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2022-09-07 - 8:30 p.m.

Fuck it

I think I am just going to do the best to strighten without having done a major clean up and still show my basement on Friday.

I have not the energy to tackle moving stuff.I am just too tired and I work starting at 7AM tomorrow.

I have a job interview Friday.

The Office of Civil Rights responded to the claim in RECORD time! An investigator sent an email tonight with a link to a drop box for me to upload all the supporting documents.

I literally am still so tired I didn't even want to move to go to the libary to scan all the doc and email them to myself to be ready to upload. I just have to wait to do it. Hell the library closes at 9.
What the hell
I will go do it.. I can get that ONE thing done. .

I sat here after cooking dinner ( Steak and potatoes and mushrooms and a nice cucumber tomatoe salad) ; and eating and was just exhausted! Needed to rest.

OK going to mask up.
I can get this done. It will take only 30 min to email files to self so I can upload them !!

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