in payment was the issue.
So this month figured I would trust her and try the electronic one more time.

I had TWO WHOLE DAYS for it to clear

but it didn't

and on the third freaking day THIS AM

A darn AAA bill posted.

I forgot that one.
and THEN The darn mortgage AFTER and it BOUNCED.

REPEAT of last month that I TRIED To avoid.

OK so next month I will WALK IN THe payment and HAND The check to the banker and see how long it posts.

I am not pleased as my other two banking institutions clear things faster.

WHEN on a wicked tight budget how fast a transaction clears MATTERS.

I mean the mortage needs to go FIRST then utlities then the etc....

I need to start to cancel the extra stuff. Will start with AAA and the life insuance policy. I am not traveling and don't need that.

AH SHIT DC guy just invited me to come visit and stay there this weekend. I don't know if I can even afford the gas money.

I have to run my budget. I TRIED TO avoid all those autodrafts but then got busy...well ACTUALLY WORKING

and didn't get them all straight.

OK So today I was doing some things first and then was going to finish the powerwashing and start painting.
BUT NOW I need to handle ALL these financial things-

Working on invoice now- sending that to my YEAH FIRST CLIENT!
*Hard to be excited as it is so few hrs compared to the 20 hr a week they used to pay me. BUT I also have to add that into this months budget.

OK I Am honestly going to tell DC Guy I have to let him know by tomorrow so he can make other plans if I can't come out. I could invite him out here again?? DAMN I wish he lived just a little closer.. but hell some commute an hr to work DAILY....

I am WORTH IT right?

I think I have to just invite him here? I can't afford to freaking travel... I mean I can host. I can cook well enough
I have food here.
But I can't afford to travel... I feel like even to D.C.

It stinks to not even be able to afford NORMAL Dating!! Cause income not sufficient for family needs so no room for even the little extra just now!

SIGH... I just texted him very honestly. I told him will let him know but have to honestly run my budget and numbers...
and that he is welcome to come here if he wants.

Ce la vie...
it is what I can do now.

So onto prioritizing.

I have to take care of these accounts now BEFORE I continue the porch project. (As much as I WANT to get that done and return the borrowed sprayer. I still have the AC to clean! That is another big project once the porch done. 3/4 of the power washing DONE. I have just a small part left in back and can start applying the wood sealant.)

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