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2022-09-07 - 7:36 a.m.

Darn today my computer is showing a glitch of a line across the screen. I did drop it a couple of times here and there and hope it is not broken/breaking!

That would really be a bad thing to happen just now!

I just realized today is trash day so it would have been SO MucH BETTER had I stuck to the plan and gotten all the crap I intend to get out of the house to the curb.
That is- off to the thrift store with what is to be thrown out on the curb.

OK That is the motivation to awake early.

I am tired from falling asleep too late but have to get this task done. So very quick morning pages today written here rather than long hand:

Trash to curb
Walk Dog
Attack the attic- I KNOW I can free up some space.

I also realized my realtor was saying she may have a bed frame she thought would be good to bring over as there is a nice full size mattress she thought would be better to be staged on a frame,

I initially had that just on the floor with a twin on a frame. I was fine with just that. (I mean what if some parent needed to rent for self and child? I have no issue in renting to families- as I have done that to date. I mean only one was a Gerry Springer episode.
There were three more that were families- One a couple and their kids while their new home being build was not yet done; another a single mom who's kid came on weekends and she was OK as a tenant ( even though she had her issues and in the end moved out after relapsing by drinking. She was sober when moved in but then lost her job. I told her don't rush and I would just take reduced rent while she job hunted til she found the next GOOD JOB. She took a bartending job! I advised against it and honestly told her she was welcome to stay a couple more months to keep looking and find something better.

Then I was in a good financial space. Had that young mother just been able to accept that and keep looking for something better which I KNOW she would find- she could have and I think WOULD have avoided drinking. She started drinking after putting herself back in the bar environment! Heck if you are an addict you have to recognize alcohol is a powerful drug!
She thought cause her addictions were other things when younger and she was clean that bartending would be no issue. What is sad is her mother was friends with the owner of the place and suggested that I believe.

But even she was not an awful dramatic tenant. No danger to anyone else. Little intrusion but it was just sad to see her start coming in drunk when she had been sober for many months living her before and had her small son here weekends and was working on trying to be a good mom. She had lost custody in the past due to her past issues and I was happy she seemed to have her life on track.

Ce la vie..

NO I don't mind in the least renting to families. I mean who needs affordable housing in this market most?? Kids need stability so at some level I feel like if I can provide a safe home for a family who can't otherwise afford anything here in this expensive as all get out county
well I should.

The poor are not all drama.
Only some of them are! HA HA

Truth is however there are many who are poor or housing insecure due to mental illenss. Even at that mental illness, like any other illness is a spectrum.

Some are challenged
and some are down right not functional
and then there are the ones who the label of crazy does fit - the Gerry Springer folks.

I just don'have energy for crazy or non functional. BUT if there is anyone for whom an apartment and access to work they can walk or take a bus to WILL MAKE A HUGE impact in improving their lives; ESPECIALLY if they have kids-
well I am all for it.

IN my gut I guess I truly, them more I think about it feel like if I have the opportunity to help someone with kids maybe I WOULD give that applicant priority over a single person.

Maybe it is my own triage of wanting to help those in most need but drawing the line at crazy.

Cause I really did have the best tenant for years in the wonderful lady and her two sons.

They were fabulous. She bought her own home after saving reducing her expenses to the fixed rent each month.
A single parent looking to provide stability to her kids in her means ( and not looking to find some man to save her) is a hero in my book.

Yeah I don't mind renting to another hero.

My last tenant was a literal hero. She was a literal warrior fighter who overcame challenges and rocked it. She had deep faith, chose a life of work in service to others and raised two remarkable boys. She was so classy and dignified and honorable and had such integrity.
THAT Is an example of a woman who was challenged at a point yet who made really wise financial choice to downsize and live lean in order to save and be able to make her life the best it could be by buying her own home in a few more years.


I know I will get a great tenant.
OPEN to who manifests. It does not have to be a family for me but I do think real estate agents generally THINK single person when they see my space and I think WHO NEEDS THIS MOST? *and will not be drama or energy sucking

All this came about as I was thinking of things to throw out and thought - WAIT I Think there is a bed in my attic? THere was one there , just a headboard however, propped over the two by four framing.

AH I was thinking motivation to really clear out clutter and get to it not only to create space but maybe it will be useful?

BUT in the writing the memory came to me that the last time I did an attic cleaning and purging ( yes did it about 4 or 5 yrs ago.I have been in this house 12 yrs now) I finally threw that to the curb!! I finally got rid of that wood frame and also another bed I moved with never used that had sat upstarirs for years. I put that one on freecycle and someone picked it up. It had all the hardware and was one we bought years ago for our guest home on the farm we bought across the street from the farmhouse we lived in. It sat here for years not being used. My kids shared rooms and relied on bunk beds for so many years it was taking up room I just needed for storgage.

It was a nice bed! But it was also something like only $129 on sale when bought at JC PENNy years ago and NOW I recall that was gotten rid of too as knew I could always go buy one if we need it!
So the basement ready to show has one twin set up and the full matress is tucked in the closet.

It looks nice. Anyone looking will open the closet and if a family looks at the space and NEEDS a furnished space with two beds they will see that matress and I can talk to them and let them know it is available.

So off to my attic.
If someone wants to rent it unfurnished then we toss out the old worn furniture still in my living room- a couch and coffee table, and move the NICER coffee table from the basement upstairs. THEN will also move the couch that is down stairs up. I could actually move the coffee table now- but am not going to.

For the price someone pays-;let them have a NICE space to rent with NICE things!! Seriously
Housing is so freaking expensive here.

I am sure I will get someone that takes care of the stuff and frankly I just don't need it. That nice coffee table was my son's from his NYC apt- as is most of the furnishings in the basement.
The old crappy worn one is better suited for the lifestyle of my kids STILL. They are not as careful- they eat while wathing TV They spill stuff... ha ha... the crappy table has a bottom shelf that has their games on it etc....

They have not outgrown the one that is lived in and comfortable for them which they don't have to worry about! NO We don't WANT a formal piece of fine furniture!

OK enough musings. I do make decisions when writing and had to figure out if it really made sense for the nicer table to remain downstairs. YES it does!
NOW off to attack the physical work I was just avoiding I suppose yesterday.

I will take some Aleve FIRST. YES That will help. Aleve and breakfast and a cup of coffee...
then will have at it.

I just ran out of energy and needed to recharge. Had to pace self- I think I overdid it on Fri pushing myself and then Sun painting and just ran out of steam ( did not pace self!) BUT I Got this. Need to just push through today to GET IT DONE!

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