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2022-09-06 - 3:33 p.m.

OMG This is ADHD One's brain sees something important that feels like it just HAS to be done NOW and throws out the TO DO list.

I guess it is not all that bad.

So there was today's TO DO of what I intended to get done;
then there is the realtity.

3:30 PM Report
1. Actually completed the VEC claims for the past two weeks.
Heck the site was smooth and I did not hit any back button and get bumped from it so got it done.
2. I applied to three jobs now. *Yes another good one just popped up I could not resist. This was even closer than the other two I applied for; and what the heck I guess feeling more confident as put in my expected salary as higher than I did for a role in DC.

I mean what the hell. I should not be lowering my expectation just because nothing stuck yet. If I AM the right person they will hire me and give me my worth in the market.
I asked for the equivalent pay per hour of what I was making part time- but for full time. ( Heck doubling my income would be nice! I really did take a cut to work only part time and be able to shuttle the kids to all those Dr. Appts.But they are all good now thankfully! The intense diagnostic testing done, both home done with school, bot considering possibilities of taking a bus to get to work- both talking of applying for jobs and applying for colleges. They are in a very differnt place than they were when I felt the need to pull back from working full time to provide them the support they needed. So feel READY To work full time if I have to! I couldn't have said that two months ago honestly. I feel like there has been further growth in them both in even these past two months- a shift in their interest in moving forward.)

Hell if only when the old CEO asked "do you want full time?" I had just said "YES" maybe then he would not have canned me?

I realize he said that and I was like "No, I really want to start my company to be able to work part time."

That was HONEST and TRUE but OF COURSE if I knew he was to can me I would have said YES and taken full time with that company that was so chill to work for.
I mean it really was such a good place to work! So low key and EASY.

He seemed to then have the ego kick in I swear. I feel like he felt badly , maybe rejected.. HA HA
that I would want to work elsewhere.
IDK but his communication was so WEIRD afterwards. Passive aggressive almost; and avoidance.
A weird cutting remark made to me.

OK I really said I was going to let it go... I just never got any answers from him as to why he let me go. He never did call be back when I tried to reach him.

I don't have to be everyone's cup of tea BUT I DO have to either find clients who are happy with the services I can offer them OR find a job QUICKLY.
I ran the budget. I did get that far on my to do this AM before job hunting.
And it is clearly imperative I get money in quickly. I mean renting the basement is a help but that is just a gap fill. That will be nowhere near sufficient. I mean that is going to bring in LESS Than 25% of the money I was earning working that part time job I just loss.

I mean that is a band aid. That will help me keep the mortgage payment paid- that plus the part time receptionist work ( Well almost...that is only if I am to continue picking up extra hours. But they are not always available!) Even with the reception work it will be tight to just have that income to cover mortgage alone! But that is ALL it will cover truth be told.

I STILL need to land work soon!!


Northern VA is just a freaking expensive place to live.

I think I realized I lowballed my own salary expectation when applied for the one job in DC. 135 people already applied for that one so I felt like I had to go a bit lower than they posted to even get my application looked at for that particular job!

BUT then- I thought "That was just dumb! I really don't want to go to DC unless I get more" To hell with trying to be competitive in a market by offering CHEAPER service. HELL NO that is not the brand I want! I want the brand of QUALTITY SERVICE one is willing to pay more for. I want to be the PREMIUM provider !

So I just had to rectify that mistake by applying for another role asking for the salary I want AND finding one CLOSE To home as well- so it is high salary and low commute if I do have to go on site! I found a posting literally down the road from my last job. That would be SWEET! (I could even bike there when up to it! I only biked to the last job twice in the time I worked there.)

I swear if my kid gets in a college in NY *( one is applying to one) I think there are incentives to MOVE businesses to NY which might make it make SENSE for me to do just that.

I could actually rent out MOST Of this house but keep my company office here and live MUCH cheaper. Hell if I get a good basement tenant and the two kids still here DO get into colleges to start in a year in NY ( Both say they are applying to NY colleges. One was working on an application for a Boston school today which was great to hear so one at least is making progress on working toward goals.)

Well I will wait and see and hang on this year at least here. But honestly once they land where they are going to be-
IF They both HAPPEN to get into schools in the upstate NY Area I would not displace them without a place to go over break-

NO I would literally plan on ( if I could afford to) KEEPING this house however shifting it to a complete business venture at this point in life.

I would keep MY ONE BEDROOM as my corporate headquarters. I would make the other upstairs bedroom a rental-

So someone could rent that upstairs bedroom which has its own bathroom and have use of the living areas which are shared spaces.
And they would have one other housemate ( or two- or three depending on whomever I end up renting that whole basement to.)

Heck I could rent that 2nd bedroom and the rent from renting the basement and that one room would cover the mortgage. I would still have the other household expenses
BUT I would have the WRITE OFF of what is my bedroom being converted to actual business office
for the business which is incorporated here already.

AND I would RENT a space to live in upstate NY. YUP Land some work THERE. Either a full time gig or enough clients both in NY and here ( hell my clients can be ANYWHERE) and in time build up enough clients and income to be able to buy a place up there.

This could be the business venture.

Not an unrealistic vision. Heck I think my kids would be best if they can live ON campus and gain independence. BUT they DO have chronic illness and do have unique medical needs and it is not the worst thing in the world to support one's kids through college. I mean I call BS on enabling. If they do end up in the same region and both school are close enough-it would save EVERYONE money if we all rented and lived together.

The reason I say this is if they get into NY Schools and for some reason, I have not landed a job yet- well THEN There is the possibility of finding a full-time job in the region they are going to be in school to make that feasible.
BUT alternatively, I could also just sell this house. Hell houses in NY are half the cost or less for the same thing one gets here. Seriously.
Its ridiculous the difference in cost of living. Job wages are not that much lower- that is the ridiculous thing.

In other words quality of life would be increased if we just move.

As I write- the phone rang and it was a ZOOM phone call. Knew not to be afraid of that as it indicated someone calling from an office- showed a CA location.

Turns out it was a recruiter who submitted my resume for a role a few weeks back. I have applied to so many jobs I forget details by the time I get a call back! HOWEVER If I recall correctly this is one of those which went in at a very high rate per hour. It was the stretch I thought- the reach job.
I have to look it up in my email; but regardless it is nice to have a call back as the recruiter said the client wants to interview me and I will be getting an email from them direct. He wanted to check my availability.
It is a large California financial client. Hell I am not going to be too picky who I work for at this point. If I land back in the financial sector so be it... I have no particular expectations.

That sector, in California, also happens to pay top tier. They also are comfortable with fully remote. Working primarily pacific time works for me.
So good news at least as it has been a couple weeks since I had follow up interviews frankly. Things have been a bit slow.

Movement of any sort is good!

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